Barbara Gordon (_the_oracle_) wrote,
Barbara Gordon

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Circut Problems

The burning in my arm has grown worse over the last tweleve hours. Instead of itching, it's now burning. The shape is starting to resemble a circuit board. It's strange. I have *BUS* lines and resistors on my ARM.

Inhale.... exhale.

I was talking with a girl by the name of Claire in the Nexus earlier and she put some blue herbs on it to try and make the itching and burning stop. I hate to say it, but her remedy didn't work. I don't even think it phased it in the slightest. It was incrediably sweet of her to try, I'll admit that.

I've also seemed to develop a bit of a migraine within the last couple of hours-- not to mention a slight fever with a faint buzz in my ear.

Ever since that last battle I've had with Brainaic, a lot of strange things have been happening--

Oh..... no--


I should have known. That arrogant idiot!

Bruce-- Clark?

I could use one of you guys right about now...
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