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chris, jean, and me

us again

chris, nabeel, and jean

me, chris, and nabeel

me and nabie!

me, chris, some random girl named jen, and nabeel

jean, me, nabs

me and the amazingness that is chris

me and nabs

hahaha, nabs and me pretending to be "sad" cause i was losing bowling

nabeel and chris

jean and me!

to sum things up: this weekend was pretty fun. saturday was the best! after work, we all went out to lunch, then later on went bowling and to a diner. chris is amazing, i love him so much, i'm so excited for the snowball, it seems like him and his girlfriend have an open relationship which is a VERY good thing for me, and i love working at the y!

in other news, my dad sucks and i honestly don't know how much longer my parents are going to stay together. the weather keeps changing from being really cold to really let's keep a moderate temperature here. 

if you guys don't start commenting i'm gonna be snipping away at my friend's list! come on now!
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