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Nightwing's Death

I woke up from a deep slumber to the sound of shattering glass followed by a loud thud. At first I thought someone had breeched my systems and broke in or.. something, but when I heard the weakened and charming voice break through the silence--

"Honey... I'm home."

I freaked.


Making my way out into the living quarters, I was shocvked to see the rain pouring down through my now shattered cieling window.

That window's broken I don't know HOW many times-- this was nothing new...

Though I was mroe shocked to see my broken black and blue Aeral Avenger bleeding and bruised on my floor.


I tried to get him to stay with me.

I begged him not to leave me.

I pleaded.

His eyes fluttered shut and his grip around my hand loosened.... His arm fell limp.


I've lost him.

My greatest fear has come to focus.

He's.... gone. Nightwing....Dick Grayson-- My Angel... My love... is dead.


I need to alert the Titans... the League... everyone other than Bruce and Spider-Man who.. already know.


And Spider-Man headed out after that... THING that did this to Dick.

I screamed at him to get, hoping he would listen to me and come back.

But who am I to hold him back?

....wish I--

I CAN stop Spider-Man.

Before he gets himself killed.

I'll have to make the funeral arragements as soon find Spidey.

I can't loose him too.
Tags: death, nightwing, spider-man
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