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i'm kelli jo!

i'm 16 years old as of august 5th.
i'm a junior at mansfield high.
i get dressed up to go to the supermarket.
i work at honey dew.
i love acting & choir & english.
i'm a lacto-ovo-vegetarian.
(i have nightmares about eating chicken)
i have bad hearing & a horrible short-term memory.
i love winter, HATE summer.
i hate using big spoons.
i would rather be blind than deaf.
i love my chub!

&&& i love to act. it is my true passion. i'm a decent actress and i am planning on either becoming a drama teacher or an english teacher. my dream is to become a casting director for a broadway play or to act in one.
acting, to me is an adiquate escape from reality. for once in your life, you don't have to think as yourelf. you are faced with problems that someone else is going through in stead of your own. you are able to walk, talk, think, breathe, live as someone else. you esentially are the character. you feel someone else's emotions, expirience their highs and lows, and see life through someone else's eyes. for me, to act is the most exhillarating expirience in life.
</b>I am in love with it.

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