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    I got a motherfuckin' 100% on my motherfuckin' research paper! YESSSSS! I wrote that thing in about 6 hours--an eight page paper on the Florida Consent Decree and I pwned it. PWNED IT! From what I can tell I got the highest grade in the class; everyone seemed to have gotten low A's, B's, and C's. I'm so happy! I kept doing only so-so in all my G.E.P. classes, but now that I'm in classes related to my major and the focus is more on theory and laws and papers and not friggin' multiple choice on random shit I'm doing 20x better. It's just exciting after all those B's and barely made A's in my G.E.P. courses. And yes, I know Elementary Edu. isn't the hardest major so it's not like I got a 100% on like a massive physics paper, but I'm proud all the same.

    Now that the good news is out of the way I shall commence to whining post haste! I'm sick and it's lame. LAME. It's not that bad or anything; it's primarily a head cold. All the same, I feel icky. I have quite the runny nose and I feel achy and tired and my jaw constantly aches *insert too many bj jokes here,* but I don't want to go to the doctor just yet cause he's just going to put me on antibiotics which would help of course, but it costs money and I don't think a head cold is a good enough reason for me to go over-budget this month, lol.

    Back to good news! Juliana and I signed our lease for next year and I'm super excited. We signed up for Pegasus Pointe which is an off-campus UCF affiliated apartment complex and the place looks great. I am taking it with a grain of salt though--I've heard quite a few complaints about the place so we'll see how it turns out. We got a 2 br/ba place and it's in phase one which means it's toward the front so there OUGHT to be less crime, lol. The main complaint I've heard is that it's impossible for people to stay under their electricity cap so they go over and have to pay extra money every month. I'm not sure if this will be a problem for Juliana and I since we'll be living in a 2br. The 2brs get a $105 electricity cap per month and both of us are used to trying to keep it less than that at home, so we'll see. Most of the people I've spoken to live in a 4 br place and they only get a $130 for FOUR people so I can see how it'd be much harder for them to stay under. When looking around we didn't really see any better 2 br, furnished places so this is pretty much it anyways. We'll see how it goes. For now Imma be optimistic and excited!

    Other than that nothing much is going on. Been doing well in school and enjoying my classes, dreading summer, procrastinating on some stuff, etc. You know, the usual. And yeah, that's about it.

'ello again

Womp, womp, womp.

The Good:
  • Weekend is almost here which = lots of sleep!
  • Greg visit + Wonderworks this Saturday.
  • Visiting Mommers next weekend.
  • Didn't bomb latest physics test after all. Mayhaps even pwned it. Booyah!
  • Universal Halloween Horror Nights = Oct. 21 w/ UCF discount.
  • AVID tutoring at Discovery Middle was fun.
  • No one/thing has died. Yet.
  • Excited about my future, feel ambitious, etc.
  • I actually want to read all of my edu textbook.
  • Finally found a group for my Art class project.
  • I'm funna kill my Stats test next Monday. KILL.
  • I am ridiculously good at sticking to my crazy budget.
  • Teeth/jaw seem less achey lately.
  • James. <3
The (semi) Bad:
  • Physics lab at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow cause my dumb ass swapped the 10:30 one.
  • Wonderworks' ticket cost $20.
  • Seven hour round trip from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale next weekend.
  • Had a mild panic attack Tuesday about physics test on the 3rd. Crammed for about 3-4 hours.
  • UCF's horror night is on a Sunday. Ghey.
  • I have trouble hiding my disdain. I've never been a good liar. =/
  • My art project dealie is due on the 11th and no one seems to want to get together to work on it. Awesome.
  • Making $25 a month for gas last is incredibly hard. Esp. when you have to drive all around town to volunteer 2-3 times a week.
  • Have to look into Nova's dental program/prices due to lack of insurance. May have cavities. =/
  • Class in 15 minutes.
The Rest:
  •  I've gotta pee "leik whoaaaa."
  • I find almost everything on "The (semi) Bad list" amusing on some level or another.
  • Sugarcult just came on randomly on my itunes. Oh, the old days.
  • I srsly gotta pee.
  • I need to go buy shaved ham from the deli.
  • And toothpicks apparently.
  • This is the first time I've ever used bullets in el jay; it's fun!
  • That ^ is kinda sad.
  • Eh, I'm going to get ready for class already.


These past few weeks haven't been too fun. I have some annoying extra task to do every day, even my days off, and it's driving me nuts.  It seems like nothing will ever get done or if it does it won't be finished properly. It's a bit overwhelming. I'm starting to get excited about sophomore year though. I view it as a means of escape, lol. That'll probably be overwhelming too though, especially since I'll have two art classes in one semester, which will be very project laden. At least art is fun and not a bunch of forms and phone calls I'm obligated to fill out and make. It'll be a nice overwhelmed? Meh. I think I'll enjoy that brand of hectic much more than the one I've currently got. 
Anywho, my phone is a dumb bitch! Mariaz sent me a text on the 14th and I got it yesterday. WTF?! Forgive my dumb bitch phone Mariaz! I still wanna hang out. Don't let my cell stand in the way! =(  

Other than that, life is pretty blah. I work, I sleep, I see James once a week (sometimes twice), and I do a bunch of paperwork and make annoying phone calls. Blergh. My car is now officially in my name though, so that's kinda nice. Even though I bought my car all on my own and such two or so years ago I had to put it in my Gma's name to save money on insurance (I didn't wanna pay an extra 300 a year, lol), but now my rates and such have gone down since Im older and have never been in an actual accident or gotten any tickets. Thus, I was able to afford the switch and am now building credit. Woohoo? 

Anddddd that's about all I care to share folks!

<(^-^ <)
<( ^-^ )>
(> ^-^)>
^( ^-^ )^


I finished "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows"/ The Harry Potter Series at exactly 9:47 this morning.
Booyah, bitches!

I wanted to read it before it was spoiled for me, plus reading it in one big swoop keeps the excitement going and makes it all the more dramatic. Even if it does take nine hours, lawlz. That, and I don't sleep well if I'm worried about stuff, so I wanted to get it out of the way. BUT I SHALL BE REREADING SOONISH. Because it was amazing. Plus it marks the end of my childhood, so it deserves more than just one read. 

I am both content and mildly sad that it's all over. 


I am a very tired lady. I barely got any sleep last night. I kept subconsciously worrying about whether or not I was gonna wake up in time for my doctors appointment so for some reason I had a bunch of dreams about Severus Snape and I setting people up and then going to the dentist together. I think my love of all things HP, Alan Rickman, and snarky/sarcastic has gone too far. Way, way too far. Canon Snape = not sexy. Fanon/dream Snape = sex on legs. Not cool.

I have the hiccups like whoa lately. It's ridiculous. Actually, I think I'm falling apart, lol. My jaw hurts and feels all tmj-ish, I've gots a head cold, and my sugar levels are way low again so hello migraine and upset stomach city. Goddamn you hypoglycemia. Damn you hard. I am of course amused by all this though, cause frankly everything amuses me on some level or another. My whiney periods are never too intense or long, or even completely serious. I lack angst. I think I spent it all up junior year. Fuck, I was a whiney bitch then. I apologize to you all. 

Anywho, I had a test today, which I know you were all dying to know. I gots an 87. Meh. Luckily that's the lowest I've gotten so far, so it's not too big of a deal. Me + College Algebra = A. Well, for now. We're about to hit logs, and if I remember correctly I fucking hate logs! Then again, that was almost three years ago, so mayhaps we can strike up a decent relationships this time round. I want to keep my A! I kinda like BCC tho. I think it's gotten a bad rap. The classes are a nice size, the professors are very, very helpful, and the campus is pretty nice. I mean, I have no intention of transferring or anything, but I've lost my disdain for all things associated with BCC. I was one of those people who thought that if you couldnt get into a state university you just went to BCC. This is still true to an extent, but not for all of the students. Many are just saving some money for now, and will go later. It's a good starter school.

I work tomorrow. 1 - 10. Oi. Oh well, money is money, and after I pay off my car insurance imma need it. I like having a savings account, so if I have to work and do stuff that sucks to make sure I don't have to freak out every time I have to pay for something so be it. A necessary evil if you will. 

Speaking of evil--my anniversary is June 14th! W00tsauce!

Imma nap now.

So, this summer may not be so bad after all. I apparently might be getting that Publix job after all. Supposedly, when James' mom was there earlier today she was talking to her manager friend and she mentioned that I applied and supposedly she (the manager friend) called over the hiring manager who then wrote down my name and said he'd give me a call. Supposedly, he was very  grateful for the info and seemed "very interested." In normal land, this would mean that he'll be calling me soon, but large corporations don't live in normal land, lol. He may have just been acting nice or thinking it was some form of customer servie and have no real intention of calling me at all. Either way, I'm hoping that he does call and that I do get the job after all. It's not the greatest feat in the world but I am one hell of a kickass cashier. If he doesn't I'll just bug him until he does hire me, lol. ;p

Also, my nineteenth birfday is gonna kickass. Well, my birfday, birfday won't really since it'll be on a wednesday and I'll have my goddamn college algebra class in davie, but the 18th will be awesome. James and I are going on the Jungle Queen which in my high and holy opinion is the best thing EVER in South Florida. Ever. It's this old fashioned double decker ferryboat that gives three hour cruises up (and down) the intercoastal. It combines my love of water, boats, south florida, and really tacky tour guides all in one. Happyhappyjoyjoy! I feel like such an oldie; ferryboats excite me. Anywho, the one year anniversary is shortly after that (June 14th) and we're going to the Cheesecake Factory. I've never been there so I think it's a big deal, lol. Truthfully,a ride on the jungle queen and a dinner at the cheesecake factory a month later shouldn't cause so much excitement but...it does. I'm not too hard to please.

Other than that life is boringish. I spend a lot of time at the Hamilton's and drive around/going to class. Driving back and forth from Davie is amazingly fun. I love i-95. I hate rollercoasters and stuff like that but man do I love driving fast and going on those crazy ass ramps that are like over 100 feet in the air. I am the complete opposite of the azn. Class is boring though. I was totally thrown for a loop when he threw quadratic equations at us, lol. I haven't seen one of those babies since tenth grade! It's not hard stuff or anything, it's just kind of overwhelming at some points cause it's around 3 sections in two hours and it's all of stuff you know but kinda sorta don't remember, lol. Oh well; Imma just have to practice alot. Funny random fact: I totally forgot how to FOIL for like a good five minutes. I just kept staring at the board all "wtf" and then BAM I got it. It was both a sad and hilarious moment in my life. 

Btw, I have insomnia.
My stats final went well. I'm glad. In fact, it's a huge fucking load off my back, lol. I'm 99.99999999% sure I've passed the class. I leave that .000000001 out just because I think it's best to be wary. Anyways, that's the only class I was worried about finals wise. I only have my micro-econ and humanistic traditions exams left. My micro-econ one should be fine; he makes fair exams. As long as you read you're good. Humanistic traditions is a joke, lol. It's just some essay. It's my last exam; it's gonna be sweet. So, so easy. IT MAKES ME HAPPY!

Oh, so I probably should put this out there on good ol' el jay; I'm an elementary education major now. I feel really dumb annoucing this cause, well, it's my second major change. Anyways, it was my original major choice but at the end of senior year I decided I wanted to be a comm. disorders major instead. BUT around 2nd semester of freshman year I found out ZOMFG, I'D SUCK AT THAT! So I changed it to digital media. That lasted for exactly two weeks, lol. It'd be cool, but long term wise it's not for me. Now I'm back to square one. I'm happy with it. I shan't be changing it again. Don't worry; this is it, lol. I'd be too mortified to ever change it again. I hate constant major-changers. >.<

Going home soon. It's bittersweet. Home = hot. There's no a/c at my house, just lots and lots of fans. We're old school man. We got our first dvd player like last christmas. Did I mention I live with my Grandma? Cause I do, and well, It pretty much explains it all. Anyways, there's that plus a 56k internet connection, having to work all summer, and possibly take a summer class at BCC (which I'm not positive if I'm doing yet). I might not need to after all! It makes me happy, lol. Anywho, I am glad in some respects though--stats will FINALLY be over, I'll have my car back, I'll have privacy (no offense azn!) and my big bed. That will be nice.

I guess that's it. I can't think of anything else to say. :(



I is on an el jay kick

Today was a suprisingly good day. Got lotsa sleep, finished reading my latest novel, hung out with Ricky, saw "300" and hung out with Ricky some more. I liked "300" in that "I know it's stupid and overdone but still funny" in a not intentional sort of way. I enjoyed it despite it's amazingly stupid sex scenes. It was entertaining. Now anytime I ride anything--pony, bike, etc. Imma scream "SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" and bare all my teeth and stuff just cause I can. The idea makes me really, really happy. I'm srsly loling right now. James didn't like it, but I love him anyways.
OR DO I?!??!?

Anywho, James and I hung out with Ricky for a total of about 5 hours today. It was a lot of fun. I like Ricky alot; I'm sorry I never got to know him in high school. He's a good guy that one. And his fridge is filled like whoa! I was jealous. :( SO much yummy stuff.
But yeah, I'm tired, but I feel like I won't be able to sleep. So, I'm putting it off basically. I wish I had soemthing to read. :( ANY SUGGESTION SLUTHO? You always read good stuff back in the day.

I like puppies.