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Dean on O'Reilly!!!

OMG I'm gonna EXPLODE!!!!!! Every Friday, for those of you who don't know, Bill O'Reilly ("The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News) has a TV Icon cos he's awesome that way and does classic TV because he knows it's awesome (lmao I am SO HYPER can you tell???), and on Tuesday he does a "Culture Quiz" and it's usually always awesome and this week was John Wayne Culture Quiz so it was SUPER AWESOME but OMG OMG OMG his TV Icon for this week I just saw was DEAN and OMG it was AMAZINGLY SUPER AWESOME TIMES TWENTY THREE!!! He interviewed Deanna about Dean and the Roasts and all the other amazing celebraties on there and OOOMG I was so surprised like a surprise party were you get a BMW and a million dollars because it's always a surprise (so, I just had Dean sprung on me, with Ronnie Reagan, and then Sean Hannity came on and showed some George W. clips so I could just freakin' SCREAMMMM because the four of them make me believe in polygamy!!!). UNFORTUNATELY, I couldn't tell everyone to tune in cos it's always a suprise, but, if you weren't watching The Factor of FNC, watch at 5AM est!


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