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Skoal! Course it's skoal, s'got ice in it!

Breakfast at Tiffany's, That Touch of Mink, Fun in Alcapulco!

In a triangle with Dino and Elvis
26 June

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You Should Know

° I adore Dean Martin, John Wayne, and Elvis.
° I hotroll my hair every day, and I take a bubble bath every day with more bath salts et al than Bath and Body Works stocks.
° I want to live in Lucy's hotel room at the Beverly Palms Hotel when she and Ricky were in California in that same time era with the same great life. Or in an Elvis movie :) .
° I have taken my mission in life to be that I'm supposed to be on the front lines of bringing the glory of Old Hollywood back and getting rid of all the junk we have now. One day we'll wake up in 1950. Viva la Cary Grant, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Marylin Monroe, Maureen O'Hara, Elvis, and the Rat Pack!
° In addition to the afore mentioned, I want a family more than anything in the world.
° I go to Starbucks just about everyday.
° I think Raquel Welch was one of the prettiest girls to ever live, though, apparently, Jimmy Stewart had to correct her for autograph drama during the making of Bandolero! (that's Jimmy ;) ) (but she straightened up, naturally :) ).
° I adore Dean Martin.
° I have dark hair that goes down to the middle of my back, dark blue eyes, and a small build. I'm very often physically compared to Rita Hayworth, Michelle Carey, and Elvis Presley (my accent is also often compared to Elvis's...).
° I can't watch anything remotely scary, except Alfred Hitchcock. And I mean anything. I'm a baby about that sort of stuff.
° I'm a compulsive spender. Nothing is better than shopping with no abandon.
° I hardly eat anything, I live off coffee.
° I think Elvis was a brilliant actor. No matter how silly the plot or how bad the actors around him were in some of his movies, he's always wonderful. I could watch him all day.
° I adore Dean Martin.
° I'm a night owl.
° I'm a Summer baby, and I love that season best. I also love late Spring and Christmas.
° I'm terrified of bugs, and I've never had a pet.
° Since first grade, I've had to wear glasses/contacts.
° I'm very anti-feminism and pro-life. That's about all I'll mention remotely related to politics (and I think that's enough for you to get a picutre of what side I'm on...yes, I'm a Republican and I <3 George W. Bush) because I generally don't discuss it.
° I've gone to the tanning bed on a steady schedule for years, I even worked there once.
° I adore Dean Martin.
° Tennessee Ernie Ford is my third cousin :) .
° I can name each time I've been to church, but even so, I'm a Christian (and no, I'm not "one of those" just because I thought I should mention it lol ;) ).
° The Quiet Man is my favorite movie of all time, followed by El Dorado.
° John Wayne is my favorite actor, and Maureen O'Hara is my favorite actress. Westerns (as you just might have guessed) are my favorite movies, along with good comedies. Just take a look at my movie list down there and you'll see what I mean.
° I adore Dean Martin.
° I'm honestly not exaggerating when I say I like next to nothing from today. I hate today's dress (and I mean all dress--from the worst with the punks, goths, and thugs to the not as God-awful-but-still-hideous Abercrombies), I hate today's slang, I hate today's music, I hate today's movies, I hate today's "actors" and "singers", I hate today's hairstyles...the list goes on. The only modern things I'm even remotely interested in are Poker, Country music (though it's starting to slide in a big way), Big Brother (Janelle from BB6, I'm convinced, is my long-lost sister), South Park, Everybody Loves Raymond, and The Secret Show. So, obviously, I just pretend it's 1954 with computers and Tivo and I'm happy :D .
° You don't know what funny is if you don't laugh at Kiss Me, Stupid, Young Frankenstein, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and both The Cannonball Run movies. There are a lot of movies that are different kinds of funny, but those movies up there show who really has a good sense of funny.
° Nobody sings better than Elvis and Dean Martin. Period.
° I love to watch cartoons. I mean, I love to watch Looney Tunes.
° I have a ton of Irish in me, and it does come out often. There's some Italian in there, too.
° Quite often, friends have suggested my theme song be "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee".
° I'm a touchy-feely person. I have to have whoever I'm talking to look at me, I generally have to have a hand on them, and I hug all the time.
° Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Abbott & Costello, Martin & Lewis, and Red Skelton are funny. That's real comedy, and they don't need to rely on cheap, low-class junk to be funny.
° I adore Dean Martin.
° Class and good manners are extremely important to me. I don't even converse lightly with guys that have no class. But now don't take that to mean I like stuffy guys--I like fellas to have the Southern Manners of Elvis, the Confidence of Frank Sinatra, the Toughness of John Wayne, the Charm of Cary Grant, and everything about Dean I can't try to pin down in one word...
° Getting back to being classy doesn't fall soley on the fellas. I think ladies these days have a long way to go to learning how to be smart and sexy without being man-hating and smutty. Watch TCM, AMC, and TVLand all day to see what I mean :) .
° Cowboys are wonderful :) .
° I just adore playing softball, though I never get to anymore. I've played ball since I was just a little thing, and I also started cheering when I was four (though I quit after my freshman year in high school). I've also taken lots of dance and done a lot of singing/performing.
° Most people would say I'm a very calm, collected person. I ain't so very deep, so don't expect anytihng too emotional when you read my posts ;) .
° I love to read Shakespeare, particularly Hamlet. English is always my best subject (along with History and artsy classes). Of any of my scholar awards, I'm most proud of my Home Ec award :) .
° I'm a bit of a clutz sometimes.
° I adore, adore, adore Dean Martin. He's my all time favorite man, and I love everything he does. He's just...*dreamy sigh*.
Actors: John Wayne, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Robert Mitchum, Jimmy Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Clark Gable, Peter Lawford, James Cagney, Bing Crosby, George Raft, Rock Hudson, Gene Kelly, Red Skelton, Jack Benny, George Burns, Desi Arnaz

Actresses: Maureen O'Hara, Jane Russell, Ginger Rogers, Lucille Ball, Doris Day, Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Shirley MacLaine, Ursula Andress, Kim Novak, Janet Leigh, Rita Hayworth, Katharine Hepburn

Directors/Producers: John Ford, Howard Hawks, John Wayne, Henry Hathaway, Frank Capra, Hal Wallis, Norman Taurog, Mel Gibson, Desi Arnaz

Male Singers: Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby, Rick Nelson, Johnny Cash, Desi Arnaz, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Perry Como

Female Singers: Sara Evans, Doris Day, Peggy Lee, Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, Ella Fitzgerald

Music Genres: Swing, Easy Listening, Big Band, Jazz, Lounge, Early rock 'n' roll, Country (though it's turning into junk now, too)

TV Shows: I Love Lucy, The Dean Martin Show, The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, The Colgate Comedy Hour: Martin & Lewis, Celebrity Golf, What's My Line?, I've Got A Secret, Looney Tunes, Toon Heads, Big Brother, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, Hannity's America, High Stakes Poker

Books/Writers: William Shakespeare, The Virginian, The Harry Potter Series, The Nancy Drew Series, Harry Brown, Dean & Me: A Love Story

Sports: The National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (Rusty Wallace, the Labontes, Michael Waltrip), Baseball (Braves), Softball/Baseball

Hobbies: Singing, Acting, Making people laugh, Watching old movies, Listening to albums, Cooking, Shopping/Spending, Girly pampering things like manicures, Working out, Chatting, Reading, Changing the whole world

Colors: Pink, Red, Blue (Teal) & Brown

Seasons: Christmas, Summer, Spring

Flowers: Roses

Clothes: Anything that looks girly and insanely straight out of the 40's-early 60's, Dresses and Skirts, PJs

Fragrance: "Creme Brulee" Dessert Treats by Jessica Simpson, "Frosting Forever","Sensual Amber", "Warm Vanilla Sugar", "Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri", "Tropical Pina Colada/Island Coconut" (all from Bath and Body Works), "Chantily", "Lady Stetson", ("Woodhue", and "Stetson" for men)

Stores: Ebay for vintage clothes, posters, and oddities, Bath and Body, Amazon.com, Target, Wal Mart

Drinks: White Chocolate Mocha Frappucino (or hot), Cafe Vanilla Frappucino, Coffee Frappucino, Cinnamon Dulce Frappucino, and Java Chip Light Frapuccino from Starbucks, International Coffees Italian Cappucino and Swiss White Mocha, Skim Milk, Sprite, Strawberry Bacardi, Strawberry Vodka Martinis

Foods/Restaurants: Starbucks, Olive Garden, Johnny Brusco's. No oriental or seafood ever

Qualities in Men: Charm, Chivalry, "Magical Spark", Traditional male role, Deep brown eyes, Full head of dark hair (complete with pomade), Crazy sense of humor, Emotion within, Strength (different types), Loyalty, Responsibility, Cowboy, Spirituality, Big kid inside, Ambition, Opening doors for girls, Saying yes/no ma'am/sir, Serious love of my sort of music and movies etc., Warmth, Honesty, Eccentricity
Not Into
I can't stand mentioning something I like to someone and them saying they don't like it without any tact or making fun of it I don't like negative people, liars, phonies, or the people today that go along with whatever there is to go along with. I also don't like people today who say they're not going along with the mainstream and dye their hair pink etc.. Newsflash to those people: You're not rebeling! You're just digusting and utterly stupid! I like to see someone defending what they believe to be right, or people that may stay quiet about, but at least hold some core values they believe in strongly. A few times I've found myself commenting in journals and not getting comments back. As small as that may seem, it really, really annoys me. That's probably an important thing to know before you friend me. I cringe when people make noise when they chew or bite their nails. I don't like Pop from the 80's/90's/Today, Rap, Modern rock, Punk, or Metal, Anime, Cop shows, Most modern movies, music, dress, hairstyles, speech, behavior, etc., or Oriental things (except some clothes). I hope you're picking up by now that I really, really try to prentend it's the 40's or 50's lol. The following are some turn-offs for me: Eyeliner, Baggy pants, Huge Muscles (I like nice muscles like on John Wayne and Dean Martin), Sissies, Normalcy, Immaturity, Disrespect (like calling girls "bitch" or "ho" as a term of endearment), Highlighted/colored hair, Body piercing, Tattoos, Modern "pretty boys", Thugs/ganstas, Punks, Phoniness, Ignorance, Laziness (unless of course he's rich, then it's not laziness if he wants to lounge around by his huge pool all day because he's got the right to laze ;) ). I don't like anything about modern dress for men, or how accepted behavior for men (or women, for that matter) has evolved. It used to be cute to be a little dirty, to be cheeky, and Elvis was outrageously vulgar (and he didn't even mean to be!). These days if you're just a little dirty and cheeky, you're a goody goody. In my little world, it's 1950 and I accept only that era's attitudes from the opposite sex. I am vain about looks on a man, but I find "physical character" to be attractive, and I don't like perfection in the way a man looks (by today's standards, anyway). Most men today disgust me physically (and otherwise). It's called pomade, fellas! And, let's say it together: fedora! There are also lovely people, my boys, that make little pamphlets on how to tie bow ties and ties. Oh! And there are these great things called belts...
From Marie:
If you could trade places with anyone in the world right now who would you trade with and why? Hm, anyone in the world right now, currently... Probably Marueen O'Hara because she was John Wayne's favorite lady and she still looks great, and then Barabara Eden because she was on Dino's show and in a movie with Elvis, not to mention she's always been gorgeous.
If you could go back in time and change one thing in history what would it be? The Kennedy assassination because that would have saved a lot of lives I believe--it also marked end of an era :(. I believe JFK would have handled Vietname so that it would have served the right purpose as he'd inteded it to. I love his containment policy, and I wish he'd been around to see it through. I'd also do something about "working mothers" and feminism and all that getting started because I believe that lead to all the problems we have with popular culture today.
What time period would you love to live in and why? The late 30's to the mid 60's because I love everything from that time--the music, the movies, the people, just everything. Being born in the 20's would be great.
If you could make and star in a movie right now, what would the movie be about and who would you want to play/star as your leading man? I love this question! Well, it'd probably be set around 1954 and be a comedy/western. As for what it'd be about, I'd want a John Wayne sort of story in it, like his best westerns with a lot of funny stuff thrown in :) . I'd want John Wayne in it, but I'd want Dean to be *my* leading man. Oo, and put Elvis in there somewhere! Romantic comedy western! XD
Who would you want to do the music score for your film and why? Another fantastic question :D . I'd want to sing in it and of course Dean and Elvis, and I'd want Nelson Riddle handle everything. I sure as hell wouldn't let Col. Parker do anything even if Elvis is in the movie!
What song, do you just LOVE to sing out loud to? Anything of Elvis's and "Just in Time" by Dean, anything jazzy (especially by Dean), belting things out with Frank, or Doris Day or Peggy Lee. I just love singing blues and jazz, and crooning and belting stuff out.

From Whitney:
What about you has most changed: I've learned to just be fabulous, darling.
What has shaped you the most: Classic movies and songs have always been a huge part of my life.
What inspires you: Love. The people I have a great affection for inspire me, from my mother to Dean Martin. I also find great comfort and strength from my Christian spirituality (even though I don't go to church).
What's the greatest lesson you have learned: To let God guide you and just relax and live. I also have learned how important dreams are and what they mean to your personality.
What do you most connect with: Things have a "spirit" about them. It can be the spirit of a movie or song or just about anything. I connect with anything from John Wayne movies to Elvis to books to an album to God like that.
What touches your heart: Spritual songs or movies or stories, Self sacrifice, and Tue Love.
What is your lifelong dream: To be happily married, a wonderful mother, and achieve a fame like that of the what I call the "glory days" of the 30's, 40's, 50's, and early 60's, when we had real movie stars and revolutionary singers.
What wish do you have for yourself: To achieve whatever I dream of and make everyone around me that I love happy.
What wish do you have for others: The ability to see the bigger picture around them, to love someone and be loved, and to be comforatable.
Who has touched your life the most: My mother.
Who can you never forget: My family.
What do you want to be remembered for: Being a good person, mother, and wife, being warm, being funny, being noble (or attempting it), and for rendering something new and loving to the world that people enjoy.
What's your greatest accomplishment: Being myself. That may not seem like much, but if you step back and examine it, I think it's something.

From Pynki:
Fondest memory: Summer softball games, watching NASCAR qualifying, Christmases, watching movies with my mommy.
What song do you listen to when you're pissed: Frankie.
What song do you listen to when you're depressed: Nothing really.
What song do you listen to when you're happy: Dean.
What song do you listen to when you're excited: Elvis.
Where do you see yourself in like 10 years: Married, a mother, famous.
What has been your greatest inspiration: My movies, My religion, Art, Love.
Who is your hero: Jane Russell, Maureen O'Hara, Lucille Ball, Dean Martin, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Marilyn Monroe, Bugs Bunny (lol), Frank Sinatra, my mommy.
What is the ideal carpet colour: Cream-colored shag.
Simon or Garfunkel? Neither?...
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For those of us that refuse to live outside of Old Hollywood.

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The color bar consists of Frank Sinatra, Ricky Nelson, John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Robert Mitchum, Jimmy Stewart, & Cary Grant.

I claimed Sean Thornton (John Wayne, The Quite Man),

Dino (Dean Martin, Kiss Me, Stupid),

Lucky Jackson (Elvis Presley, Viva Las Vegas),

Danny Ocean (Frank Sinatra, Ocean's 11),

Tom Elder (Dean Martin, The Sons of Katie Elder),

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