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North of the City..

..on a quiet, quiet road.

26 October
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My name is Felicia. I'm 20 years old. I have a loving boyfriend and not many friends. I like it that way. I work too much, smoke too much, and think too much. I'm loud, and have an "in your face" type personality. I'm blunt. I tell it like it is but can be very sarcastic. I work as an Accounts Clerk for the City of Middletown, and I am a Professional Makeup Artist on the side. I'm currently testing my skills at Special FX makeup, and I always need models so get in touch if you want to look messy. I'm also attending Cosmetology school and will do your hair for cheap if you would like to be a model. I strive for perfection in everything I do, and this is most likely because I have OCD. I have too many goals to name, but I plan to succeed in all of them. If you're interested in seeing my portfolio, go to my myspace. (tokyovogue)

I use _theymurderedme as a place to express myself. This is not a friend's only journal. I don't censor myself. If you don't like it, remove me from your friends list. This journal is for my personal use to vent, or just write. I may make sense, I may not. Deal with it.

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