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My... squad... leader... is... half... machina...

Cred! How is that possible?? I'd heard rumours, but... it's all... half of his body... machina...

How can he walk? Move? Fight? It's incredible! I want to know how it works. I will find out, too... oh yes. No matter how much he snarks at me and calls me an amateur. I've been fighting Yevonites since I could barely walk -- I know how to fight, and it's not about honour and chivalry. It's about defending your life and homeland, and I'll be damned if I start fighting like a pansy just because that's what the rules say.

...and I'm stuck with a Yevonite. Figures. Pycdyntc. He seems nice enough, until he makes a crack about forbidden machina, and then Yu Yevon himself comes down and smacks you in the ass.


I really, really, really would rather have nothing to do with Yevon if I could get away with it. Of course... that'd mean shacking up in Home for the rest of my life... and that'd suck. Big time. And then I'd lose out on the chance to tinker with a machina human body...

It's totally worth it. Heh.

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