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there ain't no breeze to cool the heat of love

my mom took us to go get our pictures taken so we can send them out in christmas cards :) 

this week has been pretty good! i'm gonna go visit southern CT college on friday. it seems like it's pretty nice, and it has everything i'm looking for, so hopefully that'll be good. i might also wanna visit uconn because it's supposedly a really great college. so i don't know! college talk is confusing and depressing.

i've been noticing how strange and different i am than everyone else! hahaha, i swear. i hate sports. i don't drink anymore. i enjoy seeing plays as opposed to going to a football game or something. i listen to music people ages 40+ listen to. i actually enjoy doing english homework. i don't own uggs, instead i wear my white etnies with the pink laces. sometimes i do wish it was easier to get along with people, but then i realize that i'm glad i'm not like them. i have the friends i need, and i'll eventually find more people who are like me. i'm not the only crazy one out there.

speaking of plays, me and jean are going to the city this weekend to see beauty and the beast on broadway! ahhhhh, i am so excited! my mom & dad saw it a few months ago and loved it! her cousin lives in manhattan, so she's gonna meet up with us and take us to the village and stuff. so no work all weekend! i'm so excited! 

november 4th are the SATs. but let's not talk about that, ok?
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