Barbara Gordon (_the_oracle_) wrote,
Barbara Gordon

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On the Town

Despite my head pounding and my skin on my right arm starting to vanish to reveal the advanced circuitry beneath, I managed to get myself into something decent for tonight.

{Perhaps something green, Oracle...}

I'm not sure what provoked me to listen to the voice, but I ended up in a green velvet dress. At least it... kind of blends with the "circuit" growing from my arm.

Dick and I have.... heh... a date. Something that I would have never thought of happening. I mean, not since things with my world's Dick Grayson turned sour. We're still close.... and I still care for him, but things really haven't been the same.

It's weird though. Even when I'm around this Dick, he actually makes my heart flutter. (Not many can do that, I'm afraid.)

I guess I'm just waiting for his call now so I can transport him here. I won't lie. I'm nervous....
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