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I got a fever and the only prescription is more twinkling vampires

Technically, I was going to make my triumphant return to this journal on its one year anniversary of abandonment, but I'm bored and it's 4.00am and I have a link to that Twilight film that every 12 year old adores.

Get your Twilight here! It's broken up into 12 parts.

Damn. I wish I could twinkle like a diamond and have someone think I'm beautiful. I was seriously expecting his face to transform into some hideous vulture when he hit the sunlight. Doesn't make sense to have that when you could have a vampire that looks like a disco ball.

This film made me miss my beloved True Blood even more. Just having Bill pronounce Sookie's name is better than the entire Twilight film.

See? Totes is!
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Happy New Year's!

My Resolutions were revolving around losing weight, getting a second job, destroying rainbows and leprechauns (greedy little things. But they do look fashionable in their outfits). But I realized, I just want to be me - and happy with me - and that's enough.
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