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Good News is Good News

Dick dropped by last night unexpectantly. It's always great seeing him again. Of course, when he dropped in, wearing his Robin suit I naturally thought it was Tim. Boy how was I ever so wrong.

I got to share a bit of good news with him which-- couldn't have made me happier.

All of the tingling, the itching that's been going on with my legs the past few days?

I.... have feeling again in my legs. I can *move* my toes!

I simply can't believe it. I mean I was told I would never regain the feeling but...


And to think this all could have been brought on by Brainiac?

With Dick's help I was even able to stand for a few moments. I know I'm not going to be able to do it on my own for a while... but he's agreed to help me to regain that.

It's too exciting to think that perhaps in a few months, I'll be able to actually *walk* down the street instead of sitting in this chair and rolling down it.

Robin commed in last night. I had no idea he was out in Keystone. Him, Bruce, Dinah... I think the only one here is Helena and Cassandra. Then again I haven't heard from Cass in two weeks. I hope she's alright. I know she's a big girl and can take care of herself, but still I worry about her. She's only lived with me for more than a year.. I've only taught her.... HOW much?

Our bonds are tight and I know our relationship with one another is a two-way thing. I should try contacting her...

Anyway, Tim gave me some interesting news. VERY interesting news.

Ted Kord. Our resident Blue Beetle is in fact *alive.* He's mobile, freely speaking and seems to be quite aware of what's happened to him.

The only mystery seems to be of how he came back to be alive again and how he got to where he was.

That'll have to be investigated later, I pressume.

Dick's still in the back sleeping, I'm sure he won't mind I'm up and about. I'm just glad Bruce is in Keystone right now. If he suddenly dropped in and saw I wasn't resting? My keester would be turned into bat-grass.

I wonder if Dinah's around.

I quickly bring up her via computer. I need to talk to her. She'd want to know about all of this anyway.

"Dinah? It's Babs. You there?"
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