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For Bruce

I'm not sure how all of this really came to surface... maybe it was when you and Cassandra were on stakeout and she came back to me saying that she saw you looking at an old picture of the two of us... together.

I have a feeling that's what pulled at my strings. Pulled up old emotions that once used to circle my mind constantly.

Being guilty of stilll looking back on images of happier times lets me long for that once more.

Long for you touch warm embrace... just even the conversation.

We've been nothing BUT business over the years. And that's completely fine, on some cases-- but it's as if you've forgotten.

You always push the ones you hold dear to you away. Being trained by you, I've learned to do that as well.

You trained me to be HARD. But of course, I've lived up to it. I don't ever back down, nor do you.

Though you seem to miss out on the HUMAN qualities. I think.... though the lot of our fighting. The arguments... the insane yelling matches of the two of us screaming in one another's faces is just a sign of tension.

Then again I could be wrong. But to explode over something so simple?

That's where my intire query comes to play.

It hurts me to see you so unhappy. It hurts all of us.

I guess what I'm wanting is to see you smile again. A real smile. Not one of those fake ones you're always so good at giving. A REAL one. Even if it's just for a moment.

I remember when your aura used to be relaxed and at ease... but the only thing I see now is tenseness and anger...... hositlity.

"Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart."

I never stopped caring about you. Even through the argumentiviness may have shown otherwise.

We're a lot alike and the understanding of one another has always been key.

In essence, I want our footseps to reverberate once more.

I'm tired of the games.
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