Tenten (_tenten) wrote,

Back from Cloud. In the hospital. Bring me cookies.

So, apparently, our team was just used as players in an international chess game between Tsunade-sama and the Raikage. Neji was LIVID and I can't say that I was happy about it either, but I was just relieved that we didn't get into more trouble. Raikage-sama was so understanding about the scroll that I accidentally destroyed. He took one look at Shizune-san's To Do list (I have to say, it was one of my more ingenious ideas), and laughed. He said he had a sneaking suspicion that Tsunade-sama was about to checkmate, and it wouldn't do to lose to the world's most infamous loser. He sent us back with a scroll that said that he accidentally knocked over his board, and could they please start over?

I kind of liked the Raikage.

Then, on the way home, while Neji and I were keeping watch... things... were asked... concerning a certain... Sand ninja. I was confused... and surprised... and before I knew it, I slipped off the branch and out of the tree. It was SO embarrassing... oh my god... he had to jump OUT of the tree and catch me... and he broke my fall.

His shoulder was injured and I had to heal it the best that I could... but I'm no Tsunade-sama. We went right to the hospital after getting back to Konoha, but I don't think he's 100%... and it's all my fault.

But why did he ask me... what he asked me? *blushblush* I don't understand him sometimes...

And THEN I finally get home to find a note from my father saying that he's gone to Waterfall to negotiate with some of the steel dealers over there. He's going to be there for two weeks, leaving me in charge of the shop. I took a look at the orders and nearly fell over -- I'm already a WEEK BEHIND. I got started on sharpening some newly forged kunai when Ino came strolling in through the front door. She looked so thin and ragged, and her hair was... well. SHORT.

So we got to talking. Apparently she's been training with Ibiki-san, and he cut her hair off! What a lunatic. And then I told her a bit about my mission, and OH MY GOD, JUST AS I WAS SHARPENING A WHOLE BOX OF KUNAI, SHE DROPS THIS ON ME:

"Well... there was some problems... Shikamaru was talking to some girl-- OKAY I SAW SHIKAMARU'S PENIS AND IT WAS THIIIIS BIG."


I dropped the entire box of kunai on my foot. One kunai struck my little toe, and there was blood EVERYWHERE. I think I passed out, because the next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital, a medic and Ino hanging over me. They said that there was no permanent nerve damage, but I HAD almost taken my toe off.

And now I have to be on crutches for two weeks.

And what is going ON at this hospital? I have never SEEN so many people... and it smells AWFUL. Did the ramen shop serve bad ramen or something?

I can't believe I, KONOHA'S NUMBER ONE WEAPON'S EXPERT, am now on CRUTCHES for dropping a KUNAI on my foot. HOW EMBARRASSING. I think that Ino told the medic I got into a fight or something, BUT I KNOW THE TRUTH.

I really don't think things can get any worse

Seeing as I'm in the hospital at the moment, I think we'll have to postpone our little chat. Unless you want to stop by the hospital... I'll be here for two days, I think.

I think I know what you want to talk about... but come anyway, okay?



Okay guys, this is your cue to gossip all about what happened to Tenten. Make up CRAZY SHIT, like, "I heard Tenten fought __________." Suggestions include: A fire-breathing dragon, the Akatsuki, Orochimaru, Temari, bandits, robbers, arsonists, etc etc. The crazier the better~!

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