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Memories Are Nice But That's All They Are...

But I refuse to forget them. No matter how painful they are.

The Lost Angel Of Destiny and Hope
4 December 1985
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I'm twenty. I tend to get depressed, but not anymore. I'm what most would call a hopeless romantic. Most of the time people misunderstand me, but you get used to it as time passes. To women I am a mysterious soul. I don't open up right away. If you want me to open up then you have be around me for a bit of time, because I have trouble trusting other people. Mainly because if the past I have suffered. So with me there is some time you need to think about if you want a relationship with me.

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Here's to my
first love and
in hopes she
finds happiness

Congrats! You're the Hero of Time! You have a strong sense of justice and go out of your way to right a wrong. You are very patient and treat everyone with respect...no matter how much they annoy you. It's obvious you can hold your own in a fight, but because of your quiet nature, people tend to underestimate you.

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Cloud And Aeris Is Lost Affection

Cloud x Aerith is Promised Love.

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Zack And Aeris Is Sacraficial Romance

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