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Voice in the Wilderness

complex and not for the fearful

30 August
The collection of thoughts that was here was silly and boring, so I got rid of it. But seeing as I really am silly and boring (actually I'm not, don't worry), I can't think of something to put up here in it's stead. And seeing as I quite obviously have a self-imposed standard to live up to, I'll wait until the inspiration hits. In the meanwhile, feel free to drop a comment on my journal. I do love new things.



Terror Alert Level

Via _claim_a_city_, I claim:
Minas Tirith

Following is a list of movies that I have compiled with a few others. These are movies we simply love, and are just a few of the movies you must have been seen to be considered a movie lover, no matter if they are any 'good' or not. In fact, these are movies you just plain need to see, no matter your hobby alliances.

Movies that you have to see before you die... Go. Now.

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