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A Tired Dream of a Secret Society

After getting a chance to talk with Bruce as he stubbornly insisted to leave Mercy General's intensive care ward I realized my work was only just begining.

As soon as I got back to the clocktower, the joy of still having my legs to carry the rest of my body came to a quick hault.

I knew it was coming, though this time I wasn't I wasn't prepared.

I always push myself so hard -- just close enough to the breaking point so I get the job done.

It's a trait of the Bat-clan, I've noticed.

I'm just glad that I made it inside of my little computer sancurary before my legs decided to give out.

At least... I couldn't feel the pain anymore.

I once had a dream that somehow I came in possession of a Green Lantern ring....

Though, I'll save that for another time--

Bruce's theory on a "greater picture" definitly came into a clearer view than earlier today.

I recieved a random message by Mr. Julien Day himself, The Calendar Man.

More interested than enough, I responded back for sheer curisoity's sake. After all, according to my records, the man was pressumed to be dead.

I took the moment and asked him if he happened to hear anything regarding Nygma and Shiva.

"Personally, I've never met Lady Shiva. And as for the Riddler, the last I heard was that he joined that Secret Society of Super Villains. Lucky bastard....."


Our connection is now revealed. It makes sense now. Everything's tying together.

Kara commed me as well. Decided to give me a status report on her global patrol with The Boy Scout.

Seemed like smooth sailing.

"Oh-- And Oracle? I was wondering if you'd like to take the job as Chief of Secuirty and management at The Rec Center? We could sure use you..."

I almost declined, considering how everything seems to pile up on my plate. Still hestitant, I nodded and voiced back to a confirmation.

It wouldn't be too bad if I could moniter that place. It... could proove useful, actually.

I need to see if I can't get my a few more secuity camera's installed though...

I caught Cassandra by the arm as she strolled passed. "Shiva's still alive, you know... and... we have trouble."

She gave me a sideways glance with an extrememly puzzeled look on her face.

"With Bruce being so hurt as he is, he's not going to be able to do his job in the manner that he should." I handed back her uniform. "He's not going to approve of me giving this back to you, but I'll deal with that later. Even if he may not want to admit it, he NEEDS you. WE need you.

"This is only the begining and I need all my operatives... which means YOU."

She relucantly took hold of it, her fingertips rolling over the outline of the yellow bat emblem. "But...but that's not possible. I saw her, I was there. She wasn't breathing. blood was coming out of the back of her could she be alive?" She turned away, her voice dipping lower. "Unless...NO." The realization hit her. "The lazareth pit potion. The stuff I gave you-- Oh GREAT. I messed up big time. Again."

I shook my head furiously "Don't blame yourself. There was no way of you knowing. Mistakes happen."

She stayed silent for a long moment before her eyes met mine once again "Please come with me to see him then?"

I nodded to her. "Of course." At least this way... I can give Him my findings in person.
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