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Never Home

I only seemed to stay home long enough to gather a few items before Wally wisked me away to the watchtower.

He was right there when I opened the doors, sitting on my couch. "Get your things." he told me. "We're leaving."

I tried to argue with him, telling him I had some things I had to do.

"NO. Babs. This needs to be taken care of now. Grab your laptop, some clothes and let's go."

I figured it better to just do better as he asked.

I had a lovely evening with Dick, I still can't seem to get it out of my mind. I learned a lot about him within those few hours. So much devistation has come to him, but yet he's over-taken it like it was no one's business. His determination and drive keep him on his toes-- and I can see it's going to take him a lot of places. Maybe not now... but in the future, I can definitly see a lot of good coming from him.

He'll find his place soon, I'm sure.

He told me about how he didn't think his world held much for him and how he thought about leaving to another world.

Naturally I offered for him to come here. Stay with me. I don't know if he'll take me up on the offer, but I made sure to let it stand.

Sitting here in the infirmary, they've at least given me acess to the computer to trickle away at my boredom. So many have already come in to see me.

Atom's been in and out of here-- as has Superman. They keep making notes on their clipboards and telling me things as they find them.

"There definitly is something inside of you, Barbara." Superman started. "I can see the probes as clear as day, running through your bloodstream."

I shudder at the thought. "Great."

"We're going to have to go in and get rid of them." Superman gave Atom a pat on the shoulder. "This is where Ray comes in....."

When i turned my head, I could have sworn I saw Bruce's form...

Then again... I could have been mistaken...
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