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Jumping Realms

I receievd a com call from Dick the other night, asking if I could jump dimensions for a while and spend some time with him in his world.

Naturally? I complied. I've been wanting to see the differences between his world and mine for some time now. Just so I can get a first hand account of everything.

While in the cave, Dick was sweet enough to "help" me up a few stairs. The feeling in my legs is starting to come back little by little, and more so each day. I'm getting to the point now where I can somewhat push myself with my feet still sitting in my wheelchair.

(Which is more than I could have even thought about doing before hand..)

We ended up taking a tour of Gothamn in search of his world's Barbara and Commissioner Gordon.

The place that wee were lead to turned up being a dead end. When i turned to Dick, it seemed like he was discouraged... and in away, I was as well. I'd love nothing more to help him find the ones he called "family" in this world. It's just so hard for me to think he may truely be alone... Even though I know that we're never turely alone. However.. the physical world has a tendency of messing you up like that.

Dick asked me if I could use my skill and hack into the GCPD's police files.

I nodded to him. "Of course. I'd have to get back into the cave though." I couldn't use the little car's laptop. It wasn't configured right.

Before long we were back in the cave and I was sitting in front of the moniter, typing away at the keys.

Dick ran off to get cleaned up while I continued to fish around and locate the proper information.

{This world is doomed enough as it is. I wonder what it would be like to conquer this dimension. I say we--}

Without thinking, I yelled. "SHUT UP." Becoming cross I typed the keys harder, trying to ignore the voice.

{How DARE you interrupt me, GIRL. I give you the ultimate gift and THIS is how you repay me?}

"What are you talking about?"


I squint, reading quietly. "Commissioner Gordon was relocated to the Metropolis division?" Now there was sosmething interesting.

{You are able to feel your lower extermities now, aren't you?"

I waved a hand passively, carring on a conversation with this voice that only I seemed to hear. "Well.. DUH?"

{You should be thanking me.}

I gave no answer. Time to ignore him now....

I could only hope Dick didn't hear any of that. "Hey Dick--?"
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