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Another World

It's been an interesting last couple of days. A lot of unexpected things have been popping up all over and around.

I've visted another world, much like our own. Just a place where others from multiple dimensions can come and... hang around. The proper term for this place is a "Nexus." Really interesting collaboration of characters there.

I... even got the chance to meet an alternate version of Dick. He's..... so sweet. So... innocent and get this? He's still Robin. His world's Bruce and Alfred passed on due to the cave's collapse in the earthquake-- I'm aussuming that his earthquake was from that from which No Man's Land started.

It's so hard for me to think of Bruce gone. It's... seriously, a completely different world.

Anyway, he ended up in a coma for six years and he just woke up recently. I gave him a communicator in case he ever needed someone to talk to or... just anything at all.

I'm hoping he calls. He's a wonderfu soul to talk to.

While in the Nexus, I also happened to meet Clark in there. THIS world's Clark. I know. I know. I'm pretty shocked, myself. I didn't think anyone from our world would ever show up there. I'm assured now though. At least when I go to get away from the horrible reality of this world, I know I'll have an ally over there from this to somewhat.. "guide" me around. (Per se.)

I'm starting to wonder how many of us know about this place. I'm keeping my eye out for others moreso now. It should be interesting enough.

In the back of my mind I'm wondering if I should drag Dinah there. I'm sure she'd have a blast...
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