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Decieving the Eyes

New situations have been coming up fast at hand from the time of my last entry.

I have a feeling that Bruce didn't even bother with my letter. Nothing was said, nothing was brought up...

Should have known better.

I recieved a communication from one of my known 'Eyes' that tend to keep tabs on certain things within the city.

He was telling me he saw Nightwing..... or A Nightwing, taking a few blows at civillains with a swivel bladed dagger. The outcome was cause for fatalities...

Horray for things not making sense! /sarcasm

I've been trying to access the police reports and autopsy records on these vics.

And so far my results have been turining out to be a bit more interesting than orginally planned.

Ontop of everything, Cassandra finally woke up enough to the point to speak to let us know what happened with her and Shiva.

I.... guess the price for my life to be whole, was repayed with a fight to the death.

Now.... I know there's more to the story. I know Cass is good, but I also know Shiva's good-- if not great.

Cassandra says when she walked away, Shiva... wasn't moving.

I have reason to believe it's a ploy.

Shiva's too good and has such a sharp mind that she wouldn't allow herself to stay down.... at least fr long.

My guess is that this was done for stategy. Though, I'm not entirely sure what the game is supposed to consist of--



I need to consult someone... or rather harass them.

Tags: cassandra, nightwing, riddler, shiva
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