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stripes on her eyes

when she walks slow

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and the world just screams and falls apart.
80s, 90s, a&r, accordian, ace of base, agnostic, airports, amnesty, amnesty international, backpacking, bangs, beck, being born, ben kweller, billy elliot, black rebel motorcycle club, blur, brian jonestown massacre, color, colorado summers, coloring, concerts, confused people, content moments, costumes, dancing, david bowie, democrat, denver, dishwasher detergent smell, drag queens, eleven, environment, films, foreign languages, fourth of july, franz ferdinand, freddie mercury, freethinker, frolic, fuzzy navels, gay clubs, gay rights, gays, gene kelly, glam, glitter, hippie, historical reinactments, hooka, hot hot heat, hula hooping, human rights, iggy pop, interpol, iron and wine, jumping, kissing, led zeppelin, littleton, love, madagascar, moments, moving units, muse, music, music management, night swimming, old movies, ostrich phobia, outdoors, outward bound, pacific, pacific outdoor connection, party, peace, peeing, phantom planet, producer, pump up the volume, pumpkin, puppets, queen, radiohead, random, random noises, religious cults, rilo kiley, rock, rock stars, roses, san francisco, scissor sisters, singin in the rain, skinny dipping, skydiving, smashing pumpkins, spoon, streaking..., sushi, tattoos, tea, thai food, thailand, the beatles, the dandy warhols, the darkness, the decemberists, the faint, the hives, the hook, the killers, the music, the pixies, the postal service, the rapture, the shins, the strokes, the unicorns, the velvet underground, the vines, the von bondies, the white stripes, travel, tree hugging, trees, triathalons, uop, where's our mascot, white wine, working out, your face, youth hostels