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  • it's in the stars
  • 22 Dec 2013 @ 12:01pm

    • Sat, 17:41: Do I want to watch Pauly Shore movies? HA, better question.. I don't know where I was going w/ that, but am totes about to have a Pauly-thon
    • Sat, 18:02: So, Twitter, what should I do with my life? Or just with my Saturday night? Should involve pajamas, the couch, and tv or a book. Okay, go.
    • Sat, 18:18: This from the guy that still owes me $10 over a bet on which was going to be the better movie, E.T. or Krush Groove..
    • Sat, 18:20: Who's house? Run's house! Say what?! Martiiiiin!
    • Sat, 18:22: Beautiful, naked, big-titted women just don't fall out of the sky, you know.
    • Sat, 18:23: @cpusavant @browncoat_spark @Whedonite96 33 Real Lines From "Supernatural" That You Can’t Believe Aired On TV http://t.co/PJirpR2qTV
    • Sat, 18:26: You heard of the other 12 apostles, all white dudes but you never heard of me, Rufus, why? #causeimablackman
    • Sat, 18:38: I don't know if I can trust you people that hate Ben Affleck. He's just so wonderful and things.
    • Sat, 18:40: Idk why I know all the words to Tricky. I probably would have done better in Geology if I deleted 80's rap lyrics from the brain.
    • Sat, 18:43: RT @sarekins: @annaKpuerta @cpusavant @theefefe GIVE ME TAX AND MAKE IT BETTER http://t.co/gq7RVbVhDM
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  • it's in the stars
  • 21 Dec 2013 @ 12:01pm

    • Fri, 13:44: RT @cpusavant: I got 99 problems and @sutterink is responsible for like 95 of them @sarekins @theefefe @annaKpuerta
    • Fri, 13:51: Woke up to 60+ mentions, 39 snaps, 16 texts, 3 missed calls, and 2 voicemails. Don't even with email. I feel loved and afraid.
    • Fri, 14:30: The voicemails I got were concerned friends letting me know they had no Lorde luck either. Sold out in 3 mins :( @Whedonite96
    • Fri, 14:42: Will I ever not cry like a 11 year old girl over Kerri Strug? The world may never know. It's been happening since 1996, so it's unlikely.
    • Fri, 14:49: Let's talk about the tears and snot @_justjens_ just caused to happen? Thank you for being you and thank you Twitter for giving me Jen
    • Fri, 14:50: Like, to tell you how much I love, appreciate, and heart Jen in 140 characters would be a true Christmas miracle because impossible.
    • Fri, 14:52: I have to get ready to go to work. I have to stop crying. Both these things seem unlikely to happen anytime soon.
    • Fri, 15:27: Barbara Walters told Miley that being in love is not knowing who you are w/o your significant other! AND YOU SAY MILEY IS A BAD ROLE MODEL?!
    • Fri, 15:28: This is what we will be talking about today over at Thee Fefe's TL. Miley said she learned to be ok w/ being alone. Barbara says but why?
    • Fri, 15:29: THAT! THAT! is what is wrong with girls today. They are being taught that you can't be you if you're alone. Taught by Barbara NOT MILEY
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  • it's in the stars
  • 20 Dec 2013 @ 12:01pm

    • Thu, 13:38: I'm alive @iamjustanerd congrats @Whedonite96 @Rosaline_C yay @annaKpuerta close to fave alias ep @sarekins Thursday http://t.co/UV7seP2F4K
    • Thu, 13:50: I believe those that are raging ab Duck man would have raged had the network done nothing bc you're the people that rage for all occasions
    • Thu, 13:56: Nearly one, just woke up, still bed, wonder if I can manage to not move from this spot for a couple hours. #challengeaccepted
    • Thu, 14:10: I'm gay, I don't even like puppies. I also don't expect a member of the duck dynasty to approve of my lifestyle, except in porn. Moving on.
    • Thu, 14:13: You lucky Canadian you. RT @bigme_21: @theefefe I have this feeling I've missed something
    • Thu, 14:30: Friend has the sniffles which to a boy is full blown deathly sickness. Plus side - I get to spend the day alone!!! What shall we watch?
    • Thu, 14:52: I love when my friends don't watch my shows wrong. @annaKpuerta is my favorite! Get on her level. http://t.co/MVSAPbCuPO
    • Thu, 15:31: First appearance of Rocket Romano. Still not livetweeting 300 episodes of ER.
    • Thu, 15:45: Jerk chicken in my future. My future is looking good. (Smelling good too)
    • Thu, 16:50: Anna's reaction to ALIAS, guys, I got a tad teary. I love when people love things I love. That was super adorbs @annaKpuerta
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  • it's in the stars
  • 19 Dec 2013 @ 12:01pm

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  • it's in the stars
  • 18 Dec 2013 @ 12:01pm

    • Tue, 16:15: Decent human beings keep notes from every class AND rate their professors.
    • Tue, 16:20: I've given my addy to so many folks on the internet this month. If any of you are planning to stalk/murder me, better act fast. Happy Xmas.
    • Tue, 16:55: Dr to me: It would be great if you could stop being sick now because I just don't know what's going on with you. (At least she's pretty)
    • Tue, 16:59: I got outta bed, dressed, went to doc and pharmacy, came home, crawled into bed and promptly puked and died a little. I give up.
    • Tue, 17:15: RT @browncoat_spark: But seriously, does anyone think there's some sort of a connection between Glory and Ben? I'm having some suspicions.
    • Tue, 17:18: How I managed to watch 3 seasons of ER during finals week. The world may never know.
    • Tue, 17:19: Will it ever be not funny? We just don't know. RT @browncoat_spark: Ben is Glory?
    • Tue, 17:22: RT @Irrylath76: @browncoat_spark @theefefe Are you all very stoned?
    • Tue, 17:27: Sometimes I stare at pictures of Jennifer Lawrence like for a really long time. I hope I don't do that when we hang out.
    • Tue, 18:35: Don't mind me, just sobbing over here in this Buzzfeed hole. 100 Reasons To Be Proud In 2013 http://t.co/e3kGq8xmEw via @theferocity
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  • it's in the stars
  • 17 Dec 2013 @ 12:01pm

    • Mon, 13:13: So much this RT @bigme_21 “@fatosbird: We shall be friends. Forevaaaaa :D #fandomsunite http://t.co/PjBaHJ1bOz” this @theefefe
    • Mon, 13:15: Attempt to change majors was a fail. Of the epic variety. Now a double major. English AND theater education, grades 6-12. What have I done?
    • Mon, 14:48: Accomplished way too much today. Need a nap. I am comfortable in my lazyness. Productivity and effort make me uncomfortable.
    • Mon, 14:59: There should be an age limit on shopping at dELiA*s.. If only for the reason that it's spelled dELiA*s. Except, hello adorable owl cardigan.
    • Mon, 15:06: Taking 16 hrs nxt semester, including a Kinesiology class (+ lit, math, bio, history). So if you wondered, yep, was nice knowing most of you
    • Mon, 15:11: Just say no to Veronica Mars movie trailers also known as Spoilage City. Keep them away from me. I'm fasting till March.
    • Mon, 15:48: @sarekins @Whedonite96 @annaKpuerta @browncoat_spark should we start a Netflix Anonymous support group? http://t.co/rs0jPzZ2Vs
    • Mon, 16:25: Doctors lie.
    • Mon, 16:28: I have to change my Twitter bio again. I still have a major. Two in fact. I hate me. I am the worst. So, technically, still Britta'd it.
    • Mon, 17:19: Big life decisions require The Who, Distillers, The Clash, Ingrid Michelson, and Jay-Z. Must fix my life by the end of this playlist.
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  • it's in the stars
  • 12 Dec 2013 @ 12:01pm

    • Wed, 12:17: Hindsight, staying up all night to study for geology and not even glancing at psychology was not the best idea I ever had.
    • Wed, 12:31: I give up. Psychology is basically common sense right? It's only 50 questions. Multiple choice. Should be okay to not study at all right?
    • Wed, 12:50: Just thinking about how I love when people hop on a fandom train, head to the front of the line, & think they discovered the show/movie/book
    • Wed, 12:51: Seriously though, have a seat, I've been on this train since 1997. Literally, I was watching *that* show in actual 1997..
    • Wed, 15:16: GRRRARRG!!! As soon as I hit okay on the 4.4.2 update I got an email from the boy saying don't accept the update. Ima punch this day ya'll.
    • Wed, 15:16: Brb, I am going to go ahead and punch this day right in the face.
    • Wed, 15:18: Deep breaths. Brown pop. Miranda on ty. Remember that I just took my final final exam for the semester. It is going to be okay. #breathe
    • Wed, 15:22: Goes in search of @Rebekahdg and @jimsharpers reactions to the Robert Knepper news.
    • Wed, 15:23: I have to go away and be not here or there any more.
    • Wed, 15:38: Yes, congratulations, my prize = this song has been giving me a headache for longer than y'all. @Whedonite96 too. http://t.co/DYhq24xJC0
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  • it's in the stars
  • 11 Dec 2013 @ 12:01pm

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  • it's in the stars
  • 10 Dec 2013 @ 12:01pm

    • Mon, 12:04: RT @TVandFilmReview: Win 2 Community Canvases & a Signed Community script in our #12DaysofChristmas! RT & Follow to enter! Prize details: h…
    • Mon, 12:07: Got some time to kill while not writing this essay or studying for that exam. Homeland and Trem�? Don't mind if I do.
    • Mon, 12:21: I do not know how to describe this food.
    • Mon, 12:22: Wait, they did it for me; Asian and American cuisine in a crepe or croissant.
    • Mon, 12:41: Coach, Tami, Julie, Matty Se, The Riggins boys, Tyra and Mindy, Landry and Vince are all so happily ever after, they don't need a movie #fnl
    • Mon, 12:42: Who am I kidding, I'm crying like a bitch ass baby over this. I really wanted to see my Dillon family on the big screen. Texas forever! #fnl
    • Mon, 12:45: Craving sausage. I blame @sarekins entirely.
    • Mon, 12:55: I'm not afraid to punch a uterus in its face. Like, I can be not pregnant if I want to, bitch.
    • Mon, 13:06: Weekly #Treme heartbreak is back.
    • Mon, 13:12: I weep for anyone who has never done Nola the grown-up way. Meaning food drinks and drinks and food. Who wants to go with?
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  • it's in the stars
  • 09 Dec 2013 @ 12:01pm

    • Sun, 16:09: So, Dixon was in the real CIA before being recruited to SD6? Is that what we're to believe? Sigh, continuity @bad_robot #ALIAS
    • Sun, 16:19: I don't get into the sports ball games but Annie is giving me vicarious anxiety.. I need to go put my head down and watch something Sorkin.
    • Sun, 16:20: It's Sunday and you all know what that means........... I'VE GOT AN ESSAY DUE+3 FINALS THIS WEEK, SO TIME TO DO ANY/EVERY THING ELSE!
    • Sun, 16:23: Craving Sloppy Joes. And fries. Bring them to me and I'll be your bestie.
    • Sun, 16:27: Just offered to pretend to be somebody's girlfriend a la Can't Buy Me Love in exchange for Sloppy Joes. So, yanno, I'm good people.
    • Sun, 16:43: When the essay question on your final exam is either Frodo and Sam's final scene in Fellowship or THG's use of Deep In the Meadow >>>>>>
    • Sun, 16:44: If you has it, I am THEEFEE, NOT FEFE, FEE. RT @SnapchatProbbz: RT if you have snapchat!??
    • Sun, 16:48: When DVD commentary ruins your life.
    • Sun, 18:28: I'm so needy today. I admit it. To Twitter. Tell no one else.
    • Sun, 19:01: I hate coughing, pickles, the color orange, people, and bird noises. Oh and Misty Ledbetter from jr.high.
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