You can't catch me!

Lost and not quite found

.about me.
Twenty-something full-time working professional, part-time graduated student. Fangirl, and then I laugh at myself for being so silly about it. Sometimes I pretend that I know how to write, and even more rarely I will post what I think I've written. However, the whole work + student thing doesn't leave time for much of anything aside from eating and sleeping. I'm interested in teaching, law, and helping people. I love ice cream, my socks don't match. You want to know anything else? Just ask.

.this journal.
This is now my writing journal. I don't tell my real-life friends that I write fanfiction, so I'm posting it here. I started my fangirl squeeing over The X-Files, way back when. I never really got into any other shows until about four years ago with Bones, then NCIS and NCIS:LA followed by Stargate: Atlantis, and now Hawaii Five-0 and Criminal Minds. So far, I've written mostly for Bones, but I've also written for NCIS as well. I'm hoping this trend will continue. We'll see. Either way, I update when I can, but I can't guarantee any sort of regularity.

I ship Gibbs/DiNozzo from NCIS, Sheppard/Ronon and Sheppard/Lorne from SGA, Steve/Danno from Hawaii Five-0, and Morgan/Reid from Criminal Minds.

.other shows.
I also watch 30 Rock and Stargate: SG-1.

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