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SWEET 16! [sun aug 5th, 2007 »11:09p]
[ mood | happy ]

it was a great day, on the whole.
i got up & my grandparents gave me a full length mirror for my room, which i'm really happy about because in a ll my sisxteen years i've never had one!
& then i went to chruch.
& then we went to shaws & picked up my cake, which was ADORABLE:

(by the way--olivia took the picture that's on the cake at her house)
so at about 3:30 my dad, jackie, brenna, and olivia came & we had pizza, then we had cake & ice cream & then i opened presents :D
from olivia:
-two black&white striped makeup bags
-a picture of her doing a "sexy pose"...that's not really very sexy at all. lol <3
from my mom:
-chocolate (that i cant eat due to weight watchers!)
-$25 fye gift card
-a leo mug that's really cool
-this GORGEOUS ring, with a tear-shaped emerald & a bunch of tinny diamongs circling it. i lovveeee it.
from my dad & stepmom jackie:
-a wishing pot, which is this really cool piggy bank that you can't open unless you break it, so you have to wait until it's filled...which makes you want to fill it faster. it's really cool, and it has a little tag for you to put what you plan to spend it on, of course mine will probably just be clothes or soemthing, but it's cute to dream about, haha!
from brenna:(she bought this with her own money)
-my favorite candy, sour patch watermelons
-a magnet that says "sister are forever friends" that I'm going to keep with me forever.
-a picture of a mongoose & yellow-bellied marmot.
from my nana & papa:
-a really pretty robe
-$50 for american eagle
-$100 cash
-WICKED TICKETS. SAHSFGHAHHHH OMFG I WAS LIEK AJVNSKBF i wasn't expecting them so i'm WICKED (no pun intended) EXCITEDDD. I've enver seen it & it's my favorite musical, musically, at least.
-A MOTORAZR cell phone. finally. I haven't had one for two years now.
(if you want my number let me know)

I took some pictures and so did my stepmom, so when she sends me her's I'll put them all up on facebook & send a link, or I might update with them.


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DON'T JUST LEAVE ME HANGING ON... [wed aug 1st, 2007 »8:22p]

today my mom came :)

it was my first day doing weight watchers, and i managed well today (stayed within the points range...if you know what the hell i'm talking about)

i went shopping at the wrentham outlets & got this ugly black and yellow striped sweater that i wish i didn't get because its ugly and doesn't fit. i'll give it to my sister or something. what the fuck was i thinking? anyways, i also got this light&dark blue sweater from rue21 that is you know, a little boring but cute and safe and looks good on me. and i got this white pikachu teeshirt from hot topic. i wanted this black charmander one, but they only had smalls and god knows i'm not small.

& i got the colbie caillat cd. she sings that song "bubbly" thats on vh1 videos in the mornings sometimes. its a really cute album.

i'm sweating.

and yeah, we went to panera and i somehow managed not to overeat my weight watchers limit. yay.

so yeah, my mom quit smoking last week and she's been doing good. i'm proud of her. it's complicated with my whole family history and shit. in a nutshell, she's always been pretty childish, and she's brain damaged now from a weird 'accident' where someone beat her up. long story. my family is a long story. it's pointless to go into now, i have a bit of a headache anyways.
im me: forthisevening.
(who the hell am i talking to, hardly anyone checks this journal...maybe i'll go find some cool peopel to add)
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[ mood | optimistic ]

my mom's coming today, for my birthday & just to visit.
did you catch that, my birthday?
crazy shit.

so, last night my grammy & i went to our first weight watchers meeting. we joined and its pretty expensive, but hopefully i'll be able to go through with this. i am happy with myself, yes, but i want other people to be happy with me too. i think, perhaps too niave, think that if i loose this weight, people will see me differently. it's sad truth.

ahhh whatever not into another sap story about my not-so-sad life.
i gotta call olivia, i think she thinks i blew her off yesterday.

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FUCK IT, SEND ME TO ALASKA. [tue jul 31st, 2007 »3:50p]
[ mood | hot ]

holy macaroni, it is hotter than hell here.
i really, really, REALLY miss the winter.

i'm sweating dogs up here.

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I GOTS GLASSES 8) [mon jul 30th, 2007 »8:34p]
[ mood | indifferent ]

yup, i got glasses.
they're just for reading,
but i think they're so cute i might wear them more often.
pitchaaasCollapse )
EDIT: two more pics:
two more hereCollapse )

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HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS [sun jul 29th, 2007 »10:12p]
[ mood | accomplished ]

okay so i was just re-reading my favorite part of the book & i felt like writing down my thoughts on it.
please don't read if you haven't read & wish to read harry potter & the deathly hallows. thankss.

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[ mood | okay ]

hey naomi from potterpuffs did a few scenes from deathly hallows! woot!

anyways, i've decided that i'm really going to keep my journal up, like day-to-day. This is a good year to use it I think, junior year, and I'm excited about it so hopefully people will be around & I'll talk to some new people too.

today was extremely boring. changed the layout. read a little bit of my summe reading book, the lovely bones. (it's good, but i cry like every other chapter. it's emotion-heavy.)

a few nights ago i dyedmy hair back to it's natural color, all dark brown because i want a clean, natural base for the highlgihts i want to get. plus, that old color was a mistake and it just looked trashy. the color was nice and all, but it just came out fucked up.

so yeah, i'm started weight watchers with my nana on tuesday. i want to loose weight, but in a way, i'm happy with who i am. i don't ever want to be skinny, it's not my scene, if you will.

well, thats it for today i guess. hopefully my nana forgets about going to church in the next twenty minutes because, frankly, i don't want to go. i never do.

<2 kelli.

EDIT: here, i come jesus. (translation: she didn't forget.)

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HONESTLY, WHAT CHANGES HAVE I MADE? NONE? [sat jun 9th, 2007 »8:20p]
[ mood | upset ]

i'm still the same person i was before, aren't i?

i act to be someone else, but i'm not even good at that.
i am good at being no one.

i'm so lost right now.
i'm at a point where i don't know where to go.

and i feel so alone because no one really needs me.
i mean, sure people will say it, but think about it: there are some peopel who need other people to exsist, or at least be who they are. if i was gone, people would be sad, then get over it. i do no good on this earth. no one needs me here. i occasionally compliment someone? make them happy for a moment, thats not needed. i'm beginning to wonder if i really am a waste of air? someone ment to be here to teach others..."dont be like me"? 

i argue, i steal, cheat, lie, envy, want, and cry. 

cry like i am now.
because i realize i really am not needed here.

and as much as i hate to admit this, andy was the only person who i felt needed me, but now i'm beginning to see even he didnt need me. i want someone who will come into my room right now, see me crying and understand everything thats wrong. just hug me a while and tell me its okay. someone who...i need.

hmmm, maybe...one needs someone, in order for someone to need them? 

if that's the case, i hope my someone is coming soon.

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FUCKIT. [sat jun 9th, 2007 »7:51p]
[ mood | empty ]

i'm sick of everything.

i'm sick of apologizing when i'm not sorry an shouldn't be.
i'm sick of not having a real best friend.
i'm sick of people telling me what to do, what to look like, what to say.
i'm sick of being alone.
i'm sick of everything about me.
and everything about everyone else.
i'm sick of volleyball.
sick of drama.
sick of school.
but sick of summer too.
sick of everything i hate.
sick of everything i love.

i wish i could just dissapear
but at the same time that's my biggest fear.

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dumbass poems & thoughts [tue may 29th, 2007 »7:46p]
[ mood | confused ]

i wish i were a sailboat
void of emotion,
floating among the vast, open sea
where love, hate and dexteriety don't play a part
where friendship lasts forever
among the stars and sun
and the only language is my thoughts.

i am a road.
people run me over.
but need me to get to where they want to go.

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