Diversity, tolerence, - except for YOU and your kind.

As always, I'm laughing at something. Some are prone to anger, or assume a position of presumed superiority, or descend hatred. And try to hide it with a smile.

I laugh.

Something so wonderful gone so wrong.

Because they are as surely enmired in their sterile way of thinking as we in ours. Yet they cannot see their fault, the subtle hypocrisy that permeates their idiology. They're frustrated because I, we, are not like them.

I'm frustrated because they won't see.


This journal is officially closed.

I don't like where this journal is going.
No one did anything and there was nothing you could have done.

So goodbye, and leave me alone. If I ever come back, I'll look you up.

<3 for Casey, Cody, Duane, Justin, Chris, Mikey, Sara, Sayke, Taskenti, and Tristan.

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Tears are very different, I learn. Self pity, anger, hate, or desparation do not require anything from anyone else, and in fact leave me vehemently wanting to be left alone. Grieving, however.......I did not care if James or Kim held me close in the church, because I wasn't even aware of them until reflection after the fact.

And so my Grandfather is dead.

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now I must away to work another shift

my boss changed my shifts around
to her conveniance
without my input
so now I'll have been on my feet for over six hours
instead of a break on the computer

Joy Of Life

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wow something is really really wrong with me
i think if I don't sit down in like the next four minutes I'm going to collapse
its so hard to breathe

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Oh yes. Now that I more friends that read both LJ and GJ, you shoud probably know that occaisionally I don't feel like writing something new, so I'll dig around in my opposite journal for something that hasn't been cross-posted.

Be prepared :D
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My journal is going to be friends only, for the time being.

If you'd like to be my "friend", as it goes, leave a comment stating why. I'm not sociable, so you should probably go away.
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