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Sorry for neglecting you, dearest journal of mine.
Brief update...
No rome. Fuck it. Right?
School is out.
I passed
Take care.


}Another Innocent Girl{
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Busting a nut.

This weekend Scott should be here again.
I love when he is here because he has a car...and I *heart* him. :)
Anyways. School is hectic. CRAZY-ness-oh-oh oh.

Rome is still so close yet so far. I already sent off everything for my passport and it should be here fairly soon. :) yay! I read Liz's entry and she said something about how no one can take Rome away from her. And well. No one better!!! That's just------NOT COOL. at all. Rome is here to stay. ...
*crosses fingers as tightly as possible*
Take care.
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Give me all your lovin'.

Rome is on my mind.
Rome is on my mind.
Always on my mind.
It's mine.
I'm quite the sick one right now. Throat in flames.
And ears that can't hear. My nose screams "OWIE!!".
It's rather sad, to be honest.
I just wish the head aches would stop. Geeze, I
haven't had an ear infection in forever! I forgot how
much they suck. Scott is probably the one that made me
sick of course...but I can forgive him.
Oh yeah!! my hair...I got it cut really short. One
side however, (cause this old lady is senile), is
longer than the other. But my mum is going to fix it
tonight. Finally.
I seen some pictures of me from the
winter formal today...And my hair was so pretty. Made
me sad. I was like "Get those away from me?!?!".
:/ Oh wellz. The great thing about hair is that it
grows. :)
Ok enough babbling.
You guys have a good day and if you wanna click this
\/ to see my hair!!
*mucho hearts*
And i just got a nose bleed. Jeeeeezus!!

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**Lick me?

Wowie. I haven't been to school all week. Don't ask why...I have a plan. I woke up too late today, or i would be there right now. But anyways, the plan is as follows:
This afternoon around 2:00 or 2:30, I am going to go to the school, tell the people in the office that I am going to go around to my classes and get all my homework. And then tomorrow. I shall actually go to school but have all of my shit done. :) Okie. Yay.
I hope it all works out and it should. Only reason i couldn't go in late today is because the only guy who gives me excused absences is the guy that doesn't hand out admission slips after the bell has rung. And then the bitch in the office does...and she gives me unexcused, therefore leaving lil ole me in a world of trouble. (You can't make up work from unexcused absences.) So I've thought all of this through. :D
Anyways onto bigger and greater things. Not this weekend but next. Scott is coming to visit. I haven't seen him in like a month. And, if I'm not mistaken that is the longest I have went without my Scottie yet. Oh yes, and he is supposed to be bringing one of his hot friends. Not Kyle :( but someone who claims he is hotter. lol. He's cool at least, I talked to him on the phone last night. And that is a hopeful thing. He might be getting a job, and then as a result he might not even be able to come. So, yeah, we'll have to see.
Not to mention, that the plan is: to get my mom to let me go to Atlanta with Angel, Scott, and possible Tyler (the friend) to go see a concert for Angel's birthday. Oh God, do I hope she let's me and Scott do that. I want to go terribly bad. And also, I don't want to let my best pal down. She won't have a ride otherwise. :(
Okie. I'm officially done rambling. Have a super day, kiddos!
Take care. and Give care. O.o
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A fresh start.

    Yeah...so it's a new year.
How ....exciting?
Ok not really...what's the big deal. huh?
Scott came, and now he's gone again. And yeah. His birthday was today. : /
I changed my layout. This is just some shitty thing i made in paint due to the fact that i'm so incredibly bored.
Happy new year, kids.
Hope your is better than mine will be. :)

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(no subject)

    Holla kitties.
Wow...umm....so little to write. Yesterday i went to sleep at 8 due to the fact that i was up for 2 days...no sleeping. At all.. I found it amusing. Feeling typsy and all.
Hmm...Scott is gunna try to be here the morning after Christ-mas. But since it's snowing superly bad there. I'm in doubt that he'll be able to come. I really hope he can. Would be a great belated christmas present.
So you guys. Curse the snow with me. And try to make it stop....just do it.
I usually like snow,but in this situation. No i HATE it. Sorry....jesus.
I made forty bux today, cleaning Ed's (a firend of my mom) house. Gee that old guy has a big house. But the money tastes so sweet. :)
Of course, i owe a few people, so this money goes everywhere but to myself.
Anywho. My head hurts, so i am done here.
Misson complete.
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Aw. Shniggles.

    It's snowing like...woah. God, it's so beautiful.
Snow is like...peices of heaven falling on us. heh...or something.
Anywho....look at me as i actually update. ^.^
Be proud. I am.
My nose burns....and my throat won't allow me to speak too loudly.
: / oh well. tis life. no? Anywhoodles...i need more friends on here. someone....anyone...be my friend?
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Across the Universe

    And with this kiss
    I leave you dreams of love.
    And with this love
    I leave you sorrow.

    Like the layout? I made it. ^.^

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