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The heart has its reasons... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[05 Jan 2006|11:49pm]
I haven't updated this thing in forever, but I have been seriously busy lately, so I think I can be forgiven. I've been training really hard with Genma-sensei, taking lower class missions here and there, and getting used to having Ino back (meaning I hear, "I almost died" at least three times a day, sometimes more.) It's really nice living away from the prying eyes of my father, but since he's really just around the corner, I don't know how long it's going to be before he notices that Lee is living in a tent in our living room.

On the plus side, having someone of the male persuasion here means that Ino can no longer frolic around the apartment in her underwear.


I have to go pick up a few things at the market -- Lee, Ino, do you two need anything in particular? And no, Lee, I will not feed the squirrels. They sleep and eat outside.

(And didn't you bring a futon? Is the tent really necessary?)
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[28 Nov 2005|01:14am]
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The apartment is much nicer with two people in it. Our little ghost is dying to return to her role as dutiful hostess, I'm sure, so anyone is free to stop by whenever they have the chance. Bring food. Please. Ino is still too weak to cook and she doesn't let me near the stove.
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[19 Nov 2005|11:18am]
Life is precious and fleeting, but for those left behind, it goes on.

Sakura, I have something for you. When you have a chance, stop by my new apartment across the street from the weapons shop.

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[12 Nov 2005|04:38pm]
So we're back from the hot springs. All in all, not a terrible mission though not one I would volunteer to go on again, thanks. I did spend some time training with Lee and perfecting my new technique, which brought me to the conclusion that I am totally awful in taijutsu. How did this happen? I know Lee is a genius and everything, but it was embarrassing to spar with him. Even though I eventually want to take the jounin exam with a specialty in weapons and explosives, I'm never even going to last the first round with taijutsu like this.

Two steps back.

Genma-sensei, I hope you didn't miss me too much. I bet Shizune-san sufficiently distracted you, right? Training tomorrow? I want to show you the technique I just finished developing and talk to you about the special jounin exam. I need to know exactly what I'm training for.

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[04 Nov 2005|03:21pm]
We're finishing up the repairs on the inn. After the first disastrous day, we seem to really be working well together. Shizune-san would be proud, I think.

I know we weren't supposed to be doing any strenuous training, but yesterday I finished writing up a scroll for a technique that I wanted to try out, so I made my way out to a spot by the hot springs after sundown to try it out. I suppose I have to thank Temari for my newest technique -- using chains enhanced with chakra to bind my opponents during a battle. Just think -- if I could have immobilized her and that ridiculous fan, I wouldn't have gone down in two and a half seconds at the chuunin exams.

I'm pretty damn proud of myself, actually. I can't wait to show Genma-sensei.

Though I did feel something weird while I was out there... it would be so cool if the inn was really haunted. Right, Ino?

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[01 Nov 2005|07:53am]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Where is everyone? You guys can't still be doing work. Come outside by the fire for marshmallows and ghost stories. Don't worry, our illustrious team leaders -- we'll finish up the work tomorrow. A little fun never killed anyone, right?

(And Ino, I'm really sorry about the whole blowing-up-the-kitchen incident. I really thought that explosive powder was sugar. I hope you're not too angry with me.)

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[09 Oct 2005|02:04pm]
A note of caution: do not believe any rumors you may hear about me, especially if you hear them from a spandex-clad man with a love for turtles. Okay? Okay.

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[07 Oct 2005|01:18pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

I had a really nice night last night.

That's all I care to say at the moment.

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[01 Oct 2005|05:22pm]
So. Many of you may have been wondering what I've been doing in the days after Ino's party. You may even be wondering why I've been working with Temari to rebuild the ramen shop after the freak accident that razed it to the ground. To ease everyone's concerns: I am fine. Temari and I agreed to spar and there was a little accident. No one, not even the weasel, was harmed.

The fight, I am proud to say, was a lot closer this time. I was gaining ground on her (and had summoned over a dozen explosives from the scrolls) until we blew up the ramen shop.

Shizune-san, who I have to admit looks to be in great sprits lately and I bet it's due to a certain sensei of mine, charged that Temari was not to be allowed to return to Sand and I wasn't to be allowed to take any missions until we worked together to rebuild the shop. Neither Temari nor I were very thrilled at this prospect, but so far, we've got at least half of the shop rebuilt. And I am happy to report that we haven't killed each other thus far, which means we are making leaps and bounds in our relationship.

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[22 Sep 2005|09:17pm]
I am interrupting the village's recent bout of emowangst drama to present one Nara Shikamaru with his birthday present. I bought this for you, Shikamaru -- not because I will enjoy seeing the look on your face when you get it, but because I'm a friend and I care.

Feel free to distribute it around the village as you see fit. I don't think it would hurt anyone to read it.

Can I borrow it when you're done?
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Aftermath. [17 Sep 2005|12:35am]
I don't think I've ever experienced quite a day such as this one. The festival was a total disaster. I feel terribly about disrupting Hinata's koto performance; it took a lot of courage for her to get up on the stage in the first place. When the dust settles, I'll have to make it up to her.


PrivateCollapse )

I'll be at the hospital bright and early tomorrow morning and I'm not leaving until Ino wakes up. I can be strong…

… for her.
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[08 Sep 2005|08:47pm]
OOCCollapse )

Someone, anyone, please remind me never to throw any more parties. My apartment is a complete mess and my father, who arrived home early this morning from his mission (to make it home in time for the festival), was very, very angry. It was a quiet, steaming sort of anger, in which he only had to look at me for me to cringe. I am in so much trouble when he's awake enough to yell. There is also a ton of food left over, so if anyone is hungry in the next, so, month or two, just come over to my apartment. I could feed a small army here.

Private: The PartyCollapse )

I sent Lee home early the next morning, urging him to go to a medic if he felt ill or feverish. He looked at me a bit strangely before smiling and wandering off, telling me he couldn't wait for the festival tomorrow! ... the festival. I'd almost forgotten about that. While I was cleaning up the rest of the party stuff, Ino showed up, begging for forgiveness. Against my better judgment and after she gave me those goddamn puppy eyes I said it was okay. I was still mad, but I wasn't going to hold a grudge or anything.

I ran into Shikamaru shortly after last minute festival preparations were being made. He offered me a bribe a brand new shuriken, newest model, which made me a very, very happy weapons master. I suppose it would only have been fair to forgive him for his indiscretions. I took the opportunity, while he was surprised that I was hugging him, to ask him if he snuck off with Ino on a date. The reddening of his cheeks was all the apology I needed.

As I pulled away from Shikamaru, I could have sworn that I felt familiar chakra patterns… but when I turned around… no one was there.


I spent the rest of the night practicing for the festival. I'm not worried at all about the blindfolded archery but the song still needs a little work, I think. But I have faith in myself that I can do this. It'll be a piece of cake.

Private: The AftermathCollapse )

OOCCollapse )
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[03 Sep 2005|10:32am]
Everyone, the engagement party will be held tomorrow night at 7:30pm at my apartment. You should have all received an invitation, but even if you didn't, you're welcome to come anyway. There will be lots of food (and now music, provided by Lee) to celebrate the first marriage of the year in Konoha. Please do join us.

In other news, I slept entirely too late today. I was awoken rudely at noon by a blur with blonde hair, jumping incessantly on my bed. "Wake up~! Wake up~! What are you doing still sleeping?!" I pulled the covers over my head in response. Lee had me dancing -- DANCING, ME -- all night long. I hope no one saw me... that would be so embarrassing. I wasn't even sure my legs were in working condition. "I have a present for you~!"

Well, that caught my attention. I shot up in bed to find Ino grinning manically. "What?" I don't think I growled, but it might have sounded that way. "I just WENT to sleep, you know."

"And you'll explan that and why I saw Lee leaving your apartment a half an hour ago, right?"

"... it's not what you think, you gossi -- "

"But first!" She shoved a bottle in my face. "I made this for you! I know you don't normally wear perfume, but I thought for the engagement party you could wear something... special."

I took it from her slowly. (My reflexes were just beginning to work again.) It certainly didn't look homemade. Even the glass bottle was beautiful. I unscrewed the cap and took an experimental sniff. I have to admit... it was very pleasant spelling. Ino certainly has a talent with everything flower related. And was that vanilla? I love vanilla.

"Thanks," I said, putting the cap back on, "but you know that this usually isn't my thing."

"You HAVE to wear it!" I blinked when she grabbed me by the shoulders and started shaking me. "YOU JUST HAVE TO."

It's a good thing no one was outside my apartment building or anything, because Ino on top of me, grabbing my by my shoulders, on my bed, would have looked pretty scandalous. "Okay, okay, I will! Just go away and let me sleep, please."

"Fine," she said, retreating to the corner of the bed, "but not before you tell me why Lee JUST left your apartment!" Her smirk was miles wide. "Don't tell me that you and he are..."

That woke me up but good. "NO! INO! We just went out to dinner and came back here, and he fell asleep. That's all." The people in this village are so quick to think the worst about me. So far, the rumor mill has had me dating Ino, Shikamaru and, after today, probably Lee, too.


She laughed. "I didn't really think so. I just wanted to see the look on your face." She bounded up out of the room. "Don't forget to wear that," she called on the way out, "and wear that cute outfit you have~! With the long sleeves and the short skirt! You have legs! Don't be afraid to acknowledge them once in a while!"

She was gone before I could loge a formal protest.

But I suppose cute couldn't hurt, I thought, turning over the bottle of perfume in my hand. Right?
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[29 Aug 2005|09:47pm]
I was only going to stay a couple of hours at the hospital, but I guess the last few days were more tiring than I thought because I fell asleep there. I woke up this morning just in time to catch Lee trying to do chin-ups on the curtain rod (IDIOT). I was about to haul him back to bed when Shizune-san came in and told me that they were letting him check out today, anyway. Lee asked her about Sakura, but Shizune-san wasn't able to divulge any information on her location or status. He looked so incredibly sad that I offered to take him out to a nice dinner to try to cheer him up.

Don't forget to pick me up at seven, Lee. And wear something nice.

I went to say hello to Genma-sensei on my way out. He was in unusually good spirits for someone who ended up in the hospital. He wasn't smiling or anything like that, but there was a warmth in his smirk. That rumor about the kiss he shared with Shizune-san must be true! I have to tell Ino! I told him that he needs to get better soon because Gai-sensei is killing me I need to show him how much I've improved in archery since he's been gone.

Temari and Neji's engagement party will be held at my apartment this weekend. I ordered a WHOLE bunch of food spending my last two missions' salaries, so everyone better come to wish them well. I ordered lots of takoyaki, too. Heh. I'll send out formal invitations after my "date" with Lee.
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[23 Aug 2005|05:28pm]
I'm throwing Temari and Neji an engagement party. It should be a lot of fun. You're all welcomed to come. It'll be a dinner party, held in my apartment after Lee and the others have returned from their mission. I will be divulging more information as time passes, but I'd just like a preliminary headcount to see how much food will need to be prepared.

Everyone will be attending, right? RIGHT?

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Training with Gai-sensei is always... interesting. [18 Aug 2005|01:30am]
With Lee off after his true love and Neji running around making preparations to marry his, and Genma-sensei gone as well, I had no one to help me put the finishing touches on my archery techniques. I reluctantly asked Gai-sensei for his assistance, knowing that at least the laps he would make me do would be good exercise.

I had no idea that he would grab me by the shoulders, spin me around a hundred times, tie my legs together, string me to a tree upside down, blindfold me and make me shoot arrows at a target while doing reverse sit-ups.

I am happy to report that no one died, though I did feel very much like killing someone.

I ended up doing laps while balancing froggy teacups on my head. Twenty of them. With froggy teacups. On my head.

At least he didn't make me drink anything.

I ran into Shino on the way home from the training grounds, and he was acting very strangely. Kiba, Hinata... something is really wrong with him. He played with my hair. And he was smiling. And not in a creepy way, either. I contemplated knocking him out with a kunai, but I figured that would be counterproductive. I think he's still walking around in the park somewhere. You guys should go look for him.

... and isn't anyone else concerned that we have two chuunin running our village?

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[12 Aug 2005|04:18pm]
... how did I end up Temari's maid of honor?

PrivateCollapse )
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[09 Aug 2005|12:25am]
Festival preparations are going well. Most everything is completed -- the flowers are being strung, the booths are constructed and the stage is up and fairly safe to stand on. We hope. The festival itself is on hold until Shizune and her team return from their mission -- the festival can't go on without Sakura, after all.

PrivateCollapse )

So Shikamaru, Ino and I made our way to one of the restaurants downtown. We were keeping conversation light -- no mentions of rumors, missions or engagements, when I turned my head, just by chance. There were Neji and Temari, engaged in what looked to be a serious conversion. He IS back in Konoha! And he didn't even tell me! Ino sucked in a breath and Shikamaru looked like whatever was about to happen was going to be entirely too troublesome. I raised my hand to wave anyway. There was no sense in being childish and immature about it; I would just say hi and find out what was going on because there was no way that all of these silly rumors could be tr --

He kissed her.

I blinked. Ino deflated like a hot air balloon and from the corner of my eye, I could see the bored look slip from Shikamaru's face. Not interested but not disinterested, either. I dropped my hand and motioned for them follow me away. Just somewhere. That wasn't here.

"Whoa," Ino said, once we were far enough away from the happy couple. "The rumors really are true!"

"Ino," Shikamaru warned.

I turned to them both with a smile. "Actually, I'm not feeling really hungry right now, so I'll see you guys tomorrow." I turned back around and started to walk away slowly. Slowly. And then a little faster. And maybe I broke into a jog but it was definitely not running. I was definitely not running away.

"Tenten," I heard Ino call, but Shikamaru must have held her back because there was no one following me. No one at all.

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[05 Aug 2005|11:32am]
PrivateCollapse )

I've been practicing blindfolded archery every night in the forest, when it's darker and harder to see. I can hit the target ten times out of ten, blindfolded, in the pitch black. It's really relaxing in the dark, with no distractions, when it's only my bow and arrow and target and me.

But no one can live their life in the dark.
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Kunoichi Festival [03 Aug 2005|09:57am]
The best way to keep from thinking about things, I think, is to keep yourself busy, so that's what I've been doing. Kurenai-san left me in charge of maintenance, which really means that I get to boss people around. The stage is almost completed and most of the booths are ready to be set up. Most of the vendors and people that I've met so far are really excited about the festival, and I suppose I would be also if I wasn't so worried about Lee and I didn't hear one of the vendors ask another about the union between the Kazekage's sister as the Hyuuga genius.

I've had the dress altered and the song is pretty much ready to go. I still feel like throwing up every time I picture myself on a stage in front of people -- in front of everyone -- and Lee isn't here to scream encouragement. I hope Lee gets back soon. I really -- he's such an idiot when it comes his precious Sakura-san. Not that I'm not worried about Sakura -- I am, very much -- but did he really have to follow? They sent Genma-san and the others and they're jounin.

Anyway, back to festival preparations. All we really have left is decorations, and those won't be put up until right before the festival in case of inclement weather. Kurenai didn't leave anyone in charge of decorating, but I feel like the three of us will be the ones who take on that burden. With Ino's knowledge of flowers, Hinata's good taste and my -- ability to -- er -- boss people around, I think we should be okay.

After everyone left today, I stood on the stage alone and watched the sun set in the mountains. Neji should be home tonight or tomorrow -- at least we can clear up the silly engagement rumors once and for all. Neji and Temari. Right. As if.
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