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With Brainaic in the Cyber-Realm

This past week has gone by too fast for me. Then again, my perception of date and time was never really clear to me. I was lost... in the most raw portions of the Cyber Realm. Apparently Brainaic saw to it that he wanted to create a little war of his own.

His rules were discussed. And the bars were set.

|| Wit against wit. I wish to see how vaulable you really are. The probability factor on my level says that you will die-- ||

"Statistics aren't always right." I muttrered.

Little did I know, back in the land of where my body was sitting, my Operative, "Nyx" had found something to be amiss. If anyone, I stay in conact with him the most. If something isn't spoken between either of us at least in some small form, we know something wasn't right.

He launched code Alpha which basically sent an alert out to those within the closest link up to me. The Bat-clan, the JLA, the JSA....

It was a plan that needed to be taken into effect should something happen to me, especially in the most trying times.

Later to my recollection, all unknown to me, Batman had caught wind of the situation after I had sent him the bit of code that came from Zinda's plane.

He contacted Clark and got his aid.

Meanwhile in the cyber realm, Brainaic thought it would be fun to send a virus through the grid and through my system. Now with bits of him stuck into my now cybernetic form he truely had the upper hand.

I was loosing the battle.

I sent out few messages, as soon as I learned how. I think Spiderman and Cassandra recieved them. At least I'm hoping they did. They could have gotten lost in the chaos.

I had to find a way to get free of Brainaic's grip. The only way I found to do that was to use my programming skills to tap into his structure himself to re work his rapidly spreading virus he unleashed on me.

Back in the real world, Batman injected a serum into my leg which send impulses through to the nested nanobots within my system.

I could see the effect from within the realm. That only gave me the better oppertunity to get into Brainaic's system and dismantle it.

And I did. It took a few moments but when Brainaic realized exactly what I was doing, he paniced.

|| NO!!!!!!!! You were not supposed to be able to-- ||

"You didn't have me figured out well enough, now did you. Try to recalibrate your findings and call me in the morning." Oh... how it felt GOOD to be snarky.

He vanished suddenly and I was left alone in the realm. I knew he couldn't have disappeared like THAT. It was only supposed to bring him down. But not like that.

Seeing my window for escape, I took it into a place matter reorganizer not too far from where I orginally was.

As I reached out to touch the glowing particles I felt a severe pain rush through my body and suddenly saw the electrifying and blinding waves of coding.

Then. Blackness. I'm guessing that's when my mind and my body jolted back as one.

According to Batman, I went into a siesure at this point.

All the while, ten minutes before hand while Brainaic had taken-- get this an ORGANIC form and he and Batman battled it out and threw something at him that interlaced with his circuitry.

He got away...... of course.

For the mantime, I'm stuck at Angles of Mercy Hospital, here in Gotham being told I can't go home and I can't eat anything more than this crappy green jello.

For Batman's Video Com on the encounter
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