In a triangle with Dino and Elvis (_thatsamore) wrote,
In a triangle with Dino and Elvis

This journal is for pallies only. If you like to hear rambles about Dean Martin, the Rat Pack, Elvis, John Wayne, Ricky Nelson, Old Hollywood, My Mission to bring Old Hollywood back, and lovely events of my day-to-day, you'll probably like it here.

I like to comment on all my friends' journals, and I like that in return--if you're bad at keeping up with your hats and cats, you probably don't want to friend me. If you'd like to add me, please reply to this entry and let me know you've added me or I may miss it.

We keep it laid back and fun here, no drama and no huge rants (other than those pining for the 1950's), so if you're hip to that, join in and swing.

Love Always
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