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News in the Med Bay

Feel like I've been cooped up here too long. Not that I don't mind the random superhero visitors tending to me left and right.. it's just.. WEIRD to be relying on these people while I'm laying here basically bed ridden.

And of course with Clark knowing me too well he's placed my wheelchair in another room so I won't be tempted to "leave" prematurely.

...they've thought of everything

My surgery isn't supposed to happen for another two hours...

I'm not worried. I know I'm in well hands.

I did get a minute to check the news and THIS came through the Gotham Gazette website.

The news is truely exciting. I'd love to be a part of this somehow.

I have a feeling I'd have to talk to Bruce about this....

Of course, he's going to tell me: "You need to get better first."

Typical Bruce.

No matter how many times he's been a complete ass, he's still one of the sweetest men I know. (Next to my daddy of course...)

Maybe I can flag him down before this operation to talk about it....

Wonder where he ran off to. Coulda sworn I seen him walk off down the hall.
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