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parenthood here i come [March 05, 2007
♥ 10:36pm]
me and kevin our now a mother and father.... OF OUR 8 WEEK OLD BOXER/LAB PUPPY!!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeek i love her so much. we named her sydney and basically ive never been more exhausted by an animal in my entire life. me and kevin take turns watching her and taking naps because its a nonstop job. she seriously has to go to the bathroom like every 30 minutes and he is on the 3rd floor. i practically live at his apartment. its been a hard adjustment because we no longer can just focus on each other for more than 5 minutes or be gone for more than an hour. so essentially we get all our lovin from the dog and not each other. hopefully that wont last forever, because i cant even get in a kiss without sydney trying to get all up on that hahaha its pretty dang cute. im trying hard not to get frustrated and trying to get through potty training and teaching her to jump on the sofa and walk up steps.

should be an adventure!
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priorities [February 28, 2007
♥ 11:22pm]
Lately I have been having a lot of trouble prioritizing my life. I seem to be putting everything except Kevin on the backburner. For instance my mother shut my phone off for the past week and half because I haven't been doing what she asks me. I havent been keeping up my household duties, or meeting my parents or teachers expectations. I keep piling up the late work, and putting things off till the last minute, engagements and assignments. I dont really know what im doing anymore, it seems that i can barely wait to be out of the house and able to spend as much time with kevin (and our soon to be new puppy we are adopting and naming sydney.) But the truth of the matter is that im not out of the house, i have classes and responsibilities. I just find it so hard to be ripped away from him to do other things i find less important and less enjoyable. Last semester classes of senior year are a little difficult to focus on, i mean come on. Im doing poorly in painting (never making my deadlines and not turning in assignments), i am habitually late to class because i cant motivate myself to get up on time. Im doing poorly in into to college math because i just flat out dont do the assignments. (this weekend im going to try and catch up and be like sorry these are over two weeks late). And ap chemistry is just about unbearable.

I just want this semester to be over so i can curl up with kevin and sydney and not have to worry about any of this. I wonder if this summer is going to be hell dealing with my mother. I am dreading her meeting kevin because she is NOT going to understand and will automatically judge him based on his appearance. august cannot come soon enough i swear.
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for forty gets you fonzy [February 14, 2007
♥ 11:11am]

my relationship with kevin did get pushed into fast forward but i feel it really worked out for the best. we have been amazing together since day one.

i met him for the first time through a character named michael wells, who picked me up from my house over a year ago and brought me over to kevins apartment where we played soul calibur for hours on end and i made all of the boys dinner. the next time i saw him i was drunk and gave him a kiss on the cheek on new years last year. then for some reason we kept in touch through random myspace messages until finally we agreed to hang out. and i went over to his house and we had a kill bill marathon and got tipsy on pbr. somehow i remembered exactly where his apartment was, over a year after being there once and not even being the one who drove. it was just stored in my nogin. our first date felt so natural, just like we were a couple renting movies just like every other weekend. when you just fit, you fit, you know? and after that we have seen each other every day for almost two months and acknowledged that we loved each other after only a few weeks. we finish each others sentences and i adore everything about him. [especially last night when i spilled an entire glass of grape koolaid on his computer station (which is where he spends almost all of his time; school, work etc.) it got on his keyboard mouse on his floor and his school books ahhhhhh it was everywhere. i was about to cry and he just laughed and grabbed a towel and started cleaning it up. if that had been me i would have been totally put out by it and sighing and in a bad mood. especially since that computer is like his life. knowing that he can put my feelings first like that really meant a lot to me. you have no idea.] i have never felt this connected to anyone and he feels the same way. i can honestly say that i could spend the rest of my life with him, kids and all. if we are together when i graduate state its gonna happen. crazy, huh?
i love mah boi. happy valentines day.
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subpoena [February 06, 2007
♥ 3:35pm]
so officer singh called me down during 4th period yesturday and gave me the subpoena to appear in court the week after next against ashley crofoot. god i am not looking forward to that. both my parents are going with me, and i invited slone for support. i hope missing school for it doesnt mess up my exemption this semester. but ill see if it can be regarded like a college day. whatever. i just dont ever feel like looking at her mean ugly face ever again in my life. especially for an extended period of time. im sure i'll receive another one of her emails regarding me "trying to ruin her life" before the court date. well maybe she should consider the repercussions of hitting a minor several times in the face. i dont put up with that crap, i dont care what she says the situation was. i hope sean isn't involved even though he did tell me that "he would never be able to look me in the face, smile and mean it." whatever. what happened wasnt his fault and i hope he didnt get a subpoena either. and im not going to ruin ashley's pointless existence anyway, she is just going to get probation and probably have to write me a letter of apology. which i might as well throw back in her face.

ew. i am completely dreading this. ps good thing i wasnt wearing my glasses that night ferrealz!
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[January 31, 2007
♥ 4:59pm]
umm so that last entry was supposed to be PRIVATE. haha whoops.

but i went to the urgent care afterschool and peed in a cup and they told me i have a urinary tract infection [way to freak out hayley] so im on some sweet medicine. THANKGOD.
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kevins sydney plans [January 24, 2007
♥ 11:32pm]

uh huh

[January 23, 2007
♥ 12:26am]
ps: my procrastination has reached new heights that even i never thought i was capable of.
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<3<3<3<3<3 [January 23, 2007
♥ 12:22am]

kevin: i like you.
hayley: who me?
kevin: yes you
kevin: you are adorably nearing perfection
kevin: turn 21 and you're there
hayley: then we can elope....
hayley: hahahaha JAY KAY
kevin: k
kevin: done

uh huh

lovers. [January 22, 2007
♥ 9:58pm]
well kevin set me up in his bedroom and told me to stop procrastinating on my paper. so here i am procrastinating.
we went to the nc state library until 12:30 in the morning last thursday and i still havent finished writing the dang thing.

anywho we drove to wilmington friday night and went to the soapbox for an east coast ink magazine promo. we went to the beach and had an awesome time. drove back and got to his apartment at around 5:30 am and met up with his best friend steve. before crashing around 10 for some three hours of sleep.

uhhhh okay im really wasting time.

{ps i got new glasses and they are fucking rad.}
im enjoying some johnny cash in my ears right now. while kevin is working on some sca project.

i hope i have 3rd lunch this semester. 4th period final tomorrow!! no more ap english whoo hoo.

oh yeah im totally pissed cause i made a pendant last night with art clay silver that had a cute sparrow impression in it. and today they put it in the kiln at ornamentea and didnt cook it up right so when they put it in the tumbler to shine it, it crumbled. AHH IM SO MAD it was the cutest thing ever. oh well ill just make another. i should make a bunch and sell them. they are some hot shits.

oh yeah i think i want to go to nc state for sculpture and jewelery instead of environmental science. im all about some metal work and pottery. duh what was i thinking.

and im rambling so ill just write the dang thing. <3
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yin and yang baby [January 10, 2007
♥ 9:46pm]
he said that i am his other half, and i agreed.

i dont think this could be any better.

eeeee im so happy. i really want this to work, he is EXACTLY what i need.
seriously, we fit together like a puzzle.

*puts foot in mouth*
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[September 03, 2006
♥ 12:19pm]
i wrote a whole rant and then realized it was useless.
i just cant wait for this year to end so i can move on with my life.
starting now with this pointless journal.
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[August 29, 2006
♥ 11:02pm]
so schools back in session.
im so much happier now.
and responsible oh my!
this year is starting off nicely.

i saw little miss sunshine with ryan today... it was really a kick ass movie.
especially the little girl with a pot belly who found her grandpa dead so they piled him in their yellow vw van which they had to push start and drove to cali. i hope i didnt just ruin the movie for you. but oh well too bad.
uh huh

it reminds me of cancer and titanic... but all i can think about is mitosis. [August 10, 2006
♥ 11:46pm]
my vision of hell has become reality.

i think ill go for a walk. and try to avoid wrong turns that have become my every day rituals.

uh huh

[August 10, 2006
♥ 11:45pm]
I am jealous of secrecy.

[August 01, 2006
♥ 1:29pm]
i am scalding my mouth on flaming hot pierogies right now.
and i just realized it has not been 30 minutes since my flouride treatment at the dentist. actually more like 10 minutes.
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[July 23, 2006
♥ 1:22pm]
yesturday i did my presentation on biodiesel to a bunch of people in a lecture room at ecu.
mom and dad drove me home and we listened to bob dylan like the entire way. it was pretty sweet singing "lets all get stoned" with my parents.
got home around 3:30 and drove to shelleys. we layed around in our underwear reading the dictionary.
then we went to schoolkids and i bought the elected and camera obscura. i swear all my money goes to that place.
hit up quail ridge book store and i got a new journal. which i probably wont write in. im just not in the mood lately.
then we went to joes appt and hung out with the sana boys for a hot second. and then me and shelley bounced and went to her house and checked our bank accounts in dismay.
visited brent kacie and ryan for a hot second then because my mother is bipolar, i went home and fell asleep in my room with the light on listening to the elected on repeat among a massive pile of loose cds that i rolled all over.

my life is pretty depressing right now.
i think lightning would be a cool cause of death.
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[July 23, 2006
♥ 1:30am]
why are doritos so damn addictive.
i try to eat one, and there goes the whole bag.
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[July 18, 2006
♥ 2:24pm]
so i am sitting here in the mac computer lab in the physics building of ecu,
TOTALLY PROCRASTINATING. i have a 10 page paper rough draft due in exactly one hour and five minutes. and i have writen all of one page. not even.

someone kill me now. it is summer. i should not be doing this.

i suppose ill just stop fussing and write the damn thing.

uh huh

[July 17, 2006
♥ 8:58am]
i just have an overwhelming feeling of incompletion.

a part of me is just missing. and i cant figure out what it is.

maybe im just homesick.

five days.
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[July 09, 2006
♥ 12:25pm]
so this weekend was fun. i got to see EVERYONE.

thursday i hit up ed's and got crazy with mtv, ed, nikol, and drew (who does a remarkable bob dylan impression. we hit up the pan and ate some brocolli cheddar soup mm! then i went over to brent and ryans. had some drama trying to get home that night but my genius worked it out.

friday me and mandy had some bonding time. and we went to lunch at moes and then went to schoolkids where i bought like 10 cds. and then cup of joes, where she attempted to apply but her spelling skills eluded her. hahaha
then i made a responsible decision and mandy and mtay supported me.
afterwards we went to father and son and i got two pairs of shoes and a record for shelly baby.
picked up anna and shane then shelly and met up with the crew(s) at north hills. there my worlds collided.

friday night was just ridiculous and stuff. but luckily i got time with my favorite people such as: mandy, shanna (shane and anna), mary taylor, shelly, layla, kacie, megan, taylor, christina, gaby, brent, ryan, sloan, olliver and probably some people im forgetting. but they were all at the pirates premier although half of them decided to bounce because they didnt want to wait. anywho the movie was good. and afterwards a bunch of peeps crashed at my house.

saturday i went to harris teeter with shelly and sloan and got some delicious krispy kreme donuts.
then me and mt had a blast going to chilis and then shellys which ended up turning into the most ridiculous hilarious disgusting moment of my life. haha oh man. then me and mt layed around in our underwear and listened to regina spektors new cd and had some conversation.

then we went over to eds where i peeled kristians back (ew haha one piece was seriously 6 inches long and 3 inches wide, AT LEAST) and i gave him some lotion to heal that sunburn. he gave me like the best back massage of my life. and then i headed over to brents and took them to cook out then took kacie and layla home. i woke up to attacks from banjo. who has turned into satan.

and now this entry has turned into an essay. but its the only interesting thing going on in my life for this entire month. so i thought i would share. i leave today at 5 for another two weeks of greenville. see all you lovers then.
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[July 02, 2006
♥ 2:28pm]

i come home in four days!!! better start countin down them days bitches!!!
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cha-bling [June 27, 2006
♥ 7:57pm]
living in greenville for a month TOTALLY SUCKS.

god save me. im serious.
you guys cant comprehend how much i am suffering.

I MISSED WARPED. i mean come on. plus all the lovelies that im missing so very much.

muah! to all of you.
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[June 19, 2006
♥ 2:15am]
my life is just exactly as i would like it right now.

mmm bliss.
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[June 16, 2006
♥ 1:46am]
While my conscience explodes
The harmonicas play the skeleton keys and the rain
And these visions of Johanna are now all that remain.

[June 16, 2006
♥ 1:45am]
can you spare a little sunshine for a brother
oh man winters in the air.

you were just a shooting star.

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