Barbara Gordon (_the_oracle_) wrote,
Barbara Gordon

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Minor OOC Note

Just as a warning, I wanted everyone else to know who reads this, that I'll still most definitly be playing Oracle, but some of the things that will be written here will probably be concering other characters from another RP world that's based off of LiveJournal itself.

i.e. Different Batman, some different issues...

However it'll be a collab with anything that happens with other characters here to her chaarcter there. If that makes sense?

I figured I'd just keep her thoughts and such here. I didn't want to waste another journal because I thought if anything this would be a good way to mesh.... things.

Anything involving anything within keystone_city and sages_of_chaos will be stated as such.

And no this shouldn't effect things here too much. I'm not planning on letting it. :)

Thanks again.


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