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Enter Data, Exit Program

Back in Gotham in the comforts of my own sanctuary I roll myself up to my computer console only to find all of my screens are amiss.

My normal green binary coded mess of a wallpaper and floating green Oracle mark are nowhere to be seen.

Furrowing my eyebrows in fustration I tap at the keyboard. Maybe a restart is all I need.

Oh this is just lovely--

More of the code that I found earlier. Only this time the code is more complex and there are a few more characters thrown in there that I can't identify off hand. IF this were a joke, I'd be amused, but knowing very well that it's not I know this is bad news.

Slipping on my more comfortable ear piece I feel a tingeling sensation along the left side of my face.

||Welcome home, Oracle.||

That voice....

Sends a chill down my spine in more ways than one. Even worse than what Joker's voice does to me.

||Are you not going to say hello to me, Oracle? I've missed you.||

My hands involuntarily grip at the sides of my chair.

My mind feels.... numb.

Unexplainable feeling--

So. Strange--

"Hello Brainiac." My entire world in front of my eyes changes into a three dimensional complex grid. I'm dressed completely in white and standing... barefoot.

||Made it home safely I see. Did you get my messages?||

"How could I not?"

|| I know you would.||

My white garbed form stepped forward. "Was all of that really necessary?"

|| I thought it would get your attention.|| said the Android as he proceeded to sit in an over. ||And I do enjoy gaining you attention in intruicut ways. You seem to enjoy that.||

My eyes narrow. "HOW could you possibly--"

|| I have read your menuscripts.||

I go to speak but am cut off quickly.

||Your systems may not be peneratible to most, but to me they're far too inferior. Your technology is useless.||

If that's so, I know he can easily corrupt any data I do have stored. That would be bad. I really don't need that.
Of course, if someone were to walk in the door, they'd probably just see me sitting in front of my console, starring blankly into space. "Why were you trying to get my attention?"

His cold form looked at me with a sideways glance. || I have come to make a proposal.||

My hands ball into fists at my side. "A proposal or a DEMAND?"

||A demand. I challenge you to a game. A... programming game. If you can outlast me, I will grant you your ability to walk again and not kill you.||

I'm silent for a long moment and watch as a circular platform below me lifts me up skyward to be more at an eye's level with him. "And if I loose?"

Brainiac's floating chair tilted and he raised his gloved hand. Images pop up, one by one.

Cassandra. Daddy. Tim. Bruce. Dick. Dinah.

||They die.|| His chair turns back to me. ||So do you.||

My jaw tenses. "And if I refuse?"

He repeated. ||They die and so do you.|| If he could smile successfully, now would have been the time he would do it. ||Shall we?||

And of course, if Cassandra walked by or anyone for that matter, all they would see is my body, sitting in my chair, starring at the blank computer screen, in a trance, saying nothing.
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