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02:41pm 25/01/2006
12:24pm 11/12/2005



add it now!!!!



do it, niggaz
03:14am 11/12/2005
add it now!!!!

07:19pm 07/09/2005
mood: boreddddddd
got bored... thought i'de post pictures.
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07:59pm 19/12/2004

If you matter you'll comment.
I deleted my friends list, so if you wish to be on it again, comment.

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11:50am 19/12/2004
  I just fixed the internet in my room.
I have no idea how I did it...
It's been broken sense fucking May!!!
I'm so fucking happy!!!!

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10:56pm 16/12/2004
  I've been in the best mood lately.

Yay! Christmas! Yay!

I <3 presents!

Today was fun.
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09:28pm 14/12/2004
  Best things about life right now ...

-Being Happy / hyper
-The cold and dry weather (reminds me of vermont all to well)
-hummus, falafel, and lettuce in peta bread.
-My two toy fox terriers
-Vegan Chocolate Hearts

Life is good
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I'll stop the world and dance with you   
07:58pm 14/12/2004
  Every waking moment spent with you is what makes life worth living.

I know I say love is murder...
But every kiss is worth one thousand bullets to my back.

I've been naive.
and you can only fathom how happy make me feel.

I really do...
I know I really do...
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06:20pm 13/12/2004

Look what Sam made me....


it makes me happy inside.
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I am a consumer whore ................. And how?!   
05:15pm 13/12/2004
mood: Hooray!
12 days until christmas.... holy crap.

Christmas Trees are so pretty. ^_^

Any one who wants a christmas present from me, speak now or for ever hold your peace.

I <3 friendly people...

I looooooooooooooove you....so much it hurts.

I got to see Sam today.... YAY.

All of my buddies in uglyXcore ... did you see that kid who applied with the icon of his penis... OMGWTF!!!111!1!1!133715C00|
I mean, if you're going to have an icon of your penis, at least have a semi-acttractive one. Fugly penises... what can you do?

Can you tell i'm wicked happy right now?
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...I couldn't even begin to tell you...   
05:48pm 10/12/2004
  What the fuck am I becoming?

a monster ...

And yet, look what I created when it can to you.

I'm such a manipulative cunt ...

Like a paper doll, precious ... my scissors will meet your edge.
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10:28pm 08/12/2004
  Tis' the season!!!!
I <3 Christmas ... My sister hates it ... But I love my sister....
It's a vicious cycle.

I get to see Sam this week end!!!111!1!1!133715C001
we're making a gingerbread castle ....
you heard me biatch ... gingerbread castle ...

[insert what ever the fuck you feel like here]

I just deleted a few people from my friends list... because I realized that I wasn't on theirs'...
There for, they don't matter.

Christmas is coming ...
Does anyone want anything?
Who's buying me a present so I know to go get them one ahead of time.( I know none of you actually are)
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03:27pm 07/12/2004
  Points need to be made for my personal satisfaction... and/or things I just feel like saying.

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Pick one

-Comment telling me something about me that you like or don't like
I don't care if it's anonymous ... just do it ... It's probably the only time you'll be able to tell me something that annoys you about me.

- Comment telling me what I should or probably be best at as a career later in life.

-Comment telling me what color(s) I should paint my room.

-Comment telling me What you want for christmas (not exactly from me... just what you want in general)
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Loves an excuse to get hurt...   
06:56pm 06/12/2004
  Love should be a crime...

I'de say it kills more people then cancer...
I mean, half the things that kill people now a days are derived from a case of love gone wrong...

Or at least I think

Haha... I hate my sense of humor.
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05:47pm 05/12/2004
mood: blah
I march with Color guard in the Quincy Parade today ... My legs hurt.
I miss Sam ... SO FUCKING MUCH!!!!!

(sing this to the 'Dradle, Dradle, Dradle' tune)->

It happens every day
And it is wicked GAY!
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05:56pm 01/12/2004
mood: i miss you a bit to much
I'll only count the exit wounds...
That way you'll get away with 10 times the murder.
I'm back I'm back I'm back .......... VAGINA   
06:17pm 28/11/2004
mood: horay
I'm back from vermont.
I hope everyone had a happy dead turkey carcass day ^_^ ...
No i know i did... because I didn't cook a dead animal.

Any ways, I went to the most incredible place on earth... Burlington Vermont.... again.
I met the most beautiful man who lives in vermont ... again (he didn't remember me though).
I went shopping in the best store EVER ... Urban Outfitters ... again
I got a bunch of neat stuff ^_^

I saw National Treasure ... I was actually really good for a PG movie.
I went to the dollar store and got 10 things, for $10... sense when was there an actually "dollar store".

Vermont is way cooler then Massachusetts ... I'm moving there.
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09:34pm 23/11/2004
mood: Happy Go Lucky
You should have seen me today....
I was a spaz...
Especially in chorus class!

Color Guard was fun ^_^

Thanks Giving!!!!!!!!
I'm going to Vermont!!!! I'm also making a vegan dinner for my family... I'm excited!

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05:46pm 21/11/2004
  I miss going to boston, harvard square, and quincy market.
I miss walking around aimlessly with nothing to do, and having fun at the some time.
I miss when everyone was friends with everyone.
I miss going to shows at least once every other week.
I miss being in a band.
I miss hanging out with friends all weekend.

I need a job...

I can't wait till I get my license, because then I can drive myself away ... away from here.
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