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Voice in the Wilderness
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April 2006
Sunday, April 9th, 2006 02:01 am


*hugs and snuggles*

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Wednesday, April 5th, 2006 01:32 pm

After much to-ing and fro-ing, "The Decision" is finally made.

I'm going to the University of Chicago.

So there, now I've said it. Actually mailed in all the "No, thank you" and the one "Yes, please, thank you" letter already, so there's not much I can do about it at this point.

The other two I was really considering rejected me - Princeton, which I expected, and NYU, which I did not expect. The nerve!

At this point there's only one problem getting in the way of my OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO COLLEGE dance, which is the fact that Chicago thinks I have a 27,000 dollar trust fund. I don't. I called them because my expected contribution on the financial aid award was 8,905 and I was thinking hm... I don't have that much money. So I spoke to a woman with a very small, rodential voice and the horrifying falsehood was shared. Originally my father and I thought that my grandparents had a trust fund in my name, but when we called them to get specifics it turned out that the didn't. My father didn't change the information on a financial aid document he sent over the internet (I just dug through my files and found the printout and saw a tiny note saying that I was the beneficiary of a trust). So my grandparents have to send a letter to Chicago saying that, indeed, there isn't 27,000 bucks with my name on it.


In further news...

I have two new cousins! My aunt gave birth yesterday to twins - the second ones in the family! She's 44, and they're a month and a bit early, but the boy weighed in at 7.5 lbs, the girl at 5.5, which is great. Last year my father's youngest sister gave birth to twin boys named Justus Samuel and Gerald Preston (cute boys, silly names), my father's next youngest sister has now decided to continue the tradition of freakish names, but only partially.

The boy's name is Nicholas (yay!) and the girl's name is Artemis (0.o).

Artemis is a cool name, but it's just too cool. Paired up with her last name - Artemis Goodfriend - the poor kid is going to sound like a strange old english woman from an Agatha Christie novel. I'm just hoping she grows up to be statuesque and awesome, just like her too-cool name.

Plus, what would you call her? Artie? Eeek.

But, I have brand spanking new, born yesterday, cousins and everyone is fine and healthy and happy. It's certainly a departure from what happened last time. Liz's now 5 year old son Alexander has a stroke in utero and now has aplastic anemia. He's a very sick little boy, and I'm just so happy that they have two healthy little babies now.

*baby dance* I'm so excited, I can't wait to see them! They're in Washington state, so I don't know how I'd do that anytime in the near future, but I can't wait anyway!

*further baby dance*

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Thursday, March 30th, 2006 01:11 pm

There were cookies and pretzels for the governing board, and I ate far too many of them.

The best course of action at this point would be to run around Dupont Circle during my lunch break, which, given that it's 1:15, I'm probably not going to take.

My admissions decision for Brown and Cornell comes out online at 5 pm today. Eeek. Also, Swarthmore rejected me yesterday, but I'm not hugely upset about it. I figure that's a good thing, so I'm not going to delve into the depths of my psyche to figure out why.

So far the tally goes:

Rejected: Vanderbilt, Swarthmore

Accepted: University of Chicago, University of Vermont, Clark University, Simmons College

Rejected even though I didn't apply: Haverford (WTF?)

Accepted even though I didn't apply: Smith College (Okay!)

Now I realize the absolute folly of applying to a dozen schools, but at the time I really thought I needed to.



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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006 04:23 pm

Ack: Update...

So, I still work part time at Potomac Video and now volunteer/have an internship part time at the National Parks Conservation Association, which, for all of you who don't know what that is, is a watchdog agency for the National Parks.

Basically my life at the Video store involves pure insanity, purely insane people, and then David. Here's what's happened to me in the last three weeks:
  • A middle aged Marine named Matthew asked me to have sex with him (I said no)

  • Coworker 'Richard' cut his arm with a razor blade - purposefully - in the middle of the store during an argument with a belligerent drunk woman who wanted free rentals so that she could, and I quote, "feel complete".

  • Richard quit.

  • Richard's friend Ernest joined. Ernest believes that reality is false, and that he must kill certain people who "hold reality to together" and thus destroy reality, which will leave only him. It may also destroy him, he's not positive about this.

  • I'm serious.

  • David, by far the creepiest, strangest, most socially inept person I have ever met, thinks that I am his pet. And repeatedly tells me that he loves me. And touches me at random and then apologizes profusely. And buys me food that I don't want and didn't ask for. And stares at me whenever he's not doing anything. I will undoubtedly have to whack him with a rubber mallet at some point, but that can wait until I reach my saturation point. I'm estimating next Tuesday.

So now that I'm exhausted my supply of commas and sentence fragments, I'm going to tell you about my Internship. NPCA comes out with reports on how well National Parks are preserving their natural and cultural elements, lobbies on Capitol Hill, and excels at having a confusing office layout, employees who wear birkenstocks, and supervisors who sing Dave Matthews at you. It's all a riot, except for when I'm organizing my supervisor's office, which is precisely what I'm supposed to be doing now. He's currently yammering at Congressman, so I've retreated to the sanctuary of my.... cubical? Yah right. I've also recently found out that no one tells me anything of extreme importance. Such as the fact that I'm supposed to photocopy the pile of folders on my desk and not organize them, or that I'm invited to the Annual Ball (which is tonight) at the National Building Museum.

So I'm going to return to my clerical duties, drink lots of Pepsi, and make quizzical faces at my boss when he returns from Congress. I'm really not dressed up enough to go to a ball and schmooze. I'm wearing Kung Fu shoes, and my pants are stringy at the ends due to excessive length. My shirt is actually quite lovely, but on it's own cannot produce a "schmoozing-with-senators-worthy" ensemble. I would show you a gratuitous picture of my lovely/slimming/cleavage-ey shirt, but I am camera-less. How do I know it's slimming and cleavage-ey, you ask? Because three men have asked me out while I was wearing it, one of which was crazy and the other of which was a toothless janitor. The third was over the internet, and logically speaking he couldn't see it, but I have a theory that the shirt oozes over the LAN cables and makes men's brains go mushy.

Bye, all!

P.S. I really am going to avoid caffeine for the rest of the day. Realio, trulio.


Found on the Official Map and Guide to the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument in Nebraska:

Watch for rattlesnakes while viewing the fossil areas or walking anywhere in the park. Avoid these snakes; do not molest them.

We of the Park Service really couldn't find another word to use in this instance, so please, Ladies and Gentlemen, do not attempt to molest the rattlesnakes or do anything that could be described by a slightly incorrect and humourous verb with a sexual connotation.

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Tuesday, March 21st, 2006 09:44 pm

My ear hurts.

I'm updating.


Well, jeez. 24 week, eh, James? So what do you want to hear? :)


Tuesday, September 27th, 2005 02:14 pm

Off to Jo'burg!

Once again!

Wahoo, my suitcase weighs 50 lbs. :p
It weighed less when I came, and I'm carrying less back than I had originally.
Weird quantum mechanics of suitcase weight within the US.


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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005 06:57 pm


la cucaracha, la cucaracha, ya no puede caminar, porque le falta, porque no tiene, una pata para andar....


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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005 10:45 pm

Holy shitmonkeys this stuff is confusing.

This application is due then, and that one's due then, and this one is due a month later (but they're all early action) and this one has this essay, and this one has a similar but slightly different essay, and if you apply this way you have to do some other part of the application this way, and ooh look if you apply online you don't have to pay an application fee, but if you're applying to this college you have to fill out this part but not this part and pay this but not that, and WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME TO OUR OPEN HOUSE, and please put your social security number here, oh no wait we'll bug the system so it deletes everything you put in, and PAY US THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, and maybe we'll give you a scholarship if you write a bagillion word essay and give us your left leg, but only if you're a black hispanic eskimo who wants to go into sportswriting with a concentration in curling, and oh by the way you have to be methodist too, and oh yeah, PICK YOUR MAJOR RIGHT NOW. And that being said, can you please look at these statistics of the number of people we accept in your GPA or SAT range you can feel like crap about yourself?


I'm going to go live in a cardboard box in Central Park. With cable and wireless, and an underground tunnel to the public library. I'll be a Techno Hermit.

Also, Brown is stupid and must publish their application.

Toodles. Time for essay-writing and sleep.

It's not so bad, actually, it's sort of fun, assuming I get into one of this institutions of higher learning at the end of it all. I just need bitch-time. Bitch bitch bitch.

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Saturday, September 10th, 2005 10:57 pm

The Constant Gardener... such a good movie. This entire summer has been populated almost entirely by weird and/or stupid movies, and this is such a good 2-hour detox session.

So sad, especially for someone who has lived in Africa and seen this happening, but yet so good. You all must go see it. Must must must.

Also, I may or may not be getting my laptop. It all depends on whether my father gives me the thumbs up tomorrow and I quickly punch in numbers and then run about the house emoting frantically.

AMD Athlon!
80 gig hard drive!
512 megs of RAM!
128 meg Radeon graphics card!
free color/photo printer!

*tapes fingers together*

Not to mention an extra battery and an extra bright widescreen.
Shiny new camera and shiny new laptop; what could be better? Maybe I need a shiny new chrome me.

Hannah vs1.2.0 BETA.
Includes a limited warranty.
Please use the general forums to dicuss bugs and/or improvement ideas.

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Current Music: I Will Survive *in head*


Saturday, September 10th, 2005 03:56 pm

I just realized that I'm most likely eligible for DCTAG. In it's most basic terms it means I get in-state tuition at any state college in the country, any state or private college in the DC metropolitan area, and any historically black college or university. Which was HUGELY exciting until I realized that by coincidence I had crossed all of the state universities off the list of colleges I am applying to (i.e. they were crossed of for reasons other than being public). Perhaps I should put UC-Berkely back on. ARGH.

Wait, no I didn't! University of Vermont! OH YEAH.

I thought I was looking at a NY state university. Oh, no it was a CUNY college not a SUNY college. State vs. city. Rawr. It's a public university though... I wonder if it still counts. This is exiting.


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Current Music: Push Up the Level - the Narrow


Friday, September 9th, 2005 01:11 pm

I got my camera! So incredibly awesome and shiny and small and MEGAPIXELY!

7.1 of them in fact. Canon powershot SD500 elph. So many descriptor words. But mainly just awesome would do. Oh, and I got extra memory too. My grandparents rock. I really need to call them now and give them many many thousands of thanks. I just watched 'The Secret of NIMH' laste night (and if you haven't seen it, you must) and I must now say (because I can't make it my userpic), that I've always wanted a sparkly. *christens her camera as her sparkly*

Oh, and Skype is pretty cool. But my transfer to paypal has to go through, so I can buy extra userpics for LJ, so I can get free out-minutes with Skype. Because I can't just buy them, oh no. Free is good.

Work today. I hope he'll give me next weekend off. :/ Oh, I forgot to say why...
ADIT IS COMING! yayayayayay.....

Okay, time to exercise my mind and do college applications.

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005 11:38 pm

I just watched a Fairy Tale Theatre adaptation of Aladdin, with Leonard Nimoy as the evil wizard, Jafar-esque man, a giant blue, shiny James Earl Jones as the genie, and (YUCK) Robert (or roger or whatever) Carradine as Aladdin. And that girl who was married to/went out with one of the Van Halens. And it was directed by Tim Burton to boot.

So awesome. And stupid. But so awesome.

And watched that old Garbo movie about the Queen of Sweden. Queen Christina? I think so.

And got my pay check! But I can't actually deposit it until friday. And I get to include one of my preeety new checks from my new checking account and set up a direct deposit. So I won't have to constantly examine how much social security and medicare are removing from my paycheck. It's not really that bad it's just sort of... meh *claws at air*

I go bed now.

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Monday, September 5th, 2005 11:39 pm

I ran into Darth Vader at work today. Granted, he was cardboard, but it scared the bejeesus out of me. I was walking out of the horror section through the scifi section and I clipped the cape-thing of the seven foot tall Vader and he fell on me.


I balanced him up again on the DVD rack, and I was in a weird mood, so I apologized to him. But what I actually said was, "Sorry, Mr. Darth". iharthdarth is infectious.

I also got an extremely paranoid guy who demanded a receipt for his video return, so he could prove that he returned it to anyone that asked. So I tried to explain that I had scanned it in, and it came through correctly, so there was no chance it could go wrong, but he went on a receipt tirade, so I signed a peice of paper that said "Million Dollar Baby returned on 09/05/05 - Hannah" and put a note on his account. I also included that he was freaking weird on the note. He started ranting about how people could hack the system, and you never know what they could do with it, and god he could be charged for late fees because they would say he hadn't returned it (OH NOES). I was just like... yeah, yeah, okay, okay, that's fine all the while thinking.... just agree with him, and move him along. But then Jasmine, my manager, came over and throws a wrench in the works and goes "We can't be hacked, we're not online" and that just pissed him off, and made him rant more. People are weird.

I also got a really cool italian guy who talked to me for like ten minutes about being irish. And some poor guy was buying a porn dvd, and I couldn't figure out how to get the lock off (it was one of those giant plastic one that cover the whole dvd) so I had to ask someone else and really loudly say, "Hey, Jake, I got the first part of the lock undone, but I don't know how to get it off" and then clarify that it was a porno and not the normal lock. I felt sorry for the guy. He even hid the movie in a plastic bag to take it to the counter because it had HUGE penises and vaginas all over it. Hahahaha.

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Monday, September 5th, 2005 01:17 pm

I'm so incredibly sore. My entire body is malfunctioning. My mother and I pulled up the old kitchen floor and laid down a new one yesterday and the day before, and I'm sore in places I didn't know had muscles. And then when I thought I could relax on sunday afternoon, I got called up and it turns out I had a 7 hour shift no one decided to tell me about. SURPRISE, you have work today! Blahhhhh. So now I feel really stupid, even though it's not my fault. Jon (my manager) told me they wouldn't have me working on my first weekend, but apparently... he was wrong? Dunno. But I got home yesterday at around 10:30 and thought... huh... I wonder if they put me on the schedule for tomorrow too, and didn't tell me. So I called them up, and they were still shelving things, and it turns out I have a 7 hour shift today too. :D Actually, I don't mind at all it's huge amounts of fun working there, even if I get completely pooped by standing up and running about the store helping people find "That movie, you know, with that guy in it... and it was from that book..." Haha, which reminds me. I haven't posted in here about my job. I've written numerous e-mails about it, so I'll snarf stuff from there.

After my first day of work:
I'm soooo tired. First day of work today, it was awesome! But I'm completely beat. Learned how to use their computer system (completely backwards system, no mouse, so you're constantly going.. ahhhh what is it that I push... F3? Alt-F3? Shift-F3? Tab? HEEEELP. And you have to push a million things to actually let someone checkout a video, it's insane. And I got to shelve videos... long and tedious, especially in a foreign film section where everything is out of order. And of course, I'm taking the french and spanish films and alphabetizing it based on dropping the la, le, el, etc, like you're meant to. But apparently other poeple don't do that, so they're all over the place. And they have more cult and foreign films than they have new releases, hundreds upon hundred of them, and there isn't enough shelf space. It's crazy. And the mount of porn guys check out! Holy shit! They have to get little paper tabs from the 'adult room' then bring them to us, and we have to look at the number, than find the dvd/vhs with that number from among hundreds on the back wall. And there's guys who check out like... two. Then there's ones like the elderly, very respectable gentleman, who checked out eight. It was like... ahh. And you have to open the box to scan the bar code, and it's always pictures of people fucking and I want to crack up so many times. But I don't. And I saw the weirdest covers to porn movies. Well, first one of them was just sitting on our counter with a guy masturbating, and his penis was freaking huge, and one of the guys working was like... WHY do we have to look at this, I don't want this in my face anymore! And threw it under the counter. He's cool, his name is Dave and he's a year or two older than me and went to Burke. And there's Nick who's tall and funny and showed me all the crazy porn titles when I found some weird one about vampiric manniquins. Titles like Weapons of Ass Destruction, Cock and Bull Stories, She Males Return to Italy, etc. And me and the three other guys there (I didn't inlude Jake, who has a bass clef baseball hat and reminds me of Matt) planned to rob the pharmacy next door by hiding behind the cardboard cuttouts of Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe, and the creature from the black lagoon, and by flinging the blue plastic locks you put on DVD's and games at them, whilst demanding for bags full of money. Twas awesome. And we watched Seinfeld and Aqua Teen Hungerforce the entire time, and listened to the Flaming Lips when lots of customers started coming in and we decided strange talking cups and floating french fries weren't good advertising. And oh! I suppose you may be familiar with supreme court nominee John Roberts... and perhaps that people have been trying to use things against him to no real avail. Guess who has a 146 dollar LATE FEE!?!?! YES, you guessed it. The John Roberts. Heehee.

So yes, it's awesome. And we get the weirdest and coolest people as costumers. I love people who tell you exactly how they feel when you ask them how they are, which is why I love getting "One notch short of spectacular" and "Well, if you really want to know I'm a bit tired, but other than that I think I'm okay". Or people who help me when I can't get the freaking DVD lock off the box. However I don't like people who deny that they have late fees, or take ages trying to get me to give them the name of a movie. So theres this movie (that's how it always begins), and there's this guy in it, and he's famous, but I can't remember his name right now. I think it's a french movie, and there's two brothers, and one of them dies. Do you know the name? And I'm just like... Uh... go... look in the french section, I can't help you. Or people who can't accept that all the copies of a movie are rented out. Like the one guy who refused to leave me alone until I searched through the inbox of hundreds of movies to find him a cassete of Sahara. I did find it after like 2 seconds, so I didn't mind terribly. It is great when someone asks you about a completely random movie and you know about it. Like someone comes in with "So there's this movie, and it's from a book by Oscar Wilde, and it's about this guy... who... well, It's called something like The Life of..." So I stare at her for a minute and go "A Picture of Dorian Gray"? And she's like YES! And runs away. Or the woman who comes in a goes, "That sequel to the one with, with.. god what's his name.... and it's in paris I think and it's called like... After the Sunrise" and I can immediately blurt out Before the Sunset, Ethan Hawke, over there in new release VHS and DVD on the far right wall under Assault on Precinct 13, thank you very much.

It's also fun getting customers like James Joyce and Alan Greenspan. Not the real ones obviously. They're dead and not interested in independent movie stores respectively. Though apparently John Roberts is...


Going now.

The gas station next to our house is out of gas. :/
This is pissing me off. I don't mean the part about not having gas, I don't give a rat's ass about that, I mean the part about the thin veneer of normalcy being stripped away to reveal that the US is in many ways still developing, that all we seem to care about in this time of crisis is jumping through beaurocratic loops and pointing fingers. It's like the government, from the feds to the state and county don't seem to realize that the time for laying blame is after we have fixed the problem. It's completely pointless to be disussing whose fault it is that we responded slowly when we're still responding slowly and risking lives. I'm completely pissed. At the governer of Louisiana and her senators, at the mayor of New Orleans, at Bush, at Homeland Security... We're such a divided country and when it comes time for us to join and fight something, it seems like we're incapable of working together if there isn't someone to lay the brunt of the blame on. It wasn't Al-Qaeda this time, or Osama Bin Laden, or Saddam Hussein. It was the entire government completely botching the job of saving the lives of American's. And now that the rest of the world is finally seeing us in a new light, we're botching that to. All of our excuses for our failure to respond to the hurricane reflect badly on us. That we've so many troops abroad that our preparedness in our home country is negligable. That Homeland Security has sucked up so much of the funding and so little of the expertise that the organizations that can do good either can't because of funding, or can't because they're some minor part of HS. That both the President and the Vice-president were on vacation during the Hurricane, as were top aides and speakers, and that they didn't rearrange their schedules and went about talking about social security instead of acting while New Orleans filled up. It's just... no. Use common sense. And then, after all we've done to Cuba, Castro is volunteering to send doctors to us. And what do we do? We don't even respond. Sometimes I just want to slap people. Many people.

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2005 11:36 am

Birthday, w00t!

Now I can go do things legally. And also do fun stuff like open my own bank account and not have a joint one with my parents. *goes and does this* If I smoked, I could buy cigarettes, if I felt the odd compulsion to look at porn, I could buy it, if I wanted to buy useless shit off the TV, I could. In fact, if I wanted to go kill Iraqis I could do that to. But I'm really not in the mood. So I'm going to eat good Italian food, watch movies, and open the aformentioned bank account and get my visa already. And, painfully enough, I won't have a drop of legal alcohol, because we like to be 21 here before we can drink. *mumble* You can drive, die, smoke, and vote. But no, no alcohol. Oh yeah. I can vote! That is, I can vote for a person who has no voice in the government, thereby nullifying the fact that I voted. But I'll do it anyway, because not voting is stupid.

*shakes fist at federal government for not allowing DC voting rights* Taxation without representation, bastards!

What else can I do now that I'm 18? I can sign for myself at the hospital! I won't have to have a Parent/Legal Gaurdian sign all those stupid forms. Hahahah, now I can go on field trips whenever I want, :p. I dunno. Right now I just want pizza.


Okay, look at the mood icon. What in the hell is Mr. Awake blue kitty thing eating? It's like... pink cocaine. I'm awake because I have stimulants... ahhhhhh. Or maybe it's a pink corn dog. Roight.

Oh. It's coffee. It doesn't look like coffee on a grey background, but it does on black. Dammnit, why can't it be a pink corn dog...

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