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Dreaming of Things Greater

The time that I finally did actually get a moment or ten to rest, I found myself dreaming of things past. In the particular dream that crossed my scope-- it involved me, Dick... Bruce.

In the jist of it, I guess Dick started acting strangely towards me. He started ignoring me and then disappearing. Finding it odd, I started telling all of my thoughts to Bruce over com while he was out on patrol. One thing, of course I really try to refrain from, because it's not professional, but then againt his was a dream--

Anyway, I guess Batman found it in his best itnerest to check in on things and look in on everything. It wasn't long before he found out what was really going on. He blew up in his face and shook his head. "I'm so dissappointed in you. How could you hurt Barbara like that??"

The next thing I know I see myself ontop of a roof overlooking the city. Watching the tiny specks of cars wiz by. I was sitting on the edge of the building, allowing my feet to dangle.

Batman came up behind me, with his cape billowing and sat behind me, wrapping himself and his cape around me. Trying to block the cold air. "You shouldn't be out here like this. It's cold."

For some reason before he showed up, I already knew of the information Bruce was going to tell me about. I lowered my eyes and spoke numbly. "I didn't notice."

He knew I was upset, dispite how I was choosing how to show it. He stood after a moment and reached down, scopping me up into his arms and we ended up inside of this building. This dark building with white walls. I remembered a stained glass mosaic in the background. I don't know exactly where we were though.

Pulling off his cowl, he turned to face me, placing his hands on my shoulders, giving me a sincere look. "I'm sorry."

I raised an eyebrow in curisoity. "Why are you sorry?"

"I shouldn't have let you go like I did. I knew that as soon as I did you'd get hurt. I was right."

Knowing what he was trying to say, my eyes welled up and wrapped my arms around his neck as he brought me closer.

"To be honest... I never turely let you go, Bruce."

Taking the moment he looked within my eyes and we kissed.... passionately, I might add. And then... I woke up.

Making my way over tot he computer I ended up sitting down in my usual place and went about my daily work for the morning. And who pops up in com?


I started thinking again about the times that we once had. Much... MUCH happier times.

He asked about any more word from Cassandra and I told him, negative.... but I did send Dinah after her.

After a moment of silence... I decided to tell him about the dream.

And strangely enough??

He actually LISTENED to me. And after I told him, he spoke: "You dreamt what I feel most of the time where you and I are concerned. I you felt or maybe feel about me...about Dick... I know at some level you must know the guilt I feel over what happened to you. You were so glorious then...and i indulged you."

I shuddered in throught. "It wasn't your fault. It was a random act."

"I don't know quite how to bridge this next part of the dream....Barbara..If we go down this road it can effect ..things."

"I'm not sure what you mean by how it can "effect things." It WAS a dream Bruce..."

"Dreams reveal sub consious or repressed feelings and memories. My sensei told me, when I was very young, "Dreams are the very real world were we live uninhibited, pay attention to them for they reveal the secret parts of our desire." Do you still have feelings for me?"

I stayed silent for a long time after that. How could I respond to that?? I couldn't exactly LIE to the man. He'd know it... and he'd get pissed. Besides, lying wasn't my thing. "Yeah.... I do. They never dissipated..."

I could hear his breathing. "I know..we skirt this issue all the time. It's why we have what we have now."

"Maybe we should stop beating around the bush with the issue and bring it to surface. We're half doing that now. It.... might actually good for the both of us if we did. "Yes...."

Later that evening his face pops up on my screen.

Business as usual, I figure. And that's exactly what it was... until the subject of us is brought up.

And I, of course, did a grade A job of blowing it completely off....

Well, not completely....

I guess I do better writing my thoughts down versus actually speaking to him face to face...

Or.. rather, face-to-camera-to-moniter...?
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