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. . .she said, she said:

you're possessed with a power bigger than the pain.

I'm the butt-puppet of the universe.
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"There was some open space between what he knew and what he tried to
believe, but nothing could be done about it, and if you can't fix it you've
got to stand it."

Annie Proulx / "Brokeback Mountain"

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Self-Injury: No One Gives a Shit. Seriously. Some of us are sick of the plague of histrionic, privileged white girls who think they actually have difficult lives.

Sorry, I reserve my sympathy for people who don't purposely perpetuate their own problems. You are not freaks. But we know you wish you were so someone would give you some attention.
Monday, March 1, 2004 is a fake "Awareness Day" invented so that cutters can put up stupid solidarity ribbons and attempt to garner some pity.
December 1 is World Aids Day: go learn about someone with real problems.

i'm in gryffindor!

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"The whole world's comin' to an end, Mal."

Mickey Knox / "Natural Born Killers"

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"Good judgment comes from experience,
and often experience comes from bad judgment."

Rita Mae Brown


Sleep well,
Weep well,
Go to the deep well
As often as possible.
Bring back the water,
Jostling and gleaming.
God did not plan on consciousness
Developing so
Well. Well,
Tell Him our
Pail is full
And He can
Go to Hell.

Stan Rice
24 June 93

My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Brother Atom Bomb of Reasoned Discussion.

Get yours.

Days until Bush leaves office.

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I am an American citizen. I am not an advocate for terrorism. If called upon by my country, I would gladly defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Inclusion of the following list of terms in this personal web log represents my opposition to the President's domestic spy program as well as my belief in the Bill of Rights and my 1st Amendment rights of free speech.

Al Qaeda, Taliban, Iraq, assassinate, 9/11, bomb, plutonium, George W. Bush, POTUS, uranium, target, airplane, train, bridge, tunnel, ship, building, kidnap, Afghanistan, explosives, C4, nuclear, infidel, Allah, Satan, suicide bomber, echelon, New York, Washington DC, White House, Congress, Senate, satellite, Army, Navy, soldier, insurgent, Osama bin Laden, jihad, police, Secret Service, FBI, National Security Agency, wiretap, surveillance, and Carnivore.

'stealing' music, 2d, 458-25-243, 60's psych pop, 73k (thesecretnumber), aaron/roy stampler, adult swim:maker of good, american history x, ampersands, an anglophile lifestyle, angelo pietro's tiramisu parfait, anti-atheism, anti-religion, antigrammarnaziism, antipseudointellectualism, artificial water, azn titties, bacon, bed-shitting "harry potter" fans, being a motherfucking recluse, being emo, being fucked up, being irish, burmeseland, caveman bbq, chibi hitler, chinese potstickers, cocacolaesmejooor!, completely irrelevant conclusions, contradictions, cookies & cream drumsticks, country karaoke, dead pants, deep river of song, dex nights with emma, drakkeonix, dumbledoreslameclapping, dutch men (orang-orang belanda), earthen vessel, edwards fuzzy ears, european men, fake-stolen nothingness, fancy armwarmers, fight club, finding grape slushies, flesh-eating poodles, fortysomethingmen, free thespoony, gangbangingwithcolleen, gettingrevengeonthenanny, girl-illas, giving rimjobs, gorillaz, halo 2: scorpian tanks, hannibal lecter: superstar, hiding the crazy, hose water smell, jamesakameltedchocolate, jesus and george, jesus: devourer of pants, jhonen vasquez: super artist, johnny cash, johnny the homicidal maniac, jp the car, jumping on bouncy castles, lake lansing, leaf smell, leopoldalexiselijahwalkergareththomasmountbatten, little microphones, lj drama, lonesome recording, lulz, mary sullivan, mature irish cheddar cheese, mike hunt, mind blowing rock music, monty python, mouths, mr. eff, mufflerman sightings, multiple colors, murdoc, my magic ipod, my secretary sheila, my very cool wife, mytopsecretlustquest, nano-ing, napoleon dynamite, neglected diamonds, neobarefootandpregnantism, nightmarish demon worlds, nighttime whispers, noodle, nut brown beer, obsessing over kevin, old british men, old scrawny men, organ harvesting, paninis from france, parseltongues, pasty men, pat cox, patrickbatemanisawesomelypsycho, penn & teller: bullshit, pepsi es no bueno!, pissing people off, pixilated imaging devices, poetry, pokin' corpses with sticks, politics, pretty pretty nail polish, racing and winning, rain, reading cliched pseudo-intellectual novels, reno 911!, revenge of the nerds, ribs, robert sean leonard, rotting flesh, running away from bees, russel, saiyuki: comic of demons, sarcasm, satan: king of ponies, scars, sea-goin' snitches, self-mandated uniform of black, singing in the shower/choir, sky sunlight saxon, songaoke, south park, spam, spidermanwillmakeyougay, spikey things, stephen lynch, system of a down, tales of regular proportions, tear-jerking musical montages, the *young* al pacino, the beatles, the british roaming gnome, the unknown comic, towels without lint, trigger happy tv, uncontrolable braiding, using jedi mind tricks, venom the cat, very old irish men, werefishes, wigwam villages