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In Morning's Light

It's been two days since Bruce was placed into that med induced coma. It's been two days since I've basically had my computer... thank Hera for remote access. I don't know where I would be if I didn't have at least THAT.

I've been so restless the past few days. More worry and stress than anything. I found myself pacing around Bruce's hospital room for hours... I barely ate.

The nurses-- such sweet ladies, brought me some pizza last night because they've kind of noticed me not really leaving his room for anything but using the bathroom...

Even daddy's called me to check up on things. I made sure to call him and let him know what was going on when I first arrived here.

It's mid-day now and my legs have been hurting like hell. What a great time to enjoy walking again, right?

The tingling... the burning....

My mind is cursing... but I'm far too engaged in other thoughts to realize how badly it's really bothering me...

Sitting down again by his bedside, I once again slip my hand into his. I keep getting this hope that he'll squeeze it.... and just give me some sign that he's okay.

...but he doesn't.

Resting my head on the bed, I allow my hair to fall to shield my face and shut my eyes.

Just a nap.


Hours later, I can hear a rough voice push through my dream. "Barbara?....what day is it?"

Sounds a lot like--

I push myself to straighten up and notice his eyes are actually opened. "Bru-- Bruce??" My voice is jittery. How long has been awake? "It's Friday."

He's stirring.

"Try not to move, okay? I'll get a nurse."

"No, no nurse Friday..two days. Anyone close by?"

I know what that means.

Stubborn man.

Pulling myself from my hunched over posotion, I make sure to close the door and make a quick note of the situation outside of the room. "No.... why?" I make my way back over to him. "You're not planning to do something stupid, are you?"

" If you mean staying soon as my head clears we're history. This is bigger than what you may know."

I shooko my head. "Bruce... can we just NOT go against medical orders for once? You were placed in a med induced COMA for Hera's sake." I lowed my voice a few octives,"WHAT happened?"

"How is Cassandra?"

"Stop ignoring my question."

"Shiva" He makes it an effort to swing his legs over the bed. Ever the adament one...

I stand again, wincing faintly and go to collect his clothes. I better help him... before he rebreaks anything...
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