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JLA Watchtower

That... THING that killed Dick came after me a few days ago. And at last when i thought all of the death and distruction had haulted, I was greeted by that creature himself.

RIGHT in the middle of the tower.

I was, needless to say, phreaked (And YES. That's with a "P H" for a reason. I'm a geek. So sue me.) and sent a silent alarm to Batman.

I was so sure that that creature was going to kill me. The look in his eye was something I had never seen before. So much of a pure passion of hate and distruction. It was almost as if I could see a mushroom cloud explode in the windows he called 'eyes.'

His hand gripped around my neck-- I was struggeling to breathe. The thought surely I was dead.
The moment was silent, but had a strong intensity laced with it.

'At least if he kills me, I'll be able to be with Dick again.' I assured myself.

I lost grip of my ecrisma sticks and they clattered to the floor.

A strange noise... almost like a popping-gurgling noice came from the creature and he threw me down and aimed his weapon at my computer system.





I saw orange and white.

The next thing I know, I'm in Batman's arms, him trying to get me counsious again.

When my vision comes back and I can readjust my glasses, I notice a huge ass gaping HOLE on the side of the tower. My computer system?

In shambles.

Yeah.. so that's how it was. I've since regrouped myself and have taken refuge up at the JLA Watchtower-- which happens to be space-bound.

It's been nice. Me and J'onn have been workinbg on rebuilding my status systems and have been enjoying the time we've been spending together. We've been getting a lot of projects finished.

He was even so sweet enough to help me with Dick's funeral arrangements. I've been a shaking mess, and he's been helping me by calming my nerves.

Everything's set for Wednesday. Funeral services will be graveside at Gotham's Herald.

.....come Wednesday I'll be a wreck.

How could this happen?
Tags: dick, funeral, murdered
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