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:::.. Here In This Diary ..:::

::: v3.0 { Inside The Stars }

*~ she's lost inside ... she's broken inside ~*
13 March 1981
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:_thirteenstars = thirteen is the luckiest of numbers & and stars are the most beautiful shapes.
answers to: Phaicia, Fefe, Feefs.

this whole bio/profile thing is alot of pressure.
the whole thing is making me very tense right now.
i read comics. i worship Kevin Smith.

annnd Kodak commercials make me cry...
oh & more then likely i hate you, sad but true ... just so happens im anti everything.

*my journal is 'friends only'. the same 'friends only' rules everyone else has, they apply here too. honestly, if you add me, i'll more then likely add you back.
*to find out who made each of my user icons, go here. if they were made by me, ask to share them, then credit me in your user pictures keywords. do not steal my icons!
* friends view journal header (comming soon
* friends only banner made by sugah66/iconsbysugah
* original journal style ( 'doodling' ) by those formerly known as CHERRYSTYLE
* My Fanlistings listings can now be found @ the .dirt. mall

Edited To Add ~ it's my journal and i'll cry if i want to (10 times a day if i feel like it). dont add me if you dont want to hear about me. i talk alot about people you dont know, places you've never been, and things you may not get/understand.

13, 80s movies, adult swim, after parties, alias, all girl bands, amp magazine, anti-emo, audrey hepburn, avril lavigne, battlestar galactica, belle & sebastian, bracelets, breakbeats, buffy the vampire slayer, buttons, cigarettes, clerks, colin hanks, comics, cowboy bebop, crack in a bottle, crying, daria, dawn summers, deepsky, degrassi: the next generation, dj sprout, dj x, doctor who, dominique swain, dorks, drive-thru records, dumb girls, dying in stereo, electronica, emily strange, empire records, entourage, everwood, friday night lights, ghost world, gilmore girls, girl drummers, girl fronted bands, girls, glitter, good charlotte, greek, green day, guinea love, hannah montana, harry/hermione/ron, heroes, hesta prynn, hold on, hoodies, hugs, i love the 90s, invader zim, jack off jill, jane makeup, janis joplin, jason mewes, jelly bracelets, jenny lewis, jessicka fodera, joan of arcadia, jungle, kandy kids, kevin smith, kikgirl, kikwear, kill hannah, kurt cobain, l7, le tigre, leona naess, lost, mallrats, meg and dia, mest, miley cyrus, mindless self indulgence, molly ringwald, my friends, my so-called life, nirvana, northern state, not showering, nowhere, nyx, olivia munn, one tree hill, operation ivy, otep, parties, pop goes punk, pop punk, posters, rabbit in the moon, rachel true, rainbow brite, rancid, rilo kiley, riot grrrl, roni size, roswell, sailor moon, sia, sleater-kinney, smallville, snot topic, stars, stars the band, straylight run, sushi, suzanne the orangutan, the 80s, the 90s, the band stars, the brat pack, the breakfast club, the dandy warhols, the days, the distillers, the l word, the moldy peaches, the oc, the postal service, the simple life, the used, the virgin suicides, thrift stores, torrid, tsunami bomb, veronica mars, veruca salt, view askew, weeds, welcome to the dollhouse, x's, xquizit records