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Barbara Gordon

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From Batman: Kryptonian Krisis [30 Jul 2006|01:31am]
[ mood | cynical ]

In response to my message...

Delphi Alert!

For Bruce: On Jason [29 Jul 2006|08:20pm]
[ mood | busy ]

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Unexplained Murders [15 Jul 2006|08:25pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Ignore the speckles made by my camera's lense. Whoops.
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Wing's Return [08 Jun 2006|07:27am]
[ mood | calm ]

Answer me this? What, in your eyes, is a victory? What does it consist of? Does it consist of anything?

In the mist of the chaos, the funeral processions were held at their secret location. The memo I've sent around pretty much brought every cape out to pay their resepcts to the Aeral Avenger.

The mood was ever somber as the rain continued to pour from overhead. The occassional thunder crash and lightning flash only seemed to have added to the morose mood.

I stayed in the back and watched from afar. Just being there was hard enough for me, but trying to keep a solid composure through it all was near impossible. Batman came over to offer his support, which I thought was sweet of him. I could only imagine what was going through his mind.

He already had to burry his parents and now he was burrying the boy he called his son? Heartbreaking.

The speaches that were given, the words that were shared were heartfilled and glazed with honor.

As the procession continued, there seemed to be a mini-panic. Spidey's spider-sense seemed to alert him of some danger off in the distance. He went off to check to see what the issue was and that was then when he discovered we had an unwanted guest.

The predator had showed up to collect his 'trophy.' And of course, that trophy was in fact, Nightwing's body.

Un-benounced to us, the Predator drew quite a bit of attention, but we found he was only a decoy.

The real one wasn't seen by anyone until it was too late....

I retreated into the building and went to my normal post at Chaos Control Central.

V showed up... as did Ra's to help take down this character. And within the height of the battle, Nightwing emerged.

I was... shocked... stunned, happy, angry....

Apparent the whole faking his death thing was a masterminded plan via him and V to stop Predator.

In the end, Predator vanished in a swirl of smoke and left more than half of our people down for the count.

It's hard to say who really "won" the battle.

A lot of us were taken down, yet we all survived. (One victory) Two, our pressumed dead man, came back to join to the land of the living. (Another victory)

And yet... Predator got away.

Though does THAT really count as a victory or a loss?

[The entire events that this partains to can be seen here.]
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JLA Watchtower [22 May 2006|02:55pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

That... THING that killed Dick came after me a few days ago. And at last when i thought all of the death and distruction had haulted, I was greeted by that creature himself.

RIGHT in the middle of the tower.

I was, needless to say, phreaked (And YES. That's with a "P H" for a reason. I'm a geek. So sue me.) and sent a silent alarm to Batman.

I was so sure that that creature was going to kill me. The look in his eye was something I had never seen before. So much of a pure passion of hate and distruction. It was almost as if I could see a mushroom cloud explode in the windows he called 'eyes.'

His hand gripped around my neck-- I was struggeling to breathe. The thought surely I was dead.
The moment was silent, but had a strong intensity laced with it.

'At least if he kills me, I'll be able to be with Dick again.' I assured myself.

I lost grip of my ecrisma sticks and they clattered to the floor.

A strange noise... almost like a popping-gurgling noice came from the creature and he threw me down and aimed his weapon at my computer system.





I saw orange and white.

The next thing I know, I'm in Batman's arms, him trying to get me counsious again.

When my vision comes back and I can readjust my glasses, I notice a huge ass gaping HOLE on the side of the tower. My computer system?

In shambles.

Yeah.. so that's how it was. I've since regrouped myself and have taken refuge up at the JLA Watchtower-- which happens to be space-bound.

It's been nice. Me and J'onn have been workinbg on rebuilding my status systems and have been enjoying the time we've been spending together. We've been getting a lot of projects finished.

He was even so sweet enough to help me with Dick's funeral arrangements. I've been a shaking mess, and he's been helping me by calming my nerves.

Everything's set for Wednesday. Funeral services will be graveside at Gotham's Herald.

.....come Wednesday I'll be a wreck.

How could this happen?
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Nightwing's Death [16 May 2006|12:13pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I woke up from a deep slumber to the sound of shattering glass followed by a loud thud. At first I thought someone had breeched my systems and broke in or.. something, but when I heard the weakened and charming voice break through the silence--

"Honey... I'm home."

I freaked.


Making my way out into the living quarters, I was shocvked to see the rain pouring down through my now shattered cieling window.

That window's broken I don't know HOW many times-- this was nothing new...

Though I was mroe shocked to see my broken black and blue Aeral Avenger bleeding and bruised on my floor.


I tried to get him to stay with me.

I begged him not to leave me.

I pleaded.

His eyes fluttered shut and his grip around my hand loosened.... His arm fell limp.


I've lost him.

My greatest fear has come to focus.

He's.... gone. Nightwing....Dick Grayson-- My Angel... My love... is dead.


I need to alert the Titans... the League... everyone other than Bruce and Spider-Man who.. already know.


And Spider-Man headed out after that... THING that did this to Dick.

I screamed at him to get, hoping he would listen to me and come back.

But who am I to hold him back?

....wish I--

I CAN stop Spider-Man.

Before he gets himself killed.

I'll have to make the funeral arragements as soon find Spidey.

I can't loose him too.
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Computers, Whee! [14 May 2006|02:23pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Delphi Alert!

Near Virtual Death [03 May 2006|11:11am]
[ mood | content ]

The most interesting thing happened a few days ago.

Dick..... he.. well.. He finally showed up after pulling a five year disappearing act. He finally made it a point to come down to Gotham to see me and actually just talk with me face to face.

After the blow out we had some years ago, I almost didn't think that I'd ever get to see him again. The thoughts of him always lingered in my head. Always wondered how he was doing.... or... if he was even still alive.

Long story short, it seems that after five years of me loosing the man I truely loved, he's back here in my arms indefinitly. Talk about a dramatic day, right?

After the talk we've had (the LONG talk, I might add) he's decided to stay here in Gotham and requested a transfer from the Buldhaven PD to the Gotham division... just for my sake.

That speaks a lot in my eyes. Just knowing that he'll be closer from here on out gives me the strong satisfaction that everything's starting to settle in their rightful places.

I haven't been seeing much of Cassandra lately. I'm not entirely sure what's going on there. Usually she's in bed or wondering around the tower when I get up, but lately when I have been getting up... she he's nowhere to be found.

And on a side note it seems that Bruce and Clark aren't speaking. (That figures.) I'm starting to seriously wonder what happened when the two of them were in Arubia.

Bruce mentioned to me earlier that Clark was mumbling something about "electric worms."

And I basically told him, "When the Man of Steel starts muttering about electric worms.... you should be weary."

...Brainaic hasn't been "talking" to me much. I think I pissed him off when I decided to escape into the cyber-realm to play a MMORPG for a while. I needed to complete a quest and there was a a Golem in my way-- which.... was he. Because let's face it... the Golems in game are NOT green and purple.

"If I kill you here, you die in real life."

I know his threats aren't empty, so I tend to take them seriously. And of course, he had to pick on me! My Cleric-in-training isn't even level 30 yet and he HAD to tell me this now? I stood no chance.

His character advanced toward me and I started throwing spells to try and weaken him.



I grumbled and climbed up on a rope to avoid him.

(It's a good thing that Golem's can't jump.)

While on the rope, I spoke. "And you couldn't wait until I was at a high enough level to take you down--"

"It is how you say more... 'amusing' to engage this way."

I jumped down and his hand smacked me.

He took about 200 points of my HP down. I had 6 left!

I gulped down cakes and red potions to pull my meter back up. "You cheat."

At this point I hopped I had a Return scroll that would return me to the next town. I crossed my fingers as I went through my inventory.

"I am simply playing the game. Isn't this fun Oracle?"

My eye narrowed. "Who's 'Oracle'? I'm called Vee here."

"DON'T try to sneak away from your true guise!!!"


He backed me into a coner-- I was dead for sure-- At least that's what HE thought--

I pulled out my Return Scroll and teleported to the next city-- Henesys.

I logged out and pulled away from the computer.

Needless to say, I have a feeling Branaic's pissed.

Then again.. he should have just waited until I was level 40-something. At least then it would have been a fair fight.

.....maybe I should keep this under wraps and not say anything.. until I figure out HOW to say. "Uh.. yeah.. Bruce, Dick? Brainaic almost owned me in a online game...."
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Message from Web-Head [21 Apr 2006|06:41am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I just recieved the call from Spidey-Man. Looks like he'll be heading to the clocktower for a brief visit.

...he's so sweet.

Hmm... ETA: Less than 30....?
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Circuit Problem [19 Apr 2006|05:49am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I've been noticing a bit a lot of itching from my left forearm that's been bugging the crap out of me.

For the most part... well.

Delphi Alert!

With Brainaic in the Cyber-Realm [18 Apr 2006|04:30am]
[ mood | bored ]

This past week has gone by too fast for me. Then again, my perception of date and time was never really clear to me. I was lost... in the most raw portions of the Cyber Realm. Apparently Brainaic saw to it that he wanted to create a little war of his own.

His rules were discussed. And the bars were set.

|| Wit against wit. I wish to see how vaulable you really are. The probability factor on my level says that you will die-- ||

"Statistics aren't always right." I muttrered.

Little did I know, back in the land of where my body was sitting, my Operative, "Nyx" had found something to be amiss. If anyone, I stay in conact with him the most. If something isn't spoken between either of us at least in some small form, we know something wasn't right.

He launched code Alpha which basically sent an alert out to those within the closest link up to me. The Bat-clan, the JLA, the JSA....

It was a plan that needed to be taken into effect should something happen to me, especially in the most trying times.

Later to my recollection, all unknown to me, Batman had caught wind of the situation after I had sent him the bit of code that came from Zinda's plane.

He contacted Clark and got his aid.

Meanwhile in the cyber realm, Brainaic thought it would be fun to send a virus through the grid and through my system. Now with bits of him stuck into my now cybernetic form he truely had the upper hand.

I was loosing the battle.

I sent out few messages, as soon as I learned how. I think Spiderman and Cassandra recieved them. At least I'm hoping they did. They could have gotten lost in the chaos.

I had to find a way to get free of Brainaic's grip. The only way I found to do that was to use my programming skills to tap into his structure himself to re work his rapidly spreading virus he unleashed on me.

Back in the real world, Batman injected a serum into my leg which send impulses through to the nested nanobots within my system.

I could see the effect from within the realm. That only gave me the better oppertunity to get into Brainaic's system and dismantle it.

And I did. It took a few moments but when Brainaic realized exactly what I was doing, he paniced.

|| NO!!!!!!!! You were not supposed to be able to-- ||

"You didn't have me figured out well enough, now did you. Try to recalibrate your findings and call me in the morning." Oh... how it felt GOOD to be snarky.

He vanished suddenly and I was left alone in the realm. I knew he couldn't have disappeared like THAT. It was only supposed to bring him down. But not like that.

Seeing my window for escape, I took it into a place matter reorganizer not too far from where I orginally was.

As I reached out to touch the glowing particles I felt a severe pain rush through my body and suddenly saw the electrifying and blinding waves of coding.

Then. Blackness. I'm guessing that's when my mind and my body jolted back as one.

According to Batman, I went into a siesure at this point.

All the while, ten minutes before hand while Brainaic had taken-- get this an ORGANIC form and he and Batman battled it out and threw something at him that interlaced with his circuitry.

He got away...... of course.

For the mantime, I'm stuck at Angles of Mercy Hospital, here in Gotham being told I can't go home and I can't eat anything more than this crappy green jello.

For Batman's Video Com on the encounter
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Important ALERT. [13 Apr 2006|12:01am]
[ mood | blank ]

To all heroes: STAY off your coms.

Delphi Alert!

Enter Data, Exit Program [12 Apr 2006|03:14am]
[ mood | blah ]

Back in Gotham in the comforts of my own sanctuary I roll myself up to my computer console only to find all of my screens are amiss.

My normal green binary coded mess of a wallpaper and floating green Oracle mark are nowhere to be seen.

Furrowing my eyebrows in fustration I tap at the keyboard. Maybe a restart is all I need.

Oh this is just lovely--

More of the code that I found earlier. Only this time the code is more complex and there are a few more characters thrown in there that I can't identify off hand. IF this were a joke, I'd be amused, but knowing very well that it's not I know this is bad news.

Slipping on my more comfortable ear piece I feel a tingeling sensation along the left side of my face.

||Welcome home, Oracle.||

That voice....

Sends a chill down my spine in more ways than one. Even worse than what Joker's voice does to me.

||Are you not going to say hello to me, Oracle? I've missed you.||

My hands involuntarily grip at the sides of my chair.

My mind feels.... numb.

Unexplainable feeling--

So. Strange--

"Hello Brainiac." My entire world in front of my eyes changes into a three dimensional complex grid. I'm dressed completely in white and standing... barefoot.

||Made it home safely I see. Did you get my messages?||

"How could I not?"

|| I know you would.||

My white garbed form stepped forward. "Was all of that really necessary?"

|| I thought it would get your attention.|| said the Android as he proceeded to sit in an over. ||And I do enjoy gaining you attention in intruicut ways. You seem to enjoy that.||

My eyes narrow. "HOW could you possibly--"

|| I have read your menuscripts.||

I go to speak but am cut off quickly.

||Your systems may not be peneratible to most, but to me they're far too inferior. Your technology is useless.||

If that's so, I know he can easily corrupt any data I do have stored. That would be bad. I really don't need that.
Of course, if someone were to walk in the door, they'd probably just see me sitting in front of my console, starring blankly into space. "Why were you trying to get my attention?"

His cold form looked at me with a sideways glance. || I have come to make a proposal.||

My hands ball into fists at my side. "A proposal or a DEMAND?"

||A demand. I challenge you to a game. A... programming game. If you can outlast me, I will grant you your ability to walk again and not kill you.||

I'm silent for a long moment and watch as a circular platform below me lifts me up skyward to be more at an eye's level with him. "And if I loose?"

Brainiac's floating chair tilted and he raised his gloved hand. Images pop up, one by one.

Cassandra. Daddy. Tim. Bruce. Dick. Dinah. Helena.....me.

||They die.|| His chair turns back to me. ||So do you.||

My jaw tenses. "And if I refuse?"

He repeated. ||They die and so do you.|| If he could smile successfully, now would have been the time he would do it. ||Shall we?||

And of course, if Cassandra walked by or anyone for that matter, all they would see is my body, sitting in my chair, starring at the blank computer screen, in a trance, saying nothing.
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Nanotech at The Base [10 Apr 2006|03:16pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Cassandra's and our flight into the Golden State of California was more than pleasent.

Upon arriving and aquiring our rented car we stopped at a local pizza place and grabbed a bite to eat. "Barbara, who is this person we're seeing? I don't know anything about her...."

Taking another sip of my drink I proceeded to tell her. "She's an old friend of mine by the name of Zinda Blake. She's a fighter pilot-- or was. Still is, depending on how you look at it. Perhaps you've heard of the Blackhawks?

"She was part of the elite squad and happens to be the only female on the team. Now... she IS the remaining squad, but continues to serve when she's needed."

Cassandra only smiled and nodded. "Well if you trust her then I trust her. I look forward to meeting Zinda then. Try the slice with pine nuts! It's awesome."

We later made our way to our destination: March Airforce Bace and met up with Zinda, who was waiting for the two of us at the gate.

"Good of you to make it Barbara!" she smiled, giving a friendly wave.

She was fully dressed in inform. Jacket with the Blackhawk insignia on it as well as her pliot's cap with matching logo as well. She took notice to Cassandra and gave a wave to her as well. "You must be Cassandra. Barbara has told me a lot about you. It's such an honor to finally meet her protege."

She started walking forward, the heels of her shoes clicking on the pavement and motioned to the golf cart. "We'll get to the hangar a lot faster in this." She turned to me. "Need help, Barb?" She, of course, was making refernce to my chair.

"We've got it, Zinda, thank you."

It was pretty much customary for either Cassandra or Dinah to handle my chair. Other than those two, including daddy, I barely let anyone touch it as it is.

It didn't take us long before we made it to the hangar to the awaiting jet.

"Now it's as I told you, Barb. I don't know what the heck is going on with the aircraft but they keep resulting a jarbled mess of code when we turn the systems on. Some of the controls... well... I'll let you take a look at them."


I had to take a sample of one of the circuit boards from within Zinda's plane to try and run a diagnostic on it to see what's going on. I've been sitting in my hotel room, poking and proddting at the board, running the dignified tests I know how to run on it.

I finally get my systems to work well enough to a point to get part of the code to show up for more than a second.

....This looks familar...
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A Tired Dream of a Secret Society [25 Mar 2006|10:28pm]
[ mood | busy ]

After getting a chance to talk with Bruce as he stubbornly insisted to leave Mercy General's intensive care ward I realized my work was only just begining.

As soon as I got back to the clocktower, the joy of still having my legs to carry the rest of my body came to a quick hault.

I knew it was coming, though this time I wasn't I wasn't prepared.

I always push myself so hard -- just close enough to the breaking point so I get the job done.

It's a trait of the Bat-clan, I've noticed.

I'm just glad that I made it inside of my little computer sancurary before my legs decided to give out.

At least... I couldn't feel the pain anymore.

I once had a dream that somehow I came in possession of a Green Lantern ring....

Though, I'll save that for another time--

Bruce's theory on a "greater picture" definitly came into a clearer view than earlier today.

I recieved a random message by Mr. Julien Day himself, The Calendar Man.

More interested than enough, I responded back for sheer curisoity's sake. After all, according to my records, the man was pressumed to be dead.

I took the moment and asked him if he happened to hear anything regarding Nygma and Shiva.

"Personally, I've never met Lady Shiva. And as for the Riddler, the last I heard was that he joined that Secret Society of Super Villains. Lucky bastard....."


Our connection is now revealed. It makes sense now. Everything's tying together.

Kara commed me as well. Decided to give me a status report on her global patrol with The Boy Scout.

Seemed like smooth sailing.

"Oh-- And Oracle? I was wondering if you'd like to take the job as Chief of Secuirty and management at The Rec Center? We could sure use you..."

I almost declined, considering how everything seems to pile up on my plate. Still hestitant, I nodded and voiced back to a confirmation.

It wouldn't be too bad if I could moniter that place. It... could proove useful, actually.

I need to see if I can't get my a few more secuity camera's installed though...

I caught Cassandra by the arm as she strolled passed. "Shiva's still alive, you know... and... we have trouble."

She gave me a sideways glance with an extrememly puzzeled look on her face.

"With Bruce being so hurt as he is, he's not going to be able to do his job in the manner that he should." I handed back her uniform. "He's not going to approve of me giving this back to you, but I'll deal with that later. Even if he may not want to admit it, he NEEDS you. WE need you.

"This is only the begining and I need all my operatives... which means YOU."

She relucantly took hold of it, her fingertips rolling over the outline of the yellow bat emblem. "But...but that's not possible. I saw her, I was there. She wasn't breathing. blood was coming out of the back of her head...how could she be alive?" She turned away, her voice dipping lower. "Unless...NO." The realization hit her. "The lazareth pit potion. The stuff I gave you-- Oh GREAT. I messed up big time. Again."

I shook my head furiously "Don't blame yourself. There was no way of you knowing. Mistakes happen."

She stayed silent for a long moment before her eyes met mine once again "Please come with me to see him then?"

I nodded to her. "Of course." At least this way... I can give Him my findings in person.
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In Morning's Light [24 Mar 2006|05:47pm]
[ mood | drained ]

It's been two days since Bruce was placed into that med induced coma. It's been two days since I've basically had my computer... thank Hera for remote access. I don't know where I would be if I didn't have at least THAT.

I've been so restless the past few days. More worry and stress than anything. I found myself pacing around Bruce's hospital room for hours... I barely ate.

The nurses-- such sweet ladies, brought me some pizza last night because they've kind of noticed me not really leaving his room for anything but using the bathroom...

Even daddy's called me to check up on things. I made sure to call him and let him know what was going on when I first arrived here.

It's mid-day now and my legs have been hurting like hell. What a great time to enjoy walking again, right?

The tingling... the burning....

My mind is cursing... but I'm far too engaged in other thoughts to realize how badly it's really bothering me...

Sitting down again by his bedside, I once again slip my hand into his. I keep getting this hope that he'll squeeze it.... and just give me some sign that he's okay.

...but he doesn't.

Resting my head on the bed, I allow my hair to fall to shield my face and shut my eyes.

Just a nap.


Hours later, I can hear a rough voice push through my dream. "Barbara?....what day is it?"

Sounds a lot like--

I push myself to straighten up and notice his eyes are actually opened. "Bru-- Bruce??" My voice is jittery. How long has been awake? "It's Friday."

He's stirring.

"Try not to move, okay? I'll get a nurse."

"No, no nurse Friday..two days. Anyone close by?"

I know what that means.

Stubborn man.

Pulling myself from my hunched over posotion, I make sure to close the door and make a quick note of the situation outside of the room. "No.... why?" I make my way back over to him. "You're not planning to do something stupid, are you?"

" If you mean staying here...as soon as my head clears we're history. This is bigger than what you may know."

I shooko my head. "Bruce... can we just NOT go against medical orders for once? You were placed in a med induced COMA for Hera's sake." I lowed my voice a few octives,"WHAT happened?"

"How is Cassandra?"

"Stop ignoring my question."

"Shiva" He makes it an effort to swing his legs over the bed. Ever the adament one...

I stand again, wincing faintly and go to collect his clothes. I better help him... before he rebreaks anything...
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Game's Afoot [22 Mar 2006|02:34pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

I got a chance to update Bruce on our situation with Cassandra last nigth before he went on patrol.

He handed back Cassandra's uniform to me and in turn I put it someplace safe. It's not a permanent thing. I KNOW it's not going to be staying in storage for long. At least not until I can proove it.

Bruce's glance he gave me-- sent shivvers down my spine. "Cassandra did something which goes against everything I stand for. Remember Jason, remember Steph. I am pulled apart right now over another bad choice..another bad promotion. So I need to look at what has motivated me to make thiese choice...who am I helping?"

"You don't see what I'm seeing. I *know* Shiva and I know damn well you know her. She wouldn't let herself 'fall' like that."

He continued. "Right. But the motivation for Cass to take it to that level, to take a life--"

"Cassandra owed her debt to Shiva for her taking it to the next step to save me from death. Shiva wanted a death match. Of course, the match would have been seen as a sparring session to Shiva. Next to David Cain? She. Is. The Best. THE best. You're in the top three, respectfully, and Cassandra has earned her place high in the markings as well." I turned my head and muttered, "So has Deathstroke... " Speaking louder, I pressed on, "...Shiva took it on and saw it as a game and she invited Cassandra to play."

Making myway back over to my computer console I sat down, rubbing my legs. They've been starting to ache again. I keep getting these unsavory tingling sensations from time to time...

I have a feeling what's going to happen within the next few days...

I knew it was too good to last.

"Shiva's playing with Cassandra, Bruce. She's not dead. I've looked into this and have strong suspicions she's in contact with Riddler over something... This is right up his alley..."

I know I'm right in SOME form. And my small interrogation session with Riddler lead me nowhere. So Batman decided to call me on it, and see if he can't pry a few answers from him.

Sliding my comset back in place, I went back to manning my systems.

While he was busy on that... now seemed like a good time to check in on Nightwing.

.....haven't been able to get in touch with him for a while.

Something's not right...
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Decieving the Eyes [20 Mar 2006|11:08am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

New situations have been coming up fast at hand from the time of my last entry.

I have a feeling that Bruce didn't even bother with my letter. Nothing was said, nothing was brought up...

Should have known better.

I recieved a communication from one of my known 'Eyes' that tend to keep tabs on certain things within the city.

He was telling me he saw Nightwing..... or A Nightwing, taking a few blows at civillains with a swivel bladed dagger. The outcome was cause for fatalities...

Horray for things not making sense! /sarcasm

I've been trying to access the police reports and autopsy records on these vics.

And so far my results have been turining out to be a bit more interesting than orginally planned.

Ontop of everything, Cassandra finally woke up enough to the point to speak to let us know what happened with her and Shiva.

I.... guess the price for my life to be whole, was repayed with a fight to the death.

Now.... I know there's more to the story. I know Cass is good, but I also know Shiva's good-- if not great.

Cassandra says when she walked away, Shiva... wasn't moving.

I have reason to believe it's a ploy.

Shiva's too good and has such a sharp mind that she wouldn't allow herself to stay down.... at least fr long.

My guess is that this was done for stategy. Though, I'm not entirely sure what the game is supposed to consist of--



I need to consult someone... or rather harass them.

Delphi Alert!

For Bruce [18 Mar 2006|06:42pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

I'm not sure how all of this really came to surface... maybe it was when you and Cassandra were on stakeout and she came back to me saying that she saw you looking at an old picture of the two of us... together.

I have a feeling that's what pulled at my strings. Pulled up old emotions that once used to circle my mind constantly.

Being guilty of stilll looking back on images of happier times lets me long for that once more.

Long for you touch warm embrace... just even the conversation.

We've been nothing BUT business over the years. And that's completely fine, on some cases-- but it's as if you've forgotten.

You always push the ones you hold dear to you away. Being trained by you, I've learned to do that as well.

You trained me to be HARD. But of course, I've lived up to it. I don't ever back down, nor do you.

Though you seem to miss out on the HUMAN qualities. I think.... though the lot of our fighting. The arguments... the insane yelling matches of the two of us screaming in one another's faces is just a sign of tension.

Then again I could be wrong. But to explode over something so simple?

That's where my intire query comes to play.

It hurts me to see you so unhappy. It hurts all of us.

I guess what I'm wanting is to see you smile again. A real smile. Not one of those fake ones you're always so good at giving. A REAL one. Even if it's just for a moment.

I remember when your aura used to be relaxed and at ease... but the only thing I see now is tenseness and anger...... hositlity.

"Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart."

I never stopped caring about you. Even through the argumentiviness may have shown otherwise.

We're a lot alike and the understanding of one another has always been key.

In essence, I want our footseps to reverberate once more.

I'm tired of the games.

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Dreaming of Things Greater [18 Mar 2006|03:05am]
[ mood | cynical ]

The time that I finally did actually get a moment or ten to rest, I found myself dreaming of things past. In the particular dream that crossed my scope-- it involved me, Dick... Bruce.

In the jist of it, I guess Dick started acting strangely towards me. He started ignoring me and then disappearing. Finding it odd, I started telling all of my thoughts to Bruce over com while he was out on patrol. One thing, of course I really try to refrain from, because it's not professional, but then againt his was a dream--

Anyway, I guess Batman found it in his best itnerest to check in on things and look in on everything. It wasn't long before he found out what was really going on. He blew up in his face and shook his head. "I'm so dissappointed in you. How could you hurt Barbara like that??"

The next thing I know I see myself ontop of a roof overlooking the city. Watching the tiny specks of cars wiz by. I was sitting on the edge of the building, allowing my feet to dangle.

Batman came up behind me, with his cape billowing and sat behind me, wrapping himself and his cape around me. Trying to block the cold air. "You shouldn't be out here like this. It's cold."

For some reason before he showed up, I already knew of the information Bruce was going to tell me about. I lowered my eyes and spoke numbly. "I didn't notice."

He knew I was upset, dispite how I was choosing how to show it. He stood after a moment and reached down, scopping me up into his arms and we ended up inside of this building. This dark building with white walls. I remembered a stained glass mosaic in the background. I don't know exactly where we were though.

Pulling off his cowl, he turned to face me, placing his hands on my shoulders, giving me a sincere look. "I'm sorry."

I raised an eyebrow in curisoity. "Why are you sorry?"

"I shouldn't have let you go like I did. I knew that as soon as I did you'd get hurt. I was right."

Knowing what he was trying to say, my eyes welled up and wrapped my arms around his neck as he brought me closer.

"To be honest... I never turely let you go, Bruce."

Taking the moment he looked within my eyes and we kissed.... passionately, I might add. And then... I woke up.

Making my way over tot he computer I ended up sitting down in my usual place and went about my daily work for the morning. And who pops up in com?


I started thinking again about the times that we once had. Much... MUCH happier times.

He asked about any more word from Cassandra and I told him, negative.... but I did send Dinah after her.

After a moment of silence... I decided to tell him about the dream.

And strangely enough??

He actually LISTENED to me. And after I told him, he spoke: "You dreamt what I feel most of the time where you and I are concerned. I ..know..how you felt or maybe feel about me...about Dick... I know at some level you must know the guilt I feel over what happened to you. You were so glorious then...and i indulged you."

I shuddered in throught. "It wasn't your fault. It was a random act."

"I don't know quite how to bridge this next part of the dream....Barbara..If we go down this road it can effect ..things."

"I'm not sure what you mean by how it can "effect things." It WAS a dream Bruce..."

"Dreams reveal sub consious or repressed feelings and memories. My sensei told me, when I was very young, "Dreams are the very real world were we live uninhibited, pay attention to them for they reveal the secret parts of our desire." Do you still have feelings for me?"

I stayed silent for a long time after that. How could I respond to that?? I couldn't exactly LIE to the man. He'd know it... and he'd get pissed. Besides, lying wasn't my thing. "Yeah.... I do. They never dissipated..."

I could hear his breathing. "I know..we skirt this issue all the time. It's why we have what we have now."

"Maybe we should stop beating around the bush with the issue and bring it to surface. We're half doing that now. It.... might actually good for the both of us if we did. "Yes...."

Later that evening his face pops up on my screen.

Business as usual, I figure. And that's exactly what it was... until the subject of us is brought up.

And I, of course, did a grade A job of blowing it completely off....

Well, not completely....

I guess I do better writing my thoughts down versus actually speaking to him face to face...

Or.. rather, face-to-camera-to-moniter...?
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