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what if there was no time? and no reason or rhyme [entries|friends|calendar]

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[29 Jan 2007|04:15pm]
today was the first day of the second semester and i can already tell it's going to be a joke. every other day i have 2 studyhalls, lounge, and lunch. my schedule got so messed up and somehow i ended up getting switched out of 9th lounge was is lame but i'm just going to bother mr. serafine until i can switch it.

i've heard from four of my schools already and so far i've gotten into all of them. i visited ithaca and cornell this weekend with susan and it was a fun/interesting time. it definitely made me excited to actually go to college next year. it's such a change from home; it'll definitely take some time to adjust.

i forgot that this past weekend i actually realized just how homogeneous fairport is and how much i'm looking forward to meeting different people. i also noticed time my awful rochester accent for the first time because people i met kept making me say words like "matt" because of our ugly a's. it makes me wish i had a british accent or something along those lines.

see ya senior writing, leadership, caring about school.
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whatup bosto! [18 Nov 2006|10:30pm]
boston was so much fun, like everyone else has already said. it was fun to go away with practically the entire class (400/565). so many funny things happened and i took way too many pictures. i loved my bus (#7!) because no one was annoying or mean and all of our chaperones were fun. highlights of the trip include: the blue man group (2nd row seats- we had to wear ponchos. at one point when massive amounts of toilet paper were burying me, i nervous laughed for about 10 minutes and i couldn't stop), duck tour (biff was hilar and really weird), harvard square (scary "college" kids who were the most extreme liberals ever & urban outfitters), the dance, and quincy market. i can't really compare this trip to the leadership trip because they were so different. the whole bus separation bus wasn't great but there's nothing that could be done about it.

i really reeeeeally like senior year so far. everyone always says senior year is the best year and i can understand why (8th grade is hard to beat though). i'm almost done with finishing applications which will be a huge weight off my shoulders. i saw matt nathanson and death cab for cutie in october and both shows were soo good. it sounds lame, but i really think because of the trip our class has become more unified. i've reconnected with people i haven't talked to in years because everyone has the mutual feeling that it's the last year we'll ever see or talk to some people in our lives. i hate finding myself feeling all sentimental. i think i'm doing a good job EPP-ing though because i know my life is never going to be the same after this year.

college. well, i'm applying to a bunch of schools because i don't have a top choice and i don't know what i want to do. my farthest school is university of san francisco and my closest is geneseo. i doubt i'll get into geneseo and unless i suddenly get a huge urge to go out to california, i probably won't go to usf either. the majority of schools i'm applying to are popular among fairport kids so it'll be interesting to see where i end up/who i end up going to college with next year. also, i hate how people judge you based on only hearing what schools you're applying to.

i started watching grey's anatomy this season and i am in love. i now understand all the hype about the show and why kennedy's so obsessed. i'm a closet OC fan because no one seems to care about it this season. yeah, marissa's dead but everyone else is still alive! the show is kind of (really) lame, but oh well. i'm a faithful fan. adam brody would be proud.

each paragraph keeps getting shorter. i should go pack.
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september 15th-today [11 Oct 2006|08:23pm]
+ homecoming: the senior float was better then i ever imagined. we finally had class participation and there was so much tie dye and fairport pride.
+ snappy casual day
+ being justified to wear stupid outfits all week
+ going out for lunch almost everyday
+ possible choir trip to new york
+ leaves changing/fall in general
- college apps stressing me out
+ washington dc: best week ever, i can't describe how fun it was. i love everyone in my group and i learned so much about my topic.
- trying to catch up from the days we were gone
+ trick or treating this past sunday night. i was a gangsta and mr. o called dana a retard
- football sectional game on saturday
+ hot apple cider
+ 1st per g lib
- feeling stressed from school
- already slacking
- 5 week grades
+ death cab concert on the 27th
+ possibly jack's mannequin concert in november?
- lack of hanging out with conor, sean, and brady
+ buffalo in november!!
+ i'm not scheduled too much at the lib
+ maybe it's just me, but it feels like most seniors are being nicer than before because it's senior year. i could be going crazy but either way i like it
+ 4 day week
- u mass & northeastern apps due like...now.

i wish i could just go to college without having to apply. APPLICATIONS ARE SO OVERRATED
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senior year [14 Sep 2006|07:46pm]
so far senior year is quite enjoyable and not too stressful yet. i get to start each day off with the best car ever (dana, julia, dave, sometimes zac, and me)- we have wednesday snacks and sing spice girls when dana drives because she doesn't have a radio. anyways, quick synopsis of my classes

gym/studyhall - there are no coed classes in my gym class which is a major bummer but my class is really weird so it'll at least be entertaining. plus kayla just yells "holla!" at coach grier for no reason. studyhall is awful but i go to the g lib.

stats - i have the best seat ever (i'm surrounded by susan, pep, and matt). so far it's pretty boring and not too hard. i know it's going to get harder for me though so i'm enjoying the easiness while it lasts. mr. kaukeinen says groovy sometimes too

choir - i love dr. j.

senior writing- definitely a waste of time but today bryce and i wrote a tabloid article about brian and jason preparing for kwanzafestparty. we added the word naked wherever it half made sense.

lunch - woooo i love going out.

health - another waste of time but i like mrs. priel. and i definitely worked way too hard on my collage

spanish - AWFUL. this is the only class i actually dislike. at least i have anjali to tired laugh with. my class is really intense and people shout out answers really angrily, even if they're completely off.

lounge - i loooove it. mostly because all i do is laugh at dana and julia. and today we even played cards and it was extra fun

leadership - mr. mallaber is my favorite. the class is a ton of work and contacting people is frustrating and nerve wracking, but it'll be worth it in the end. i can't believe we're going in less than 3 weeks to dc!

and of course, leadership homeroom is a blast and a half.
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i feel it in the air, summer's out of reach [04 Sep 2006|12:10pm]
i've been neglecting this thing, my apologies. yeah, i'm a loser and i'm actually excited for school to start. it's probably because i'm a senior and i have a lot to look forward to (leadership trip, boston, hopefully buffalo, and even just senior privileges). i'm sad to see this summer end because it's been so incredibly fun. so many good things have happened that i'm going to list because apparently i really like lists? here i goooo!

finally getting my license (along with dana anjali and rebecca), nights at carlyn's, salad fingers, the best night ever of driving, being sketchy at tim hortons, watching the class of '06 graduate, the new kids starting at the library, going to lauren's shows, ghost tales show, movies with matt, movies with susan and mickey!, camp, the adacks with dana's family and sara, nights at matty's and mike the space cadet's house, singing conrad style in the car, being shot at in webster, spending the day with conrad and mike, mike, mini golfing, being really good (awful) at driving, hanging out with susan kennedy and carlyn 24/7, puffy painting our mugs that have yet to be used, establishing rockin' the suburbs, shopping sprees, yet again being obsessed with laguna (why am i so lame?!), being creepy in pittsford, em and kenz in general, L'05 reunion, college kids leaving, spending the day at mr. paddock's cottage, camp outings aka me pov and krissy being embarassed, going out to eat everyday, visiting mr. obenauff, dana maria anjali time...

see ya summer ohhhhh six.
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