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that's when those blue memories start calling

Initially, I'd wanted to write this series of drabbles for the Scrivenshaft Challenge, but none of them quite fit with the picture, and when I tried to force them to fit with the picture, it didn't work. So I was left with three essentially-homeless drabbles and ideas for a few more...

So they've become their own collection.

Title: When Those Blue Snowflakes Start Falling
Rating: It's G, so far, but I've rated it PG-13 so far because I'm not sure where future chapters are going. Lala. Does anyone actually care about ratings, anyway?
Summary: A collection of (typically unhappy) Christmas drabbles.
Excerpt: It was only his second year at the school, and the first Christmas he’d come home he’d been practically bursting with tales to tell and people to talk about. She remembered – with guilt and sense of shame – the way she’d been surprised by how many friends her reticent little boy seemed to have made.

What was different this year?

As mentioned, two others are already written, but I want to look over them a bit more. Hopefully there will be more than three, or it'll be a rather sorry-looking collection, but I've no time to write any at the moment. Hurrah for homework due on the last week before break!

ETA- Second chapter is up. =)


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