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Game's Afoot

I got a chance to update Bruce on our situation with Cassandra last nigth before he went on patrol.

He handed back Cassandra's uniform to me and in turn I put it someplace safe. It's not a permanent thing. I KNOW it's not going to be staying in storage for long. At least not until I can proove it.

Bruce's glance he gave me-- sent shivvers down my spine. "Cassandra did something which goes against everything I stand for. Remember Jason, remember Steph. I am pulled apart right now over another bad choice..another bad promotion. So I need to look at what has motivated me to make thiese choice...who am I helping?"

"You don't see what I'm seeing. I *know* Shiva and I know damn well you know her. She wouldn't let herself 'fall' like that."

He continued. "Right. But the motivation for Cass to take it to that level, to take a life--"

"Cassandra owed her debt to Shiva for her taking it to the next step to save me from death. Shiva wanted a death match. Of course, the match would have been seen as a sparring session to Shiva. Next to David Cain? She. Is. The Best. THE best. You're in the top three, respectfully, and Cassandra has earned her place high in the markings as well." I turned my head and muttered, "So has Deathstroke... " Speaking louder, I pressed on, "...Shiva took it on and saw it as a game and she invited Cassandra to play."

Making myway back over to my computer console I sat down, rubbing my legs. They've been starting to ache again. I keep getting these unsavory tingling sensations from time to time...

I have a feeling what's going to happen within the next few days...

I knew it was too good to last.

"Shiva's playing with Cassandra, Bruce. She's not dead. I've looked into this and have strong suspicions she's in contact with Riddler over something... This is right up his alley..."

I know I'm right in SOME form. And my small interrogation session with Riddler lead me nowhere. So Batman decided to call me on it, and see if he can't pry a few answers from him.

Sliding my comset back in place, I went back to manning my systems.

While he was busy on that... now seemed like a good time to check in on Nightwing.

.....haven't been able to get in touch with him for a while.

Something's not right...
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