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Wing's Return

Answer me this? What, in your eyes, is a victory? What does it consist of? Does it consist of anything?

In the mist of the chaos, the funeral processions were held at their secret location. The memo I've sent around pretty much brought every cape out to pay their resepcts to the Aeral Avenger.

The mood was ever somber as the rain continued to pour from overhead. The occassional thunder crash and lightning flash only seemed to have added to the morose mood.

I stayed in the back and watched from afar. Just being there was hard enough for me, but trying to keep a solid composure through it all was near impossible. Batman came over to offer his support, which I thought was sweet of him. I could only imagine what was going through his mind.

He already had to burry his parents and now he was burrying the boy he called his son? Heartbreaking.

The speaches that were given, the words that were shared were heartfilled and glazed with honor.

As the procession continued, there seemed to be a mini-panic. Spidey's spider-sense seemed to alert him of some danger off in the distance. He went off to check to see what the issue was and that was then when he discovered we had an unwanted guest.

The predator had showed up to collect his 'trophy.' And of course, that trophy was in fact, Nightwing's body.

Un-benounced to us, the Predator drew quite a bit of attention, but we found he was only a decoy.

The real one wasn't seen by anyone until it was too late....

I retreated into the building and went to my normal post at Chaos Control Central.

V showed up... as did Ra's to help take down this character. And within the height of the battle, Nightwing emerged.

I was... shocked... stunned, happy, angry....

Apparent the whole faking his death thing was a masterminded plan via him and V to stop Predator.

In the end, Predator vanished in a swirl of smoke and left more than half of our people down for the count.

It's hard to say who really "won" the battle.

A lot of us were taken down, yet we all survived. (One victory) Two, our pressumed dead man, came back to join to the land of the living. (Another victory)

And yet... Predator got away.

Though does THAT really count as a victory or a loss?

[The entire events that this partains to can be seen here.]
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