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Metropolitian Visit

{Placing this on the time line BEFORE Dick got zapped into a toddler. Barb is still in the alter dimension.}

The ride to Metropollis didn't seem as long as she orginally thought. The ride was actually more pleasent than anything. She had wonderful company and the scenery wasn't that bad to look at.

As soon as they passed the "Welcome to Metropolis" sign, the City of Tommorrow seemed to sparkle and glitter with a golden hue off in the distance.

Barbara turned to Dick with a curious eyebrow. "Has it always been this picturesque here or is that just my eyes playing a trick on me?"

She smirked, drumming her fingers on the arm rest of the vehicle. her toes swaying back and forth ever so slightly with the music. It was nice to have regained the feeling in her legs again. She was just anticipating the moment that she'd be able to walk anywhere on her own.

It would take time. That she knew. She couldn't rush it.

"So... is there a Superman that flies over this city or what...?"
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