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_thepearl's Journal

27 October
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  • _thepearl@livejournal.com

Icons and more by spellbound27

This is my personal icon journal. I just find it so hard to keep track of the icons I'm making so I decided to make one. If you need help with your software or layout, you can ask me in the community I manage with my friends [artists_blocked].

The Rules

If you want to take my icons, please do not forget to credit me for making them. I make/post icons so I could share them with everyone. If you do not credit my works, other people won't know where to find them. It just defeats the concept of sharing.

Feel free to credit me as _thepearl or spellbound27

Please, do not think that icons without text are bases. I will tell you if I am making bases. Unless they are labeled bases do NOT alter the icons unless you have my permission to do so.

Hotlinking/Direct Linking
NO. That's all I can say for it. NO. Click here to find out what it is and why it's wrong.