Animated Oracle

Wing's Return

Answer me this? What, in your eyes, is a victory? What does it consist of? Does it consist of anything?

In the mist of the chaos, the funeral processions were held at their secret location. The memo I've sent around pretty much brought every cape out to pay their resepcts to the Aeral Avenger.

The mood was ever somber as the rain continued to pour from overhead. The occassional thunder crash and lightning flash only seemed to have added to the morose mood.

I stayed in the back and watched from afar. Just being there was hard enough for me, but trying to keep a solid composure through it all was near impossible. Batman came over to offer his support, which I thought was sweet of him. I could only imagine what was going through his mind.

He already had to burry his parents and now he was burrying the boy he called his son? Heartbreaking.

The speaches that were given, the words that were shared were heartfilled and glazed with honor.

As the procession continued, there seemed to be a mini-panic. Spidey's spider-sense seemed to alert him of some danger off in the distance. He went off to check to see what the issue was and that was then when he discovered we had an unwanted guest.

The predator had showed up to collect his 'trophy.' And of course, that trophy was in fact, Nightwing's body.

Un-benounced to us, the Predator drew quite a bit of attention, but we found he was only a decoy.

The real one wasn't seen by anyone until it was too late....

I retreated into the building and went to my normal post at Chaos Control Central.

V showed up... as did Ra's to help take down this character. And within the height of the battle, Nightwing emerged.

I was... shocked... stunned, happy, angry....

Apparent the whole faking his death thing was a masterminded plan via him and V to stop Predator.

In the end, Predator vanished in a swirl of smoke and left more than half of our people down for the count.

It's hard to say who really "won" the battle.

A lot of us were taken down, yet we all survived. (One victory) Two, our pressumed dead man, came back to join to the land of the living. (Another victory)

And yet... Predator got away.

Though does THAT really count as a victory or a loss?

[The entire events that this partains to can be seen here.]
Animated Oracle

JLA Watchtower

That... THING that killed Dick came after me a few days ago. And at last when i thought all of the death and distruction had haulted, I was greeted by that creature himself.

RIGHT in the middle of the tower.

I was, needless to say, phreaked (And YES. That's with a "P H" for a reason. I'm a geek. So sue me.) and sent a silent alarm to Batman.

I was so sure that that creature was going to kill me. The look in his eye was something I had never seen before. So much of a pure passion of hate and distruction. It was almost as if I could see a mushroom cloud explode in the windows he called 'eyes.'

His hand gripped around my neck-- I was struggeling to breathe. The thought surely I was dead.
The moment was silent, but had a strong intensity laced with it.

'At least if he kills me, I'll be able to be with Dick again.' I assured myself.

I lost grip of my ecrisma sticks and they clattered to the floor.

A strange noise... almost like a popping-gurgling noice came from the creature and he threw me down and aimed his weapon at my computer system.





I saw orange and white.

The next thing I know, I'm in Batman's arms, him trying to get me counsious again.

When my vision comes back and I can readjust my glasses, I notice a huge ass gaping HOLE on the side of the tower. My computer system?

In shambles.

Yeah.. so that's how it was. I've since regrouped myself and have taken refuge up at the JLA Watchtower-- which happens to be space-bound.

It's been nice. Me and J'onn have been workinbg on rebuilding my status systems and have been enjoying the time we've been spending together. We've been getting a lot of projects finished.

He was even so sweet enough to help me with Dick's funeral arrangements. I've been a shaking mess, and he's been helping me by calming my nerves.

Everything's set for Wednesday. Funeral services will be graveside at Gotham's Herald.

.....come Wednesday I'll be a wreck.

How could this happen?
Animated Oracle

Nightwing's Death

I woke up from a deep slumber to the sound of shattering glass followed by a loud thud. At first I thought someone had breeched my systems and broke in or.. something, but when I heard the weakened and charming voice break through the silence--

"Honey... I'm home."

I freaked.


Making my way out into the living quarters, I was shocvked to see the rain pouring down through my now shattered cieling window.

That window's broken I don't know HOW many times-- this was nothing new...

Though I was mroe shocked to see my broken black and blue Aeral Avenger bleeding and bruised on my floor.


I tried to get him to stay with me.

I begged him not to leave me.

I pleaded.

His eyes fluttered shut and his grip around my hand loosened.... His arm fell limp.


I've lost him.

My greatest fear has come to focus.

He's.... gone. Nightwing....Dick Grayson-- My Angel... My love... is dead.


I need to alert the Titans... the League... everyone other than Bruce and Spider-Man who.. already know.


And Spider-Man headed out after that... THING that did this to Dick.

I screamed at him to get, hoping he would listen to me and come back.

But who am I to hold him back?

....wish I--

I CAN stop Spider-Man.

Before he gets himself killed.

I'll have to make the funeral arragements as soon find Spidey.

I can't loose him too.

Near Virtual Death

The most interesting thing happened a few days ago.

Dick..... he.. well.. He finally showed up after pulling a five year disappearing act. He finally made it a point to come down to Gotham to see me and actually just talk with me face to face.

After the blow out we had some years ago, I almost didn't think that I'd ever get to see him again. The thoughts of him always lingered in my head. Always wondered how he was doing.... or... if he was even still alive.

Long story short, it seems that after five years of me loosing the man I truely loved, he's back here in my arms indefinitly. Talk about a dramatic day, right?

After the talk we've had (the LONG talk, I might add) he's decided to stay here in Gotham and requested a transfer from the Buldhaven PD to the Gotham division... just for my sake.

That speaks a lot in my eyes. Just knowing that he'll be closer from here on out gives me the strong satisfaction that everything's starting to settle in their rightful places.

I haven't been seeing much of Cassandra lately. I'm not entirely sure what's going on there. Usually she's in bed or wondering around the tower when I get up, but lately when I have been getting up... she he's nowhere to be found.

And on a side note it seems that Bruce and Clark aren't speaking. (That figures.) I'm starting to seriously wonder what happened when the two of them were in Arubia.

Bruce mentioned to me earlier that Clark was mumbling something about "electric worms."

And I basically told him, "When the Man of Steel starts muttering about electric worms.... you should be weary."

...Brainaic hasn't been "talking" to me much. I think I pissed him off when I decided to escape into the cyber-realm to play a MMORPG for a while. I needed to complete a quest and there was a a Golem in my way-- which.... was he. Because let's face it... the Golems in game are NOT green and purple.

"If I kill you here, you die in real life."

I know his threats aren't empty, so I tend to take them seriously. And of course, he had to pick on me! My Cleric-in-training isn't even level 30 yet and he HAD to tell me this now? I stood no chance.

His character advanced toward me and I started throwing spells to try and weaken him.



I grumbled and climbed up on a rope to avoid him.

(It's a good thing that Golem's can't jump.)

While on the rope, I spoke. "And you couldn't wait until I was at a high enough level to take you down--"

"It is how you say more... 'amusing' to engage this way."

I jumped down and his hand smacked me.

He took about 200 points of my HP down. I had 6 left!

I gulped down cakes and red potions to pull my meter back up. "You cheat."

At this point I hopped I had a Return scroll that would return me to the next town. I crossed my fingers as I went through my inventory.

"I am simply playing the game. Isn't this fun Oracle?"

My eye narrowed. "Who's 'Oracle'? I'm called Vee here."

"DON'T try to sneak away from your true guise!!!"


He backed me into a coner-- I was dead for sure-- At least that's what HE thought--

I pulled out my Return Scroll and teleported to the next city-- Henesys.

I logged out and pulled away from the computer.

Needless to say, I have a feeling Branaic's pissed.

Then again.. he should have just waited until I was level 40-something. At least then it would have been a fair fight.

.....maybe I should keep this under wraps and not say anything.. until I figure out HOW to say. "Uh.. yeah.. Bruce, Dick? Brainaic almost owned me in a online game...."