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- brightly wound -

- tricks and trades -

kathryn elizabeth
28 June 1985
NYC 6-24-05

shot location: the bowery, new york city: june 24th, 2005 [credit]katybeth

" Marvelous People Belong Together "

kathryn elizabeth: if you were to write a blurb about yourself what would it say?


made by idol_iconized

made by even_when
art work by KURT HALSEY


, 11:11, 40's, 80's, accents, acoustic, acting, art, audio adrenaline, band marino, belts, ben folds five, ben kweller, bible, björk, bracelets, broadway, c.s. lewis, cheese, chex mix, chicago-the band, children, chocolate, chronicles of narnia, chuck palahniuk, church, coldplay, concerts, converse, cultures, dakota fanning, dancing, daria, dinosaurs, duke basketball, eating, edward norton, eisley, eleemosynary, elijah wood, er, eternal sunshine, europe, fall, family, fight club, film, finding nemo, focus features, food, foster's_home_for_imaginary_friends, friends, garbage, garden state, gilmore girls, grilled cheese, guitar, gwen stefani, gwyneth paltrow, harry potter, i am sam, indie, inside jokes, it's a wonderful life, jazz, jesus, john cusack, john steinbeck, l.a.m.b, late nights, law and order, les miserables, lost in translation, love actually, lovedrug, m.i.a., man on fire, mcdonalds, memento, michael phelps, misson trips, mix tapes/cd's, modest mouse, movies, music, musical theatre, my little pony, new york city, no doubt, northern ireland, orange soda, penguins, photography, piano, pilotdrift, pirates, playgrounds, poetry, preforming, purple, purses, rain, random car trips, reading, real world, rent, requiem for a dream, rilo kiley, robbie williams, robots, rock, roswell, running, sarcasm, savers, saves the day, scarves, scotland, shakespeare, showtunes, singing, ska, sleep, smoothies, soccer, something corporate, stars, steak n shake, stegosaurus, sweeden, swing, target, tattoos, tea, the beatles, the bens, the cardigans, the emo game, the postal service, theatre, thrift stores, tv, u2, united kingdom, vintage, visual arts, white oleander, xanga, youth, zombies